The Brilliant Fighting Master
730 Aflame Cold Terminal Illness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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730 Aflame Cold Terminal Illness

After several treasures were auctioned, another object, which caught Jiang Chen's interest, appeared once again.

It was a bottle of spirit pills, and it had twelve pills.

It was a tenth grade cultivation spirit pill, Greatest Yuan Pill.

They were all of the highest quality. Six ones were ordinary, four were of the best grade, and two of immortal grade.

It wasn't just Jiang Chen alone, who was interested in them, all people, who wanted to raise their cultivation, were interested in them.

The bottle had twelve pieces, and it was a quantity set by the Treasure Auction House on purpose, and it was just enough to help someone achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Everyone needed it, regardless if he was a Spiritual Venerable or a Celestial Venerable.

Although Jiang Chen could also make them, but if he didn't have an Alien Flame, making them would consume too much time and efforts.

He would need more than a half month to make a bottle of such spirit pills.

He obviously started bidding for it.

The crowd was startled when they witnessed a Heaven Alchemist bidding for a Spirit Pill.

However, they all understood it when they saw the reaction of Jiang Moliang beside him. He wasn't in any case spending his money, so as long as it was useful, why would he need to consider such matters?

"You should be capable of making such spirit pills, and the Jiang family will also provide spirit herbs for you," Jiang Moliang spoke in displeasure.

She felt sorry for the wasted money, and if Jiang Chen manufactured them by himself, they could at least save the expenditure of hiring a Spirit Alchemist.

Since the Treasure Auction House auctioned it off here, it would surely make a profit, and it would get it from the guests.

"The first problem is time, as well as the technique cost. Moreover, I don't want to," Jiang Chen said proudly with a smile, before he raised his hand.

In the end, the Greatest Yuan Pills were gotten by him, as unlike other people, he didn't need to consider whether they were worth it or not.

The people were also aware that he was spending the Jiang family's money, and didn't dare to play dirty tricks.

"Oh, by the way!" Jiang Moliang suddenly recalled something, and she spoke complacently, "According to the Blood Oath, mustn't you consume them on the same day?"

"That's right!" Jiang Chen understood what she implied. Cultivation spirit pills weren't like breakthrough spirit pills.

One could consume many breakthrough spirit pills, and use them to cultivate, but cultivation spirit pills were like thin streams, which flowed unceasingly, and he must consume them separately while in secluded cultivation.

Consuming them all right away would be just harmful, and wouldn't bring any benefits to him.

"I read all clauses of the Blood Oath, and this clause was ambiguous and abstruse."

Jiang Moliang replied him with the same words he uttered previously. She said, "If you don't fear the Blood Oath flaring up, you can do as you wish."

It was the Blood Oath alone, which would decide whether he violated the clause or not.

Jiang Chen wasn't assured about it. If he could really consume them separately, wasn't this loophole too great to be real?

"Moreover, it's also the case for the Heaven Pill made by you, regardless of whether you refine the spirit herbs bought by you today into a pill or not, you must still consume them," Jiang Moliang spoke again

If they didn't have such a restriction, the Jiang family would probably lose its whole fortune

After she spoke to Jiang Chen, Jiang Moliang wore an unwilling look, as she went to pay for them

Jiang Chen was pondering now

"If I make the Yin Yang Nature Elixir, and add this bottle into it, I will surely suffer mishaps if I consume them at the same time."

"However..." Jiang Chen suddenly recalled something, and he stroked the Lightning Sword, as he looked for a way of achieving it.

After a short while, the spirit herb needed for the Yin Yang Nature Elixir was auctioned.

Since this spirit herb was qualified to be auctioned by the Treasure Auction House, it was surely extraordinary.

"Ground Reishi Mushroom!"

Yaqin, who was on the platform, introduced it, "It's a necessary ingredient for making many Heaven Elixir, and it can't be replaced by any other ingredient."

"The starting bid is a hundred millions upper-grade yuan stones."

Spirit Herbs reach their highest value only after being refined into a pill, and even though its starting bid was just a hundred million, the price of the Heaven Elixir manufactured with it would be several dozen times higher.

Jiang Moliang came out of the small room, and handed over the Greatest Yuan Pills to him.

She knew the name of the Spirit Herb, which he lacked, thus, she quickly recognized the Ground Reishi Mushroom, and realized that it was what he needed.

"You should better consider whether you can consume them," Jiang Moliang said.

"You don't need to worry about it."

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all. He raised his hand, and quoted a price.

When they witnessed such a scene, the crowd realized which person would get this Spirit Herb in the end. It wasn't like the factions here couldn't rival the Jiang family, but the price bid by him would surely surpass their expectation.

"Young Master Feng." When its price reached six hundred million, another person on a first-class seat spoke.

When people looked at him, they discovered that he was an old man, with outstanding bearings. He wore plain clothes, and had a thick white beard, which gave his square-shaped face a peculiar charm, which would cause people to overlook his age.

"I have a presumptuous request, and I hope that you can leave this Spirit Herb to me," he said.

"You can just bid for it fairly," Jiang Chen replied.

"I'm also a famous alchemist, and I'm now refining a pill for the Fifth Void Territory's Great Void School."

"Fifth Void Territory? Did he just say that he came from the Fifth Void Territory?"

"It isn't surprising that we didn't recognize him."

"Since he ran up to here especially for it, it seems like he really needed this Spirit Herb."

All of the people here were astonished.

The Nine Territories were different from the Ten Prefectures. The Ten Prefectures could be described as a horizontal line, which all of its points had the same position and status.

While the Nine Territories were ladder-shaped, and it could be easily discerned from their names which one had the highest position and status.

Like for example, the Fifth Void Territory, Seventh Death Territory, and the territory where they were now, the Eight Divinities Territory.

"Great Void Master's daughter had Aflame Cold Terminal Illness, and he asked me to help him. He didn't ask me to treat her, but just to prolong her life."

After he spoke, he looked at the platform, and said, "I know that it doesn't conform to rules, and I also planned to bid for it fairly, but Young Master Feng is..."

The following words were obvious. Jiang Chen, who didn't care about money, could get anything he wanted.

"Let's seek Young Master Feng's opinion," Yaqin said. This was the matter she most hated, as rules must be adhered to strictly.

If this day someone needed a Spirit Herb to save someone, the day after it, someone, who suffered a grave issue while cultivating, would come by.

It would, in the end, affect other people's benefits, and cause irreversible damages

If Jiang Chen didn't agree, their Treasure Auction House would surely be pleased by such a choice.

But, even the Treasure Auction House wasn't willing to take the role of a civilian, would Jiang Chen be willing to?

Jiang Moliang really wanted to hear what would be his reply.

"It's out of the question," Jiang Chen said.

This was a reasonable reply, and most people weren't surprised by it, but they still despised Jiang Chen inwardly.

"He just depended upon the Jiang family's wealth to do whatever he wanted, yet he still didn't help someone in need. He's really just a petty and vile person," Fang Zhengyi said.

When they looked at the Elixir Master, they found out that he didn't get angry, and he just became dejected.

"You want to buy the Ground Reishi Mushroom just to prolong her life, while I can save her life."

His following words caused a great sensation. They witnessed Jiang Chen standing afterward, and walking toward that Spirit Alchemist.

"Are you also proficient in medical arts?" The Elixir Master found it slightly unbelievable.

Medicine and alchemy were two different domains, but they could still be combined, but rarely would anyone delve into both of them.

"I have a slight knowledge of medical arts, and I know how to treat the Aflame Cold Terminal Illness."

Jiang Chen bent his waist while he spoke, and he whispered something near the Elixir Master's ears.

While the other people were still baffled, the Elixir Master stood up suddenly. He seemed quite excited.

"Miao! Miao! Miao!"

The crowd heard him shouting excitedly. They were confused at first, and it was only, later on, did they realize that he was shouting, "Marvelous! Marvelous! Marvelous!"

"It can actually still be treated like that, you are a genius, a great genius."

The Elixir Master held Jiang Chen's arm, and didn't let go of it for a long while. He said, "If I can treat her, the Great Void School will surely bear in mind your favor."

He was just treating a stranger, yet he was still this excited, and it was obvious that he really wanted to save her life.


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