The Brilliant Fighting Master
733 A Chess Piece and a Sacrificial Victim
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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733 A Chess Piece and a Sacrificial Victim

Lightning flickered unceasingly in the spirit mountain, and it formed a pond of lightning.

Jiang Chen was among it, and his clothes were torn apart by it, while his body bore its intense brunt.

Even though he had a Divine Body, and Holy Pulses, it still surpassed his highest bearing limit, as the converged lightning was too ferocious.

Before Jiang Chen was torn to shreds by it, he extended his hand, and held the Lightning Sword.

The Lightning Sword's lightning engulfed his whole body, and formed special protection around it. Not only wouldn't he suffer harm now, but he could also still absorb lightning as he wanted.

This was because the Lightning Sword had something similar to humans' bodies Lightning Core. It was left in it by its creator, and it could be used by the sword owner.

Jiang Chen didn't use it to fight enemies, but just to cultivate.

The twelve Greatest Yuan Pills' medical energy didn't manage to fill his body until bursting point due to the powerful lightning power. Instead, it permeated his whole body, and its effects diffused in it evenly.

At this time, Jiang Chen took two Heaven Elixirs. They were obviously the Yin Yang Nature Elixirs.

"The Doctrine of Yin and Yang. If its inheritor is benevolent, he will surely get success."

He must be quite careful while consuming those two Heaven Elixirs, as any slight mistake might take his life.

His body was now protected by a pond of lightning, and none dared to come to disturb him.

The Yin Yang Nature Elixirs, who were among the lightning, emitted two black and white radiance, and they revolved unceasingly.

Its medical power sprinkled out at this moment, and turned into specks of starlight.

When black and while starlight specks collided, he would get boundless benefits. Jiang Chen spread his hands, and let those starlight specks fell on him, and enter his body's Holy Sea.

While he went through such a process, the whole lightning pond surged up violently. Many arcs of lightning soared into the sky, and illuminated it.

"Terrifying!" Treasure City's people already couldn't find any other words for describing it.

Who knew what achievements would Jiang Chen get in the end under its influence. Would his cultivation realm advance forward, reach the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm, or just directly jump into the Celestial Venerable Realm?

It was obvious that the latter possibility was quite low, and if he reached just the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm, he would still be weaker than Mu Qitian.

This was the reason why Mu Qitian was still composed despite how shocking was what happened in the spirit mountain.

The spirit mountain's disturbance continued for most of the night, and when it started coming to end, the whole mountain almost turned into a plain.

Many busybodies flew to the sky secretly, as they wanted to see whether Young Master Feng was alive or not.

However, they were all disappointed, as Jiang Chen was still safe and sound, and he even wore another new set of clothes.

Moreover, his cultivation was still at the middle stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm, and it didn't change at all.

As for his Lightning Sword? It seemed ordinary and mediocre now, as if its whole lightning power was absorbed out.

Jiang Chen didn't explain anything, and just returned to his residence in the city.

Even though they were in the depth of night, his news quickly spread through the whole city.

"What was he doing? Why didn't his cultivation realm change at all, even though he caused such a great disturbance?"

"This was really what they mean by the proverb 'loud thunder, but tiny drops of rain'."

"What will Young Master Feng do now? Will he take advantage of the situation to run away."

It couldn't be denied that the great disturbance caused by Jiang Chen caused people to hold great expectation to his duel with Mu Qitian, and they even expected him to reach the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm in a single night.

However, in the end, he didn't make any progress, and people were baffled by it.

"Hehe," after Mu Qitian got such news, he couldn't help but laugh loudly.

"I will pay you back a thousand folds for the humiliation you brought to me."

After a short while, the first glimmer of light appeared in the sky, and another new day would start.

However, many people didn't sleep this night, and they didn't plan to go sleep, as they all waited for the start of the duel.

Since the duel was set in the evening, there was still more than half a day left, and most people were bored.

Treasure City's chambers of commerce quickly demonstrated how crafty as businessmen were they. They set up a gambling joint. It wasn't a simple gamble about who would win or lose, as if it was really the case, many chambers of commerce would suffer grave losses.

One couldn't help but admire those people ingeniousness, and many kinds of gambling joints were set for this duel.

Some chamber of commerce set it according to the duel's duration.

If Young Master Feng wasn't defeated in less than three minutes, they would get tenfold gains.

If he wasn't defeated in less than ten minutes, they would three fold gains.

There were also some who set it according to the moves exchanged between them, like how many moves could Young Master Feng block.

If they were more than ten moves, they would get tenfold gains.

If they were more than twenty moves, they would get twentyfold gains.

Moreover, they still needed to choose which one, would win in the end.

If they exchanged more than ten moves, and Jiang Chen won in the end, people, who bet that he would lose, wouldn't gain anything.

If they make a gamble just around which person would win in the end, it wouldn't have any suspense, and many people would still exploit the rules to make easy money.

People started analyzing Mu Qitian's fighting style, and considered whether he would with Jiang Chen in the duel because he hated him.

Even after most of the day passed, the whole Treasure City was still bustling with noise and excitement.

In the end, Jiang Moliang couldn't bear it any longer, and she walked toward the door of Jiang Chen's room.

She was really curious about what was Jiang Chen doing now.

When she pricked up her ears, and listened to any sign of activity inside the room, her expression changed drastically.

If she didn't guess wrongly, such a faint breathing sound indicated that Jiang Chen was sleeping.

"Can he still sleep even now?"

Jiang Moliang went to the gate, and knocked on it. After she knocked on it several times, she discovered that the room's door wasn't closed.

She hesitated for a moment, before she opened it, and entered in. She discovered then that Jiang Chen was really sleeping soundly on the bed.

Since he caused such a disturbance the day before while cultivating, it would be normal for him to end up tired and exhausted.

But he would shortly have a great fight. Could he still sleep now?

"Or did this mean that he didn't fear defeat?"

Jiang Moliang said inwardly, even if he lost, he would just lose face. Moreover, he was just a Spiritual Venerable, who lost to a Celestial Venerable.

However, the reason why she came here was precisely for this.

"Didn't you go back yet?" It was unknown when Jiang Chen woke up, but he still sat on the bed's side, and asked her.

"I need to take care of today's matter properly," Jiang Moliang said, before she examined him. After she confirmed that his cultivation was still in the middle stage of Spiritual Venerable, she affirmed her guess.

"I hope that you will inform him clearly of the Blood Oath when you are about to fight him," Jiang Moliang said.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, and said, "Are you afraid that it will turn into a fight to the death? If I died, then this conflict, which is caused by you, will harm Jiang Zhe, isn't it?"

Jiang Moliang didn't deny it, and she nodded.

"Why don't you inform him by yourself?" Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Moliang still didn't speak, and she tilted her head away because of a twinge of guilt.

"I will state the reason for you," Jiang Chen said, "It's because you find it disgraceful to ask a favor from a person, whose cultivation is weaker than you, just for another person, which you look down upon."

Jiang Moliang still didn't deny it.

"But don't you feel that it will be even more disgraceful if I stated it? It will seem like I stated on purpose just to survive."

"But, you can still survive then."

Jiang Moliang spoke excitedly, "Did you take Mu Qitian for a benevolent person? If he has an opportunity, he will surely take your life. Fang Wentian is now supporting him, and he also wants to deliver a blow to Jiang Zhe in another way."

"Well?" Jiang Chen was surprised slightly by Fang Wentian's motive.

"Jiang Zhe and Fang Wentian are both at the peak of Celestial Venerable Realm, and there is only a slight disparity between them, and such a disparity was extremely important. It's their mental state."

"If you die, Jiang Zhe will worry whether he will be affected, so how can he manage to face Fang Wentian in even grounds while in such a state?"

Jiang Moliang said, "You are still just a Spiritual Venerable, and can't be considered even a chess piece, and you are just a sacrificial victim."


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