The Brilliant Fighting Master
738 Beiliang City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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738 Beiliang City

"How's it? Are you disappointed or delighted by it?" Jiang Chen went to Jiang Moliang, and asked, while full of interest toward this.

"Why will I be disappointed? I never said that I hoped that you die." Even though Jiang Moliang said such words, she already guessed what he referred to by 'disappointment'.

She was really slightly disappointed. In her eyes, Young Master Feng was just a slob, who didn't know how high was the heaven and how deep was the ground, who depended upon the Elixir Association to rip off the Jiang family.

Besides the fact that he was a Heaven Alchemist, he didn't have even a single good quality, yet he still didn't go to make elixirs, and ran over instead to participate in the Title Battle. He even wanted to fight against Jiang Zhe.

This was also most people's opinion.

It was only until Jiang Chen displayed his terrifying potential on this day did people realize that if he really grew up, there wouldn't be any place left for Jiang Zhe and Fang Wentian.

This was why Jiang Moliang was disappointed by his survival. It would be unknown which person would live among Jiang Zhe and Jiang Chen after half a year.

But, what was she sure about was that she hoped for Jiang Zhe to survive.

"What do you plan to do from now?" Jiang Moliang asked.

"What does it matter to you?"

"If you leave now, Fang Wentian will surely send someone after you to kill you, as in comparison to affecting Jiang Zhe's mental state, you pose to him a greater threat now."

What was ironic was just on this day's morning, Jiang Moliang said that Jiang Chen couldn't be considered even a chess piece.

"Isn't this what your Jiang family hoped for?"

"I already considered it carefully. Everything started when I killed that Mu family's Celestial Venerable, and even if my connection to the following matters was very little, I still don't want to take any risks."

Jiang Moliang spoke solemnly, "However, if you really want to try your luck, and see whether Fang Wentian will send someone to kill you, I can also leave now."

"It's better to abstain from it." Jiang Chen wasn't as obstinate as before now because he was sure that Fang Wentian would surely attack him.

He was really a madman, but he wasn't a fool. Even if he looked down upon Fang Wentian, he still mustn't forget that he brought a Great Venerable with him on his trip.

Jiang Moliang proposed to leave Treasure City, as it would be difficult to ensure their safeties otherwise.

"We can't hide anything from you because of your Treasure-Seeking Artifact. Even if something was lacking, a similar manner to what happened in the past won't occur again."

When Jiang Moliang witnessed him hesitating, and recalled how he stated the previous day that he would stay in Treasure City, she could only speak helplessly.

Jiang Chen could now only bid farewell to Yaqin, who was reluctant to part with him.

When they were about to leave, Xiao Biluo came to Jiang Chen, and said, "Young Master Feng, if you don't mind it, can we start all over again, and get to know each other."

When Jiang Chen stated his status at first, he was quite candid, even though he was in disguise.

If Xiao Biluo didn't distance herself from him then, they could even become friends, and she wouldn't need to trouble herself like this.

"Miss Xiao, don't we already know each other?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

There were some matters, which couldn't be done by force, and it was especially the case for becoming friends.

"Okay!" Xiao Biluo nodded, with disappointment apparent on her face. She finally understood that one would have just a single opportunity for some matters.

Jiang Chen, and Jiang Moliang, brought Lan with them, and left.

Fang Wentian wanted also to leave, but he couldn't leave now, as the chamber of commerce would assume then that he ran away.

"Young Master Fang." What you feared would surely come at you. A dignified voice echoed from behind him, "Shouldn't we discuss our ten billion's matter."

It was at this moment did Xiao Biluo turn her head over, and she happened to witness this scene. She couldn't help but shake her head, and she brought her people with her, and left.

"You already witnessed it. Most of it was taken away by Young Master Feng, so I can't take out all of it, but did you really assume that I will renege on it?"

When Fang Wentian just uttered such words, he recalled that he already used them a while ago, and weren't really effective. It was also the case for this time.

"We can then just trouble you with staying in Treasure City for now until your family sends the money to us."

"Okay!" Fang Wentian clenched his teeth. He wasn't really surprised by such an outcome.


Jiang Chen, who left Treasure City, traveled toward one of the Jiang family's cities, Beiliang City.

It wasn't the city, which he planned to go to before, because he already achieved his former object.

Beiliang City, which he would travel to, could 4 be considered one of the Jiang family's core cities, thus, it meant that it was quite important to them, and even though there were other factions in the city, but there were just garrisoning there.

The Jiang family had a hegemonic position in this city.

"What you will need next?" Jiang Moliang asked.

"I need people," Jiang Chen replied.

"People? Do you plan to...?" Jiang Moliang was startled, and she quickly pulled Lan, and distanced herself from him.

However, what really frightened her was that if Jiang Chen really put out such a request, could she refuse it?

If she couldn't refuse it, would she really be willing to sacrifice herself for the Jiang family?

"Don't let your imagination run wild, I mean that I need warriors to spar with me."

Jiang Chen said, "Moreover, even if I wanted to look for someone to dual cultivate with, I won't look for you."

Jiang Moliang let out a sigh of relief first, before she realized that something wasn't right in his words.

She glared at Jiang Chen angrily, and waited for an explication from him. Why did he state that he wouldn't look for her?

However, it was obvious that Jiang Chen didn't feel like explaining anything, and he flew forward.

As she looked at his back, Jiang Moliang extended her hand toward her sword sheath, but like all previous times, she still lowered her in the end.

After two days, the three of them reached Beiliang City.

"This city is pretty good, and it's bustling with noise and excitement," Jiang Chen assessed it.

Jiang Moliang didn't know at first what he was referring to, and it was only after a short while did she realize that he stated it because there was a sea of people in the city. Many traveling merchants came into Beiliang City, while many factions garrisoned here.

It was unlike Purple Cloud City, which belonged wholly to the Jiang family, and all of its citizens took part in mining.

"You aren't allowed to fly in the city," when she noticed that Jiang Chen didn't plan to land down, Jiang Moliang reminded him.

"It will take us a while to go from here to the city's center. It's a whole hour, and it's precious cultivation time. You will be all then wasting my time, and interfering with my cultivation."

Jiang Moliang knew that he stated this on purpose. She said angrily, "A formation is set in the city, and if you fly in the sky, you will be attacked..."

Before she managed to finish her speech, she saw a formation panel appearing in Jiang Chen's hand, and after he flew in the sky for just a moment, she heard an explosion sound, as if the formation just lost effect.

"What did you just say?"

After Jiang Chen broke the formation, he flew back to her, and asked earnestly.

However, even though the formation lost all effects, a group of black-armored guards quickly rushed at them, and they were still two Celestial Venerables clad in bronze armor among them.

"Don't act rashly!" Jiang Moliang cast a glance at him, before she took a badge, and showed it the black-armored guards.

"Young Miss Jiang, even if you are carrying a mission, you still mustn't destroy the formation."

The black-armored guards loosened their guards when they witnessed that it was someone from their side, but they were still irritated.

Jiang Moliang didn't know what she should say in reply now.

"The formation was destroyed by me."

Jiang Chen took several steps forward, and walked toward them. He said, "Most of your formations are lousy, and I just helped you all, and inspected it. Did you witness the outcome? The enemies won't need more than a minute to destroy it."

Upon hearing him, the black-armored guards looked at each other in dismay. They were confused and bewildered.


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