The Brilliant Fighting Master
734 A Spiritual Venerable Against a Celestial Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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734 A Spiritual Venerable Against a Celestial Venerable

Meanwhile, in another place. Mu Qitian looked at the dazzling rays of the setting sun in the horizon, as he planned to stand up, and go cause trouble for that Young Master Feng.

However, when he just opened the gate, he saw someone standing before it.

"Young Master Fang?"

Even though they were both Celestial Venerables, Mu Qitian never felt like they were really equal.

"I have something to discuss with you."

Fang Wentian entered the room, while a Great Venerable was still left standing outside the room.

Mu Qitian discovered afterward that his room was isolated by the Great Venerable. All noise outside wouldn't transmit in, while holy awareness would be useless here.

Mu Qitian was in danger now, as if Fang Wentian wanted to kill him, he would surely die.

However, it was still fine, as Mu Qitian felt like he never offended the outer party.

"I hope that you can kill Young Master Feng today," Fang Wentian said.

"If the Jiang family didn't obstruct me, he will be already dead long ago," Mu Qitian spoke coldly.

Fang Wentian revealed a faint smile, and put his hand on Mu Qitian's shoulder. He said, "What I mean is to kill him regardless of the Jiang family's approach."

Mu Qitian's heart shuddered when he heard his last words.

"But..." He hesitated slightly. If a chain reaction was caused by it, and Jiang Zhe died...

When he thought of this, he understood Fang Wentian's aim.

"Don't say but, you can just leave the Jiang family to me. Young Master Feng looked down upon you in such a way, yet you will just beat him? What will people say about you then? Is it impressive for a Celestial Venerable to beat a Spiritual Venerable?" Fang Wentian said.

Anger appeared on Mu Qitian's face when he heard him.

"Moreover, it's him, who challenged you, and scheduled a battle with you," Fang Wentian spoke again.

After Mu Qitian was reminded by him, he said, "That's right, I heard that it was included in Blood Oath's content that if Young Master Feng sought death by himself, it will be unrelated to the Jiang family."

However, he still shortly got caught in his thoughts, and he hesitated greatly.

"The first person to attack was Jiang Moliang, so won't this implicate them?"

"It's the Jiang family, who should worry about this. I will keep off all consequences for you. You just need to ignore the Jiang family, and kill him."

After Fang Wentian witnessed Mu Qitian's will wavering, his tone became more grave.

"Okay!" Mu Qitian still accepted it because he really wanted to kill that person.

"You should dispose of him in the seventh move, are you sure of it?" Fang Wentian asked.

"As long as he's still a Spiritual Venerable," Mu Qitian spoke confidently, "I can even use my ultimate technique to kill him in the first move."

"No, it should be in the seventh move, I bet a large sum on it, so don't disappoint me," Fang Wentian said.

"I won't."

"I will give you some benefits, which won't disappoint you," Fang Wentian assured him, before he went to the door.

The Great Venerable outside detected it, and opened the gate from outside.

Afterward, Mu Qitian saw them both off with his gaze. His gaze wasn't just resolute, it was also ice-cold.

In another place, Jiang Moliang looked fixedly at Jiang Chen, as she hoped that he could understand such an argument.

Jiang Chen stood up, went toward her, and said, "Why are all influential families' disciples like you have an ailment of believing in themselves too much? Don't you know what happened between me and the Jiang family?"

Jiang Moliang furrowed her brows, and didn't speak. It was obvious that she knew it.

"So? Why would I need to care about your family's Jiang Zhe?" Jiang Chen said.

"Don't you fear death?" Jiang Moliang asked such a question.

"I fear it obviously." Jiang Chen sneered coldly, and said, "But, I'm afraid more of my spirit's death."

Jiang Chen left such words behind, as he brushed past her, and left the room.

It was already the time scheduled by them.

In the same street as yesterday, both of Jiang Chen and Mu Qitian appeared from both of ends of the street, and walked toward each other.

The street was already filled early on by people, who wanted to watch this show. Yaqin, and the Xiao family's Xiao Biluo were both here. It was also the case for Fang Wentian, who stood at the most conspicuous position."

"A whole night already passed, yet it doesn't seem like you experienced any changes," Mu Qitian mocked him.

On the night before, Jiang Chen exclaimed boldly that he would get a great achievement through cultivation on that night.

In the end, he caused a great disturbance, and prevented all of the city's people from sleeping, yet it still seemed now like it was just a joke.

"I can only say that you are ignoramus, and can't see through such a profound matter," Jiang Chen said.

"Is it the case?" Mu Qitian shrugged his shoulder, and said, "Even at this time, you are still reluctant to admit it. I really don't know what qualify you to talk arrogantly here. Did you plan to depend upon an external power."

This wasn't really implausible, thus, Fang Wentian, who was over there, quickly spoke, "If it was discovered that you are using external power, I will immediately intervene in."

As for whether it would be him, who would intervene in, or the Great Venerable behind him, it would depend upon how strong was the external power used by Jiang Chen.

"Did you finish talking rubbish?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Are you quite anxious?" Mu Qitian suddenly thought back about what Fang Wentian said. He said, "Since you are this confident, do you dare to have a fight to the death with me?"

A fight to the death?"

All people, who were here to watch this show, were startled, and people, who weren't well-informed, even assumed that there was a great feud between Jiang Chen and Mu Qitian.

However, all people, who attended the day before Treasure Auction, knew that it was just an insignificant verbal dispute.

Even if Mu Qitian proposed such a matter, he wasn't probably serious, and just wanted to scare Young Master Feng, and expose the fear hidden beneath his composed face.

Jiang Moliang, who followed behind him, also became nervous. She already anticipated it, and informed Jiang Chen.

Who knew what would be Jiang Chen's reply? Even though he spoke with a resolute tone to her, but would he really still be fearless in the face of death?"

"Since you want to die, I will accord you your wish," Jiang Chen agreed, while looking at Fang Wentian.

All people were shocked when they witnessed him accepting it.

Mu Qitian was probably just speaking at will to scare him off, yet Young Master Feng accepted it now.

It would mean that both of them wouldn't have any restrains in the following battle.

Many chambers of commerce's people wallowed in regret, if they were aware of it early on, they should have included his survival in the gamble.

"Sirs, please fight in the sky outside the city," someone from the Treasure City stood out, and spoke.

If he didn't utter such words, they might probably destroy the whole Treasure City.

"Is there really a need for it?" Mu Qitian believed that this matter would come to end in just several moves, and it wouldn't be so intense that even buildings would be affected.

However, Treasure City's people were still worried, as the spirit mountain's disappearance on the day before was still vivid in their memories.

Thus, both of them flew outside of the city.

"Since we already reached such a juncture, you should reveal all your hidden cards, or else, you won't have an opportunity for using them."

Mu Qitian changed his attitude, and at this moment, he felt a pity, which he would only feel while facing the weak.

"It's also the case for you, you can still ask me to forgive you now, or give up on having a fight to the death, as you can still survive then," Jiang Chen spoke seriously.

"Hahaha!" Mu Qitian felt like he just heard a joke. He put his hand on his forehead, and laughed for a while, while shaking his head.

"There isn't anyone, who can protect you now," after Mu Qitian spoke, he attacked him.

Even though he was facing a Spiritual Venerable, he still took the initiative, and attacked him first.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》