The Brilliant Fighting Master
735 Protective Dipper Energy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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735 Protective Dipper Energy

Mu Qitian attacked first because he wanted to take control of the battle, and kill Jiang Chen in the seventh move without a hitch.

Jiang Chen's face became gloomy, but his gaze was still firm and resolute.

Mu Qitian was on the same level as Young Master Blood Moon. He was at the early stage of the Celestial Venerable Realm. His martial techniques were ordinary, mediocre, and he didn't have a Half Spirit's body, or a special inherited bloodline.

He needed just to face the Celestial Venerable Realm's power.

The Lightning Sword of the day before appeared in his hands, but it didn't have any lightning now, and it seemed mediocre and ordinary.

"Trash! Even a sword gotten by you turned into just trash," Mu Qitian cursed him, while a sword appeared in his hand. It was a seventh grade magical weapon, and its grade wasn't really low.

As he used a sword move, the sword shone in a bright light, which seemed like it would break through the firmament, and it possessed an unstoppable momentum. It was all because he possessed the Celestial Venerable Realm power.

Jiang Chen raised his hands, and lightning arcs appeared on the Lightning Sword again, but it wasn't flickering chaotically this time, and it had a stable rhythm. This matter demonstrated well that he already took complete control over this sword.

When he raised the sword, the lightning arcs turned as thick as an arm, and took a white luster.

It was Heavenly Lightning!

This sword was, in fact, capable of controlling Heavenly Lightning, but its flaw was that it would exhaust its power greatly, and it might even affect its wielder, thus, he wouldn't be capable of displaying its whole might.

However, everything changed after Jiang Chen got hold of it. He turned into the Lightning Sword's energy source, and provided boundless and inexhaustible energy.

People weren't really surprised by this, as they all thought back about the great phenomenon, which appeared yesterday.

Jiang Chen waved the sword, and thrust it. It was both fast and powerful, and he didn't need to especially exert his power on it, as just the Lightning Sword's own might alone was capable of destroying everything.

Mu Qitian charged at him with his sword, and when his sword collided against the Lightning Sword, purple lightning wandered into his whole body.

However, Mu Qitian still wore a straight face, and pain didn't appear on him. It was because there was a layer of protective energy barrier above his skin, as well as a battle suit.

Since Jiang Chen was allowed to use the Lightning Sword, he also could fight him while wearing a battle suit.

"The first move!"

The battle's outcome and the fighters' fate wasn't decided in a single move, and many people, who lost their money now, were quite annoyed.

"You are a Celestial Venerable, yet do you plan to fight against a Spiritual Venerable for a whole day?" Someone in the city shouted angrily.

Mu Qitian felt quite uncomfortable when such words reached his ears. If it was up to him, he would also just use his ultimate technique, and take Jiang Chen's life.

He had now another plan for the next move. Even if he mustn't take Jiang Chen's life for now, he still must let him pay for it.

"A Severed Heavenly Sword Contends Against Heaven!" A Celestial Venerable's superiority was displayed in this sword move.

Even though there wasn't any disparity in their sword techniques, Jiang Chen still couldn't guard against it, and the sword streaked across his whole body.

"Snort, snort." Mu Qitian was quite pleased with himself. If nothing unexpected occurred, Young Master Feng should have already turned into a bloody man now, but he would still not die, and he could still put on a fight against him.

However, when he had a look at him, Mu Qitian's expression changed drastically.

Young Master Feng didn't suffer any harms. He was just at the middle stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm, yet he was left safe and sound after his attack, and even though some cuts were left on his clothes by the sword attack, there wasn't any blood seeping out of them.

"Don't you know that I just changed into a new set of clothes today?" Jiang Chen was quite furious.

"Drop dead!"

"Severed Heavenly Sword!" Mu Qitian thrust his sword again. Its momentum was becoming sharper as time passed.

A sword domain with myriad sword phantom images appeared. They were constantly fluctuating, and it was hard to tell whether they were true or fake.

People, who still didn't reach the Celestial Venerable Realm, might even assume now that he had outstanding Sword Doctrine, while in fact, all Celestial Venerables possessed such power, and his power was even ordinary and mediocre.

However, it still couldn't really be considered mediocre for a Spiritual Venerable.

Jiang Chen thrust his sword at a high-speed, which rivaled lightning's speed, yet he still couldn't block the outer party's sword attack.

"Even with such a mediocre ability, he can still draw a divine piece of art?" Fang Wentian spoke disdainfully.

"That's not right!"

"He's now using lightning power, thus, his Sword Doctrine's power and lore martial techniques are restricted."

"Why doesn't he change it into something else?"

"If he lost the lightning power, even the previous sword strike will be enough to take his life, and he would surely die."

"However, he will still die even like this."

"Who knew? That guy is a madman."

Lightning's might was great, but Jiang Chen didn't know anything about Lightning Lore's martial techniques, as he didn't study them.

As a matter of fact, many martial artists wouldn't learn it, as controlling lightning power was already extremely difficult, so how could they even try learning its lore? At the very least, Venerables were incapable of achieving it.

When Mu Qitian's fourth sword move struck Jiang Chen, his sword was sent flying away, while his chest suffered the sword's tip brunt.

Many people covered their mouths from fright, however, the sword's tip didn't penetrate his chest, fortunately, and even blood didn't seep out of it.

"Were you practicing a tortoise shell's technique yesterday?" Mu Qitian spoke in displeasure.

He was now assessing Jiang Chen's lightning power inwardly. He still had three moves left, and if he attacked his throat with his last ultimate move, he could then take his life.

"I won't continue playing with you," Jiang Chen uttered words, which surprised everyone, before he put away the Lightning Sword.

"How arrogant!"

Regardless of why did he take such actions, since he gave up on using his weapon to confront his opponent, he left a good opportunity for Mu Qitian.


Jiang Chen took the initiative, and attacked him. He didn't fear at all his sword, and lightning was flickering on his body now.

When they got close to each other, Jiang Chen's thrust his fist at his opponent. His fist collided against the sword's sharp end. He bent the sword with his attack, and he almost broke it.

His tremendous power sent Mu Qitian flying away, while Jiang Chen still floated in the sky calmly.

"Teleportation technique!"

Afterward, a more shocking scene unfolded before them, Jiang Chen disappeared completely, as he teleported beside Mu Qitian, who was still flying back.

"Today, I will let you experience how powerful is the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning."

When his words just echoed, his fist struck Mu Qitian's face, and sent him flying away far away.

Jiang Chen's fist didn't really reach his face, as it was obstructed by the outer party's protective energy barrier.

"This isn't a protective energy barrier, but a Protective Dipper Energy."

This was another of Celestial Venerable's superiority. They could ignore all attack below the Celestial Venerable Realm.

This Protective Dipper Energy possessed astonishing defensive power, and it wasn't just firm, it was also tough.

When Jiang Chen was just feeling helpless, the people in the city were all dumbstruck.

Jiang Chen attacked suddenly, intensely and strongly. He baffled all people.

"External power, did he use any external power?" Fang Wentian suddenly thought of something, and he asked the Great Venerable behind him.

"No, it's his own power."


The Great Venerable's words shocked them. How was it possible for this to be his own power?

However, it wasn't just a single Great Venerable, which uttered such words, and all Great Venerables in the city were of the same opinion.

"He wasn't capable of using his lightning power with the sword because that sword wasn't suitable for lightning."

"Moreover, he cultivated his lightning like how one would cultivate and practice a martial technique."

"The teleportation from a moment ago was achieved by him through imbuing all of his body's cells with lightning, thus, his speed would become then unparalleled among all Celestial Venerables."

The Great Venerables dispelled their doubts, but they were still puzzled about a matter. It was just... How did he achieve it?"

How did a Spiritual Venerable manage to achieve this matter?"

"It's because he's using a Holy Skill."

Such words shocked all the people in Treasure City.

So it turned out that Young Master Feng wasn't a lunatic, he just possessed Holy Pulses which even Spirit Clan's members didn't possess.

Moreover, it wasn't limited to just this, he even managed to find a priceless Holy Skill, and practice it successfully.

"Is this really true?"


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