The Brilliant Fighting Master
736 The Seventh Move
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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736 The Seventh Move

The Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula couldn't just be used to promote his Lightning Core's power, it still had knowledge related to using lightning power.

This was a true Holy Skill, and it was a Holy Pulse possessor's strongest weapon.

In the past, Jiang Chen depended just on his sword to fight over supremacy, and overlooked this matter. It continued on until he felt oppressed by a Celestial Venerable now.

He realized that sometimes one's martial techniques level, which surpassed one's true realm greatly, could become a chasm, which one could never cross.

It was at this moment could a Holy Skill be put to good use.

Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm was one of the Holy Skill's powerful offensive moves, and the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula still had many techniques related to how one could use divine lightning.

Jiang Chen had a look at all techniques in it, which could increase his defensive or offensive power, and the teleportation technique, which he used a moment ago, was one of them.

"Come to die!" After Mu Qitian gained back his balance, he shouted angrily. He was the person, which he couldn't most accept such an outcome.

He couldn't care any longer about the seventh move agreement His sword emitted a noise as loud as wind and thunder, and a special 'power' started being condensed in this region.

"He used his true power." After the Celestial Venerables in the city witnessed such a sight, they managed to get over most of the shock brought to them by Young Master Feng.

"This idiot!" Fang Wentian couldn't help but curse him.

He was now just in the fifth move, and if Mu Qitian really managed to defeat Jiang Chen, he would lose all money bet by him.

However, an infuriated person wouldn't consider these many matters.

Mu Qitian already found it quite disgraceful when he agreed to delay it until the seventh move, and he planned before to use his absolute power to play with Young Master Feng, and delay it until then.

But from beginning to end, Young Master Feng's performance was too surprising.

"Severed Heavenly Sword, a Sword Severs Heaven!" When he used his ultimate technique, he streaked in the sky along with his sword, and he left behind him a long stream of air.

"This a Celestial Venerable's true power!" Everyone's heart shuddered. Young Master Feng previous performance didn't amount to anything in front of such a mighty sword strike.

In the twinkling of an eye, the sword reached Young Master Feng, and it seemed like its tip was about to penetrate him.


Jiang Chen didn't evade or dodge it. Instead, he extended out his hand, and held the sword.

Blood didn't seep from his hand, and a noise similar to the noise emitted by the friction of metal echoed between him and the sword.

"Can your protective dipper energy achieve this matter?" Jiang Chen, who disregarded the sword's power completely, raised his head, and his eyes, which resembled a wild beast's eyes, looked fixedly at Mu Qitian.

When his words echoed, it seemed like the lightning flickering on his body gave rose to gust, and starting from his feet to his head, his lightning almost turned into a light barrier.

"Flickering Thunder Armor!"

After he used this Holy Skill, it seemed like Jiang Chen was wearing an indestructible divine armor.

He exerted his power on his arms, and Mu Qitian's sword started spinning, and it was also the case for Mu Qitian's right hand, which was holding the sword.

Jiang Chen started thrusting his fists at Mu Qitian before the latter's frightened gaze. His punches were all directed at his head.

Even though the protective dipper energy was still protecting him, but such an intense impact brought great pain to him.

"Who's a Celestial Venerable among them?"

"It's my first time witnessing such a ferocious alchemist."

"We have all looked down upon him."

Treasure City's people gasped in amazement, and it was especially the case for people, who envied how powerful was a Holy Skill.

A Holly Skill was above all martial techniques, and it was something, which only geniuses could learn, and all efforts couldn't make up for a lack of innate talent.

After Mu Qitian took several dozen punches, he finally let go of his grip on the sword, and it was only then did he manage to break free.

"Why it's like this? You are just a Spiritual Venerable!"

Mu Qitian didn't believe that a Spiritual Venerable could be this powerful, and he shouted at Treasure City, "Is he using external power? Why aren't you all obstructing them?"

None replied them, and some people, who found him too pitiful, didn't even dare to meet his gaze.

"Big brother!"

Mu Qiyun flew to the sky quickly, and shouted, "He has Holy Pulses, and he possesses a Holy Skill."

He didn't, in fact, really know what did this mean, and he just heard the Great Venerables mentioning it.

Mu Qitian's expression changed drastically when he heard his little brother.

When he turned his head back, and looked at Jiang Chen, he felt a breeze blowing at him, as Jiang Chen appeared less than half a meter from him.

"How quick..."

When Mu Qitian just had such a thought, he was sent flying by a punch.

Lightning flickered on Jiang Chen's body at this moment, and he quickly flew toward his opponent, and thrust another punch at him.

Such two consecutive attacks to Mu Qitian chest almost bent his body by a ninety degree.

He couldn't care about pain now because he already detected cracks appearing on his protective dipper energy barrier.

"Sword, Come here!" He shouted at the top of his throat, as he wanted to attack again, and continue fighting.

His sword, which was falling down, immediately started flying toward him after it got his call.

Mu Qitian extended out his hand, and was just about to receive it, but a crisp echoed, as Jiang Chen forestalled him, struck the sword with his fist, and sent it flying away.

"You are already in such a state, yet you still want to call your sword over?"

Mu Qitian was left speechless. His sword, which was sent flying, had lightning flickering on it, and it wouldn't detect his summoning anymore.

"Trifling Spiritual Venerable, you are just a trifling Spiritual Venerable..."

Mu Qitian wasn't willing to admit defeat, and he pulled apart the distance between them. He said, "You can't break through even my defense."

"You are really impossibly stupid." Jiang Chen shook his head, raised his hand, and said, "Let's see how thick is your tortoiseshell."

Mu Qitian, who mocked Jiang Chen a while ago and called him a tortoiseshell, felt humiliated by those words, but he still couldn't keep his calm like Jiang Chen, and it was especially the case since he felt a great sense of crisis.

His intuition was informing that Jiang Chen's next attack would be more powerful than all previous ones.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

This technique could be called the Holy Skill's ultimate technique, and was the first one practiced by him. Even after he learned other techniques of the Holy Skill, this palm strike was still his strongest move.

It was especially the case after the previous day crazy cultivation.

The might, which his Lightning Core erupted with on this day, was already at Heavenly Lightning's level, and not Angry Lightning.

This wasn't because his Lightning Core already became this powerful, and it was just because he used the Lightning Sword's special power along with the Holy Skill.

Since this was its inherent power, it couldn't be reproduced again, but it still couldn't be considered external power.

When he used this move, all lightning power on Jiang Chen's body disappeared, but Mu Qitian still couldn't rejoice, as it was wholly condensed in Jiang Chen's palm.

When Jiang Chen thrust his palm, it erupted out with a powerful and vigorous might, yet it was still not slow like how such a type of palm techniques should be, and it was quicker than any swords.

Mu Qitian could only look on helplessly, as the palm struck his chest. His protective big dipper energy barrier was shattered, and a deep dent was left on his chest, while he spouted a large mouthful of blood.

If they counted the number of moves strictly, this one could be considered just the seventh move. The battle outcome, and the survivor, was determined in the seventh move like what Feng Wentian hoped.

However, Feng Wentian placed a bet on the wrong person.

"I... I, no, it shouldn't be like this," Mu Qitian said.

"You don't need to be this resentful and unwilling, I will shortly send down Fang Wentian to accompany you," Jiang Chen said coldly.

He didn't speak in a low voice, thus, all people in Treasure City, who observed this fight, clearly heard him, and it was also the case for Fang Wentian.

The crowd didn't know why he mentioned Fang Wentian's now, and it was just Fang Wentian alone, who understood why he mentioned him.

"Wentian, do you want me to attack him to relieve you from future troubles?" The Great Venerable spoke in a low voice.


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