The Brilliant Fighting Master
737 Treasure-Seeking Artifac
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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737 Treasure-Seeking Artifac

Fang Wentian didn't speak because he was still hesitating. After this battle, his impression of Young Master Feng as just a mere Heaven Alchemist, who clung into the Jiang family, changed completely, and turned into the image of a Black Horse brimming with hope. All people couldn't help but have great expectations of him

It wasn't impossible for him to reach the Celestial Venerable Realm before the Title Battle by using his Holy Skill, and the Jiang family's resources.

Moreover, from observing his fight with Mu Qitian, it seemed like once he became a Celestial Venerable, even Fang Wentian, and Jiang Chen, might be affected greatly.

"There isn't any need, even Mu Qitian can injure him..."

Fang Wentian was just about to reject the offer because they would be obstructed if they tried such matters.

However, before he finished his speech, many gasps in surprise and exclamations echoed from Treasure City

It was unknown whether this was a reward bestowed to him for his victory, but after Young Master Feng won the duel, his cultivation realm rose further on, and reached the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm.

It would impossible for his cultivation to stay at the same level after consuming twelve Greatest Yuan Pills, Yin Yang Nature Elixir, as well as using a pond of divine lightning.

It was just because he stuffed himself fully with it did his realm advancement became slower, and didn't take effect immediately.

After he went through this battle, he managed to vent his energy, thus, his realm rose to the late stage smoothly.

This was the reason why Jiang Chen wanted at first to use the Lightning Sword to fight Mu Qitian. If the latter wasn't insensible, he would have waited until he reached the late stage before using the Holy Skill.

However, he didn't expect that the Holy Skill was this powerful, and he managed to achieve it even in the middle stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm.

Although, it was mostly thanks to the might of Heavenly Lightning.

After a short while passed, the Lightning Core inside his body would gradually return to its previous state, but it was still not too far from a breakthrough.

Once he made another breakthrough on it, there would be just a single level left until he reached Heavenly Lightning level.

His cultivation was also now in the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm, and he needed just one another advancement.

Jiang Chen looked at Fang Wentian, who was inside the city.

"Look for a secluded place before killing him," when Fang Wentian met Jiang Chen's gaze, he used a sound transmission to pass an order down.

The Great Venerable nodded calmly. Since this person could kill a Celestial Venerable even though he was still in the Spiritual Venerable, they surely mustn't leave him alive.

Jiang Chen, who got the victory, went back to the city, as for the whereabouts of Mu Qitian's corpse, and his little brother, he already didn't care about them.

"I bought the Lightning Sword yesterday just for one billion, and two hundred thousand, yet Young Master Fang proposed five billion for it, and offered me an additional three billion, and eight hundred thousand. I really must thank you," Jiang Chen said.

This affair wasn't limited to just this, as Fang Wentian still placed a bet of ten billion secretly.

However, he would surely not reveal the truth, as he didn't want to disgrace himself, and it was especially the case since Xiao Biluo was among the crowd.

"It's just a mere three billion, and eight hundred thousand, yet you are this excited," Fang Wentian said.

"Young Master Fang, it's having a look at your current expression, which really excited me more."

Jiang Chen felt comfortable all over as he looked at Fang Wentian, who was clearly pained by such a loss, yet still feigned not caring about it.

"My Fang family will give you five billion, but this place isn't the Seventh Death Territory," Fang Wentian said.

None questioned the truth of his words, as none would bring with him five billion while traveling between different territories. Moreover, Fang Wentian still had resonant fame, and he surely wouldn't renege on a debt.

However, Jiang Chen didn't trust him at all. He said, "Young Master Fang, you can say what you like, as in any case, I don't have any proof for this matter, and even if you didn't give it later on, it isn't like I can run into you Fang family to demand it."

"Are you stating that I will renege on it?"

Fang Wentian found it unbelievable that he would be assessed in such a way in front of everyone. He said, "I'm Fang Wentian, do I still need to renege on it?"

His response was normal and expected because he was Fang Wentian, and it seemed to other people like it was Young Master Feng, who seemed instead like he was gauging the heart of a gentleman with his own mean measures.

"That's right, Young Master Fang won't renege on it, he will just cheat me," it seemed like Jiang Chen wasn't of the same opinion, and he still continued speaking.

"What do you mean?" Fang Wentian spoke angrily, "Do you want to have a fight to the death with me, too?"

If it was really the case, none would assume that Jiang Chen could win, despite possessing a Holy Skill.

"Can't this guy be slightly more peaceful?" Jiang Moliang really didn't know what should she say when she witnessed him trying to cause troubles for Fang Wentian again.

If he didn't provoke him, Fang Wentian would surely not take any actions openly.

If he continued insulting him like this, a fight to the death wouldn't be implausible.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, and took a strange object from his Storage Spirit Artifact. It seemed like children' windmill, and it was constantly revolving.

"This object was manufactured by me, and its name is quite popular. It's Treasure-Seeking Artifact. I made it so that the Jiang family doesn't hide their resources from me."

He continued speaking before the crowd bewildered gazes, "This object can't just detect treasures, it can also discern what they were. Even if they were in a Storage Spirit Artifact, which had spirit seals, it still can't escape from its eyes."

"Do you know why it's this amazing?" After Jiang Chen spoke up to here, he asked earnestly.

The crowd didn't know why, as they never heard of this object, thus, they all shook their heads.

"It's because it was manufactured by me."

Upon hearing this, everyone rolled their eyes at him, but his tone was still quite serious.

When Jiang Chen started displaying its true power, everyone was stunned.

They witnessed him using the Treasure-Seeking Artifact to sweep Fang Wentian, whose face was filled with doubts.

"You have three Storage Spirit Artifacts, one of them has everyday use objects, while the second one is filled with just upper-grade yuan stones. Although it didn't have five billion in it, it still has three or four billion. As for the last one, it's really extraordinary, as it has a rare heavenly treasure. Let see what it's? It has a Fiery Phoenix Stone? Not bad."

"Shut up!" Fang Wentian lost control of himself, and interrupted him.

However, when he noticed the surrounding people skeptical gazes, he slightly regretted his impulsive action.

"He's just talking rubbish, yet you still believe him?" Fang Wentian said.

The crowd was skeptical of his words.

"Young Master Fang, you need just to open one of the Storage Spirit Artifacts, and we can then verify whether I'm mistaken or not," Jiang Chen said.

"Why will I do it?"

"If I was mistaken, I will just give up on the five billion upper-grade yuan stones."

Upon hearing those words, the crowd got even more curious about this. They really wanted to verify whether he was really correct.

"Five billion is nothing for me," Fang Wentian spoke proudly.

"Is it? Then I will take it now from you. Your Storage Spirit Artifacts are worth five billion, aren't they? Give them all to me."

"Don't even dream about it!" When Fang Wentian just spoke, he realized that he fell to the outer party's trap, but he didn't really have a choice in this matter.

"I'm still in urgent need of them, and I can't give them to you for now," Fang Wentian said.

While he spoke, he looked at a chamber of commerce's people next to him. He still owed them ten billion upper-grade yuan stones, and all chambers of commerce, which dared to open such great gambling joint, weren't easy to deal with.

He wasn't in the Seventh Death Territory now, thus, he was still slightly flustered and panicky.

"Interesting, If I lost to Mu Qitian a moment ago, and he wanted to take my life, can I also say that I'm in urgent need of my life, and ask him to postpone killing me for a hundred years?"

Jiang Chen said, "Or, does this mean that you aren't willing to give them?"

He already understood Young Master Fang's character clearly. Such moves were quite effective against him, and it was especially the case since he was now in front of Xiao Biluo.

"Snort!" Fang Wentian threw one of his Storage Spirit Artifacts, which was filled with upper-grade yuan stones, at Jiang Chen, before he forced his way through the crowd. He wasn't willing to continue staying here.

A person from a chamber of commerce followed after him.


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