The Brilliant Fighting Master
729 Young Master Madness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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729 Young Master Madness

"I really want to see how can you take care of this." Mu Qitian leaned forward, and put his hands on the back of the seat before him, as expectation appeared in his eyes.

Two Celestial Venerables of Treasure Auction House walked out. One of them sheathed the Lightning Sword, while the other went to Jiang Chen's front, bowed, and said, "Guest, please come here."

Jiang Moliang, who was next to him, just crossed her hands before her chest, and didn't state anything.


Jiang Chen didn't need her to state anything. He stood up, and followed the two Celestial Venerable to a side-room next to the auction house's platform.

"We should be prepared to bide for it once again," Someone on a first-class seat spoke mockingly, and a peal of laughter rose from the surrounding in response.

If the bidder wasn't capable of paying it, the auctioned object would be auctioned once again.

As for the fate of the bidder? It would be needless to mention it.

At this moment, the Celestial Venerable, who led him away, took quick steps toward the platform, and whispered something near the woman's ears.

The woman's expression changed drastically, and she followed him into the room.


The crowd affirmed their guess when they witnessed such a scene.

"Did that guy come here to fool around?"

"He probably assumed that the Jiang family will help him."

"It will be interesting now, I wonder how will they handle him?"

People started wagging their tongues, while Jiang Moliang felt slightly delightful too.

If this Young Master Feng wasn't taught a lesson, he wouldn't learn then how high was the sky and how deep was the ground.

After a short while, the gate was opened once again, and Jiang Chen came out of it.

However, unlike what people imagined, he didn't suffer anything, and he still held a sword in his right hand.

Even though it was sheathed, everyone could still recognize it. It was the Lightning Sword from a moment ago.

"Young Master Feng, congratulations for getting this treasure for such a low price."

The attitude of the woman, following behind him, was quite cordial.

"It's all thanks to the seniors here, who helped me get it," Jiang Chen said seriously.

All first-class seats factions' people almost spouted blood from anger when they heard him.

The Lightning Sword's price was obviously higher than five billion, but those people looked down upon Jiang Chen, and felt like he was just a clown causing trouble, and wanted to get rid of him.

Moreover, the Treasure Auction House didn't have a stipulated lowest price, thus, Jiang Chen managed to buy the sword with just one billion, and two hundred million upper-grade yuan stones.

Jiang Chen still tried now to infuriate them on purpose with his words.

"Young Master Feng, if you are in need of anything, you can just look for me. By the way, my name is Yaqin."

The woman didn't put on airs before him because she was a Celestial Venerable, and she instead spoke sweetly, before she went back to the platform.

"How's this possible?"

When she witnessed Jiang Chen coming back, Jiang Moliang found it slightly unbelievable.

Jiang Chen was incapable of using the Jiang family's resources without her consent, which meant that he was rich enough, and was capable of paying one billion, and two hundred million.

"What? Since a noble influential family's disciple like you can't afford it, you assumed that it's more impossible for others to afford it?" Jiang Chen spoke again, and it was unknown whether he was speaking to Jiang Moliang, or Mu Qitian.

However, both of them still felt their faces becoming hot from shame when they heard it.

"Heaven Alchemist, he's a Heaven Alchemist."

"That's right, it's normal for him to possess one billion, and two hundred million."

"We really underestimated him."

All of a sudden, someone stated Jiang Chen's other status, and dispelled the crowd's doubts.

The furrowed brows of Jiang Moliang, next to him, smoothened, while her gaze became complex.

Everyone assumed that Young Master Feng would try to cling into the Jiang family because it was too great and imposing, and they took him for just a parasite.

However, they recalled now his backer, the Elixir Association, which was on an equal footing than the Jiang family.

When Jiang Moliang recalled this matter, she realized that her disdain of him on the road was quite laughable and ridiculous.

"Young Master Feng, I'm willing to pay two billion for it, so can you please leave it for me?" The Xiao family's Xiao Biluo wore a smile, while she spoke in a soft voice.

"No," Jiang Chen replied apathetically.

Xiao Biluo's smile became bitter, but she still didn't get angry, as she wasn't qualified to get angry now.

When she just learned of Young Master Feng's name a while ago, she distanced herself from him on purpose, and everyone noticed this matter.

"Hey, it would be better for you to be sensible now. You got such an advantage just thanks to us, so you mustn't reject Miss Xiao's offer."

Someone on a first-class seat spoke. It wasn't Mu Qitian this time, but another youth, who was nearly as old as the former.

When they all had a clear look of his face, shock appeared even on Mu Qitian's face.

Xiao Biluo spoke hurriedly, "Young Master Fang, you don't need to intervene in."

It could be seen from the crowd's reaction that this Young Master Fang was quite extraordinary.

"Fang Wentian."

Jiang Moliang spoke suddenly, "He's a genius equally famous as Jiang Zhe, and he came from Seventh Death Territory."

Even Jiang Moliang herself didn't know why she spoke to Jiang Chen now.

Jiang Chen looked at Fang Wentian. He had a powerful aura, was at the peak of the Celestial Venerable Realm, and he surely couldn't rival him.

His sharp face was filled with pride like Jiang Zhe, while it would also become full of disdain when he looked at him like the latter.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly, "It's all thanks to the fact that you all misjudged me. You all assumed that I'm poor, yet now, you were all shamed."

The ambiance of the whole hall became grave after he spoke.

Even Jiang Moliang, Mu Qitian, and Xiao Biluo, must treat this person respectfully, yet Jiang Chen still dared to talk to him in such a way.

Even though he didn't say anything wrong, but he still didn't give him any due respect.

"Hahaha!" Fang Wentian didn't get angry, and he squinted his eyes, as he looked at him.

His smile disappeared suddenly. He spoke angrily, "Did you assume that you are qualified to challenge me just because you set a ridiculous Blood Oath with Jiang Zhe."

"I didn't assume it." It seemed like Jiang Chen became sensible, and he shook his head, but his following words caused the ambiance, which just eased down, to become graver.

"Even without the Blood Oath, I will still face egotistical and ignorant people in the same way."

The crowd finally realized why he fell into such dire straits, why a Heaven Alchemist, with boundless prospects, killed a Jiang family's disciple, and why he accepted the Divine Martial Trial.

It was because he was a madman. He shouldn't be called 'Young Master Feng', but 'Young Master Madness'.

Fang Wentian stood up, while a wave of pressure permeated the whole hall.

"Young Master Fang," The woman on the stage, Yaqin, spoke.

"Wentian!" The Great Venerable Realm middle-aged man next to him called him.

"You should better pray to not run into me in a secluded place," Fang Wentian uttered a meaningful threat.

"I don't have any interest in meeting with you in a secluded place," Jiang Chen replied.

Fang Wentian snorted coldly, and sat down again.

"Let's continue the auction," Yaqin said.

They delayed many matters due to the Lightning Sword, and there were many treasures for sale after it.

After they took the second treasure, the tense ambiance eased up along with the start of the exciting price competition.

Jiang Chen revealed a smile as he unsheathed the Lightning Sword slightly.

Other people assumed just that he bought a sword, while he bought, in fact, this sword's lightning power.

If he could absorb all of it, it would be tantamount to several months of cultivation with his Holy Skill. One billion, and two hundred million wasn't a high price at all for such great gains.

However, all of Jiang Chen's Spirit Storage Artifacts were emptied now, and he even used a part of black yellow gas to pay all of it.

This was also the reason why he startled Yaqin.

The black yellow gas possessed by him wasn't worth just a mere two billion.


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