The Brilliant Fighting Master
739 Black-armored Guards
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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739 Black-armored Guards

"You are Young Master Wind?"
The two Celestial Venerables in bronze armors realized.
They snorted after getting Jiang Moliang's reply.
"We don't have time for you."
Then, they were going to leave with their men.
Jiang Chen stopped them. He said, "Why are you in such a hurry? I might need you."
"Young Master Wind, the Jiangs only provide you with practicing resources, but you
don't have any rights. If you had cracked tactical formation without the protection of
the blood oath, you would have been..."
The Celestial Venerable stopped speaking when his companion had exchanged a
glance with him.
"I would have been killed?"
Jiang Chen said what he was going to say. Then he added, "I need these black-
armored guards to trade blows with me, as a way of practice. They should be
regarded as practicing resources, too, shouldn't they?"
The two Celestial Venerables glanced at each other. Since they couldn't decide, they
looked towards Jiang Moliang again.
After thinking it over, Jiang Moliang had to agree with Jiang Chen.
Generally speaking, what Young Master Wind asked for always complied with the
blood oath, because if something didn't comply with the blood oath, he wouldn't even
mention it.
"How do you want to practice? I will not allow you to harm my soldiers."
"Easy. They just need to fight with me. Let's see who is stronger. That's all," Jiang
Chen said.
"Wang Qiang, fall out."
One of the Celestial Venerables suddenly ordered in a loud voice.
A Spiritual Venerable in the late stage immediately stepped forward from the black-
armored guards. He was extremely energetic, especially his aggressive look, as if he
was eager to teach Jiang Chen a good lesson.

"I don't mean one of you. I mean all of you together."
Jiang Chen ignored his look. Instead, he pointed at the other proud black-armored
He successfully irritated these soldiers, including the two Celestial Venerables.
"Do what he said," Jiang Moliang said coldly, before they lost their temper.
"Miss Jiang, what is this?" a Celestial Venerable said in anger.
"He killed Mu Qitian in the Treasure City on his own. Do you think Wang Qiang is
enough for him?" Jiang Moliang had a hot temper, too.
"It's not quite possible."
The two Celestial Venerables could hardly believe it. They certainly knew Mu Qitian.
He was a Celestial Venerable.
"Miss, do you mean Mu Qiyun?"
A Celestial Venerable asked tentatively. He thought Jiang Moliang had mistaken the
two brothers' names.
Mu Qiyun was a Spiritual Venerable in the middle stage. It wouldn't be weird at all if
Jiang Chen killed him.
"No, I mean Mu Qitian," Jiang Moliang said unhappily.
These black-armored guards in the air started to take Jiang Chen seriously.
"How do you want to fight? Make it as clear as possible."
The Celestial Venerables changed their attitudes towards Jiang Chen, although they

were not on the same side with him.
However, this world worshiped the stronger ones.
"Try your best to attack me. It will be a competition of strength. No weapon is
allowed. Don't stop until one of us falls on the ground."
"By the way, for your sake, you'd better not attack my vital parts."
The two Celestial Venerables were kind of puzzled. Then, looking at the hundreds of
black-armored guards behind him, one of them said, "Are you clear?"
"Yes, sir."

These black-armored guards were eager to have this fight, too. They wondered how
strong Jiang Chen was so that he could kill a Celestial Venerable.
Due to the Jiangs' fame, people would usually be intimidated by these black-armored
guards easily.
Sometimes, they even didn't have to do anything, since as soon as the enemy saw
them, the Jiangs' soldiers, it would just lose its will to fight and surrender.
It was worse for these black-armored guards who guarded the city. They usually
fought with their comrades to practice. Over time, they felt bored, too.
This Young Master Wind did have added some flavor to their mundane life.
This team was formed by soldiers of different levels. Most of them were in the
Reaching Heaven State. A small part of them were Martial Venerables. The rest was
the elite. A Spiritual Venerable like Wang Qiang could be a junior captain.
Jiang Chen had told them to attack him together. And these people already knew
what had happened to Mu Qitian, so they couldn't be too careful.
"Show this guy how strong the Jiangs are!"
At the thought of the grudges between the Jiangs and Jiang Chen, these soldiers
were eager to show the latter their strengths.
Hundreds of people attacked at the same time, dashing towards Jiang Chen like a
wave. Although they weren't using any weapon, the armors they were wearing were
still very hard. Each of them could be a fatal weapon if they hit someone at full
And their collaboration was perfect, while Jiang Chen was alone. If they just dashed
forward in whatever way they wanted, their force would be too scattered.
So, with Wang Qiang being the center, they attacked in the form of a pyramid,
shoulder by shoulder, rows after rows. It was a triangular attacking formation.
The Spiritual Venerable was at the front. The Martial Venerables were in the middle,
while the Reaching Heaven States were at the rear.
The strengths of hundreds of men were injected into Wang Qiang.
Crossing his arms over the chest, he maintained a gesture that wouldn't deform
easily. He was going to send Jiang Chen flying.
"What are they doing?"
The people in the city noticed what was happening there. They all felt curious,
especially when they had found Jiang Chen was the only target.

Before they could figure out what was going on, Wang Qiang had hit against Jiang
The great force distorted the air before Wang Qiang, just like the fiercest moment of
an earthquake.
However, that crack meant Jiang Chen had warded the attack off.
His two hands were pressed on Wang Qiang's arms. Since they were in the air, he
failed to stay steady. He was moving backwards.
Not until then did the two Celestial Venerables believe Jiang Moliang. This Young
Master Wind wasn't simple indeed.
He wasn't sent flying. In addition, he was moving backwards more and more slowly.
Wang Qiang shouted backwards, as if he had met some unconquerable resistance,
"Harder! Make more effort!"
Unfortunately, he couldn't look back. If he could, he would see his soldiers have
already gone all out and tried their best.
So had Jiang Chen. All of his muscles bulged. Thunders were flowing in his body.
The importance of the divine body showed again. Otherwise, however powerful his
holy method was, he wouldn't have survived after being hit by the black-armored
With an angry snarl, the power in Jiang Chen's Holy Sea exploded again. It had the
last bit of energies left by the Yin Yang Nature Elixir and the Greatest Yuan Pill.
In the competition of strength, these energies were stimulated once again.
Unfortunately, before they were completely stimulated, Jiang Chen felt the resistance
had suddenly disappeared.
Starting from the rear, the formation of the black-armored guards collapsed in
disorder. They were all bounced back by the shock, like kites without a thread.
Wang Qiang was bounced back into the soldiers who hadn't scattered yet. In this
way, the situation became even worse.

"No way!"
The people in the city, still ignorant of what this was about, were given a good scare.
Jiang Chen was only a Spiritual Venerable in the late stage. Although his state was
as high as that of the strongest ones of the black-armored guards, after all, he wasn't
a Celestial Venerable. However, he showed such a mighty strength facing the joint
attack of hundreds of men.
"No wonder he killed Mu Qitian. What he has is more than martial arts techniques. It
is something more mysterious and fantastic, which gives him the strength of a
Celestial Venerable and helps him fight like a Celestial Venerable."
The other Celestial Venerable ordered, "Scatter to attack him. He won't be able to
last long in such a status!"
The elites of the Jiangs weren't just some average people. They were surely very
"Brothers, show him the Jiangs' power!"
Wang Qiang shouted. He dashed forward first to exchange blows with Jiang Chen.


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