The Brilliant Fighting Master
728 One Billion and Two Hundred Million Upper-grade Yuan Stones
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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728 One Billion and Two Hundred Million Upper-grade Yuan Stones

This time, Jiang Moliang didn't ignore what he had said. She didn't think it funny, either.

They were sitting close enough for her to perceive the coldness deep in Jiang Chen's eyes.

As a Celestial Venerable, she couldn't help but recoil in shock.

When she had come to herself, Jiang Chen had looked away. He was looking at the stage.

Jiang Moliang snorted. She stopped arguing.

Jiang Chen's reaction made her realize this Young Master Wind, whose origin was a mystery, wasn't a person easy to deal with.

"Glad to see you in the monthly Treasure Auction again. Although we won't have ten thousand treasures here, I guarantee you won't feel disappointed."

The host of the auction was a pretty woman.

She was not only pretty, but also a Celestial Venerable. Otherwise, she wouldn't have got the opportunity to stand before so many big shots.

She reminded Jiang Chen of Yin Shuang, who was also very good at hosting.

Like all of the auctions, the first auction item was a valuable treasure.

"To start today's auction, the first treasure is a magic weapon. I guess doubts have arisen in many people, since in spite of the value of a magic weapon, it's not very appropriate to use it to start the auction. However, you'll tumble to the reason once you see this magic weapon."

After the woman's introduction, the valuable treasure was shown to the audience.

The audience immediately knew what was special about it.

It was a short sword placed on a special iron holder.

Without any influence from anything, electric arcs were jumping along the short sword!

It was covered with a brilliant white light.

"Is this only a magic weapon?"

Soon, someone asked.

This short sword could no doubt be called a Doctrine Artifact.

But sure, they thought this way because none of them had really seen a Doctrine Artifact.

Those who had seen a Doctrine Artifact would see the many flaws this short sword had. For example, Jiang Chen.

Then, smiling mysteriously at the audience, the woman reached out for the short sword. Her arm was fair-skinned and slim.

When she had grasped the handle of the short sword, some people involuntarily felt worried for her.

However, she wasn't hurt by the short sword. As soon as she grasped the handle, the radiance of the short sword soared, and the electric arcs became purple and finger-thick.

"This Lightning Sword is the work of a brilliant master. He triggered thunders to make it."

"The owner of the short sword will be able to control thunders, and not just average thunders, but heaven thunders."

"Although it doesn't have the doctrinal charm that those Doctrine Artifacts usually have, it is as powerful as them."

The woman put down the Lightning Sword. Those violent electric arcs calmed down gradually as she moved her hand away.

It's a nice short sword.

Jiang Chen thought. Although the maker of the short sword had kind of resorted to trickeries, his idea was audacious, creative and original, and he wasn't afraid to try new things. That was what Jiang Chen appreciated.

He guessed it wasn't made by a spiritual bladesmith.

Its maker should be a practicer who started to study spiritual weapons after having achieved a very high state.

Thanks to his state, which allowed him to be fearless of heaven thunders, he managed to achieve what many spiritual bladesmiths couldn't achieve.

It didn't sound very fair, but life was unfair indeed.

This short sword suited Jiang Chen, too, since he was practicing the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula.

However, it wasn't a practicing resource. As a result, the Jiangs wouldn't pay for him.

"We start at 500 million upper-grade yuan stones. Each bid should be at least ten million more than the previous one."

The price the woman had announced was as shocking as the short sword itself.

The enthusiasm in many people's eyes was decreasing, but there were still quite a few people eager to bid for it.

"It's so expensive!"

Lan, sitting next to Jiang Chen, thought it incredible.

Although Jiang Chen also bid 60 million for her, it was only because he was at war with Mu Qiyun.

At the Fairy Maiden Bar, the bid wouldn't be higher than ten million.

But here, the bid for a short sword started at 500 million.

In less than a minute, the price had risen to one billion. And the bidding was still very hot. The hammer price would be much more than that.

Jiang Chen couldn't move his eyes away from the short sword. He wanted to buy it. It would be very helpful to his holy method.

The reason he hesitated wasn't that the Jiangs wouldn't allow him to do it.

It was actually because he already had enough swords, and he was able to make a short sword exactly like it.

However, he couldn't do it at the moment.

That was why he wanted it.

If he had a sword that could control heaven thunders, he would be strong enough to fight with a Celestial Venerable indeed.

"One billion and 50 million."

After thinking it over and over again, Jiang Chen finally bid.

He would spend all of his savings, but he never thought one could be rich through saving.

Carpe diem -- that was his motto.

However, as soon as he bid, he attracted numerous people's surprised looks.

"What are you doing?!"

Jiang Moliang said coldly, "Do you expect the Jiangs to buy you a weapon?"

She didn't speak through holy awareness, so many people heard her.

The surprised people showed an interesting smile. They were curious how Jiang Chen would react.

"I'm subject to the blood oath, but I'm not subjected to your judgment. Go back where you came from when the auction is over," Jiang Chen said calmly.

Jiang Moliang pressed her lips into a thin line. Her look was as sharp as a sword.

"Alas, let me relieve someone from his awkward situation. One billion 70 million."

Mu Qitian raised his arm to bid. He said, "If you don't have money, don't..."

"One billion and 80 million," Jiang Chen interrupted him by bidding.

Mu Qiyun's smile froze on his face right away.

Others were also puzzled. The Jiangs had made it clear that they wouldn't pay for him. Why was he still bidding?

Even the woman on the stage wanted to warn him, but she thought it would be too offensive, so in the end, she didn't.

"Miss Jiang, will the Jiangs pay for the auction?"

It was Mu Qitian who posed the critical question.

"No," Jiang Moliang said decisively.

"So, he is just horsing around?"

Mu Qitian looked towards the stage. He said, "Won't the Committee of the Treasure Auction do something about it?"

Instantly, the woman was under the gaze of everyone on the scene. What she would say next would be crucial.

As the host of the auction, she was calm enough to deal with the crisis. She said slowly, "As long as this client is sitting there, he has the right to bid. Whether he is rich enough isn't what we should focus on now. It's very disrespectful to say things like that at this moment."

Many people agreed with her.

"It's the problem between you young people. Don't let it affect the auction. It's quite inappropriate."

A great Venerable said unhappily.

Mu Qitian turned pale immediately. He was sweating heavily.

It was him with whom the great Venerable was unhappy.

The bid continued. The price soon reached one billion 100 million.

In the whole process, Jiang Chen had been actively engaged in the bidding.

People started to talk when there had been only few bidders left.

Where did Jiang Chen get the confidence without the support of the Jiangs?

However, the committee of the Treasure Auction had aired their opinion. He had the right to bid.

If in the end he stopped bidding and someone else got the Lightning Sword, he would do nothing wrong.


"One billion 200 million."

Jiang Chen bid again. The other bidders all stayed silent this time.

Five seconds later, the woman on the stage spoke.

"One billion 200 million, first."

Mu Qitian cheered up upon hearing this. He looked he was gloating.

"One billion 200 million, second."

Mu Qitian couldn't help but smile.

He would have burst out laughing if he had seen panic on Jiang Chen's face.

"One billion 200 million, last chance."


In this way, Jiang Chen got the Lightning Sword.

It meant he would have to pay one billion 200 million upper-grade yuan stones.


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