The Brilliant Fighting Master
732 It’s This Terrifying!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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732 It’s This Terrifying!

When Jiang Moliang just came back with the objects requested by Jiang Chen, she just happened to hear Fang Wentian say 'Five billion'.

She assumed that Jiang Chen wanted to buy something else, and quickly ran over to him.

When she heard that it was a duel, she was stunned. She said, "You will fight against Fang Wentian?"

She learned afterward that he would fight against Mu Qitian, and most of the confusion on her face disappeared then.

"That's not right!"

However, she shortly recalled that Mu Qitian was also a Celestial Venerable, and even though he was weaker than Fang Wentian, he was still a genuine Celestial Venerable.

It meant then that Jiang Chen wanted to defeat a Celestial Venerable with his cultivation, which was just at the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

This street was filled with people, who still didn't leave, and after they learned about this matter, their reactions weren't much different than Jiang Moliang.

After they verified that it wasn't just a joke, most of them revealed great interest in it, and it was especially the case for youngsters.

However, some Great Venerables didn't feel like caring about such an absurd matter between young venerables, and left one after the other.

"Did you get all the objects?"

Jiang Moliang was taken aback, and when she realized that Jiang Chen was speaking to her, she nodded.

"Then let's start now. I'm pressed for time, and I must hurry up," Jiang Chen said.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay when they heard him, and they all wore an odd look. It seemed from his words like he wanted to cultivate to a realm high enough to defeat a Celestial Venerable in just a single night.

"Madman!" People shouted inwardly.

There were also people who felt like even though Young Master Feng was eccentric, but he was still not a reckless person.

The person who felt it the greatest was Xiao Biluo. She felt like this matter wasn't as simple as it seemed, and she planned to stay here, and wait for tomorrow's fight.

"He's just trying on purpose to mystify himself." Mu Qitian didn't believe his words, but he still didn't feel like saying anything more, and he brought his little brother with him, and left.

"Miss Xiao, did you stay here to watch tomorrow marvelous duel?" Fang Wentian walked toward the beauty, and when he uttered the words 'marvelous duel', he couldn't help but chuckle.

"That's right," Xiao Biluo nodded.

At this moment, Jiang Chen took Jiang Moliang's objects, and flew to the spirit mountain along with Yaqin.

Jiang Moliang planned at first to go back to the Jiang family's residence, and let someone else replace her, but now she wanted to know what would be tomorrow's fight outcome, and she stayed in Treasure City.

Yaqin passed the spirit mountain's formation control rights to Jiang Chen, which meant that it belonged to him from now.

"Young Master Feng, I hope that can you win tomorrow."

Even though Yaqin felt like it was impossible, but she still must utter such nice words.

However, as she thought about it, she recalled that the outcome of several of Jiang Chen's 'showing off' actions on this day was out of all people's expectation.

It might probably be the case for tomorrow's fight too.

After Yaqin left, Jiang Chen started altering the mountain. The reason why he bought this spirit mountain wasn't to trouble and disturb the Jiang family, and it was because this spirit mountain would be nearly wasted after he used it.

He was left without a choice. If he didn't use some special means, he wouldn't be capable of consuming the Greatest Yuan Pills and Yin Yang Nature Elixir on this day.

Jiang Chen stuck first his Lightning Sword in the middle of the mountain, before he took his personal furnace, and started smoothly making the Yin Yang Nature Elixir.

Breakthrough Heaven Elixirs' superiority was in their short manufacturing time, and he wouldn't need to keep watch beside it for a long time, or else, the whole night wouldn't be enough for Jiang Chen to make it.

Afterward, Jiang Chen put the iron on the mountain.

"Let's start!" He clapped, and started altering the spirit mountain.

The disturbance caused by him was too great, and even the people in Treasure City could detect it. Even though its noise didn't reach them, but its dazzling flames radiance was conspicuous in the night.

If people didn't know that Jiang Chen was cultivating in the mountain, they might even assume that he was cooking.

"What's that guy doing?"

Jiang Moliang suddenly recalled that it was recorded in the report that Jiang Chen stole the world's spiritual energy in Purple Cloud City, and she wondered whether he planned to do it again.

This place wasn't in the Jiang family's territory, and if he really did it, the Treasure City's people wouldn't allow it.

Moreover, he used Rose Gold Quicksand in the Purple Cloud City, and it wasn't the case this time.

She recalled her current mission, and she left the Treasure City quietly, and flew high in the clouds, as she wanted to see what was Jiang Chen doing.

"Oh my God!" She was greatly dumbfounded when she had a clear look of it.

Jiang Chen used the ten thousand pounds of steel to turn the spirit mountain into an impenetrable fortress, and almost all of its ground was covered by steel.

Pillars of steel were set up on the peak of the mountain, and its middle region, and they all stood straightly while facing the sky.

After he set up a steel pillar, Jiang Chen stood up straightly, as if he just finished the last step in his giant project.

He even intentionally, or coincidentally, took a look at Jiang Moliang, who was hiding among the clouds.

If he didn't avert his gaze immediately, Jiang Moliang might even have assumed that she was exposed.

Jiang Chen took the bottle of Greatest Yuan Pills bought by him on this day.

He opened the bottle, and took out all of its pills, and threw them into his mouth.

He just after raised his chin, and swallowed all spirit pills before Jiang Moliang's shocked gaze.

The reason why she was assured that he consumed all spirit pills was because Jiang Chen threw the bottle aside, and she didn't see even a single pill in the bottle, which split apart.

"Did he went crazy?" Even Jiang Moliang herself didn't dare to consume elixirs in such a way.

She witnessed him after thus thrusting his fist at the Lightning Sword.

After the Lightning Sword was stimulated, it started flickering, and lightning power started diffusing out of it crazily.

The pillars here absorbed the lightning at this moment, and passed it between them.

After a short while, the whole mountain was engulfed by lightning, which also spread to the ground through the pillars.

It was unknown what techniques did he use to alter the spirit mountain, as after it got lightning power now, it seemed like a volcano, which would shortly erupt out.


A deafening clap of thunder echoed from the sky, along with a giant bolt of lightning, which descended from the sky, and bombarded the mountain.

The spirit mountain immediately became the brightest object in ten thousand miles.

Jiang Moliang was frightened, and she quickly fled away from the sky. Her face was filled with shock because when the bolt of lightning struck down, she witnessed Jiang Chen still standing straight, while throwing his head back, and it seemed from his expression like he wanted to fight against heaven.

Jiang Chen was following swallowed by the flood-like lightning.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Jiang Moliang, who assumed that he would surely die, heard some shouts from the mountain. They weren't pained shouts, but shouts of someone, who just got to vent out after repressing himself for a long time. He seemed like a ferocious beast, which just broke free of its cage.

Jiang Moliang's face turned pale, "Does he need to risk his life like this?"

She could guess that Young Master Madness was doing it to digest the spirits pill, but she still found it too crazy.

"Is that guy cultivating or wreaking havoc?"

All the people in the city were dumbfounded.

It seemed like the spirit mountain offended Lightning God, and his punishment descended upon it, as lightning flickered in it unceasingly.

What was more terrifying was that the spirit mountain was gradually changing in such a process. Accurately speaking, it was being gradually devoured.

"It's fortunate that I sold it to him," Yaqin rejoiced inwardly. If she didn't sell it already, she would be incapable of renting it again.

However, as she mulled over it carefully, it seemed to her like Young Master Feng bought it just because he was already aware of what would occur.

It meant then that such a sight wasn't due to an accident, which occurred while he cultivated, and he did it on purpose.

The Mu family's brothers, who were on another side, also witnessed the spirit mountain's transformation.

"Snort!" After he observed it fixedly for a long while, Mu Qitian pouted her lips, as if he disdained to even assess this, but his furrowed brows demonstrated how restless was his heart.


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