The Brilliant Fighting Master
727 The Most Vicious Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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727 The Most Vicious Man

"You think I'm the one to blame?"

Smiling coldly, Jiang Chen said, "I told you I wanted these spiritual herbals five days ago in the Purple Cloud City, and you said you would find me everything, including those you didn't have for the moment."

"However, you are playing tricks with me. Even if you can find them in one day, you'll spend one hundred days in looking for them."

"But now, I just walked into a chamber of commerce randomly, and they told me I would have everything by the next day. Imagine that. With the Jiangs' power, how long should it take you to do it?"

Jiang Moliang couldn't refute him at all. She was just speechless.

Since this chamber of commerce claimed they could find everything by the next day, with the Jiangs' power in the Eight Divinities Territory, they could have brought everything to Jiang Chen on the same day he asked for them. It shouldn't be a problem.

However, she didn't feel guilty. Instead, she agreed with the Jiangs' strategy.

She had been unhappy with the fact that an outsider was squandering her family's wealth. Wouldn't it be too much to ask her to bring the spiritual herbals to him in time?

What a joke!

This day passed quickly in an awkward atmosphere.

The next day, the Treasure City was full of people because of the Treasure Auction.

Some people even traveled here from other territories, which spoke volumes for the influence of the Treasure City.

When the night had befallen, the Treasure Auction started.

To Jiang Chen's surprise, where the Treasure Auction was held was a small world!

The small world was really small. Strictly speaking, it was only a space fixed up as a hall. Numerous rows of chairs were placed there. There were so many that people couldn't even see the end of them.

The seats were arranged in a delicate way. The three rows of seats at the front were distinguished from the other seats.

The back seats were placed close to each other.

The three front rows were first-class seats. People seated there were all from big forces.

Each of them had attracted much attention. They were others' hot topics.

Most of them had been recognized. Since those who gathered here were from everywhere, almost no one could escape their notice.

However, they saw a strange young man sitting there.

No one knew from which force he was.

However, some people recognized Jiang Moliang, who was sitting next to him.

"He is from the Jiangs?"

"Doesn't look like so."

"As far as I know, he doesn't look like any of the Jiangs' disciples qualified to sit in these first-class seats."

"Maybe he has disguised himself?"

"Then why hasn't Jiang Moliang done the same, since his identity can be disclosed because of her?"

"I guess he is from the Realm of Spirits. Otherwise why would Jiang Moliang be the one in company with him?"

The person they were talking about was certainly Jiang Chen. He was still Young Master Wind.

It was normal that no one in the Eight Divinities Territory could recognize him.

"Young master, may I ask for your name?"

Someone asked Jiang Chen in a very natural way, while others were making all kinds of assumptions.

It was an elegant woman, who was apparently from a big aristocratic family.

In fact, she was. Many people knew her. She was Xiao Biluo, young lady of the Xiaos.

"Young Master Wind," Jiang Chen said.

Xiao Biluo seemed to be thinking hard. Evidently, she had never heard of this name.

The new guy usually should introduce himself on his own initiative in such occasions, telling others things like the force he is from and where it is located.

However, Jiang Chen mentioned none of these. It meant he didn't want anyone to know and even his name could be fake.

Xiao Biluo was frowning. She obviously wasn't very happy with Jiang Chen's manner.

"Young Master Wind? The Jiangs?"

However, some people connected the two clues together.

"The Young Master Wind who completed two divine pieces of art?"

"That explains why he is with the Jiangs."

"He is audacious."

"What can the Jiangs do to him, since they took the blood oath?"

The auction hall was very noisy. Everyone was talking about him.

Xiao Biluo frowned less. She apparently had heard about the story, too.

"My name is Xiao Biluo, from the Xiaos of the Eight Divinities Territory. Nice to meet you."

Xiao Biluo nodded at him. Then she walked back to her seat.

Jiang Chen didn't think there was anything wrong. He saw from the woman's eyes that she had wanted to make friends with him, but after knowing who he was, she gave up the idea.

She even drifted apart a little bit.

Jiang Moliang detected that, too. She just curled up her lip.

The fact he could use the Jiangs' resources didn't make him a young master of the Jiangs. Everyone knew that clearly. She also wanted Jiang Chen to be clear of it.

"Can you really finish two divine pieces of art?"

After Xiao Biluo had left, someone else came up to him. He sounded very skeptical.

Jiang Chen looked up. He saw a man with black eyes and a swollen, puffy face behind the man who had spoken. It was Mu Qiyun, who he met in the Fairy Maiden Bar the day before.

"Believe it or not. It doesn't matter," Jiang Chen said.

"What matters is Miss Tian Ling believed you. I don't know how you managed to deceive her, but I suggest you stop crying for the moon."

Mu Qiyun's brother was obviously one of the pursuers of Tian Ling. Comparing with the misfortune that had happened to his brother, he cared more about the thing with the divine pieces.

"Besides, you beat my younger brother up. Shouldn't you explain yourself?" he went on.

"Ask her. It's her who killed a Celestial Venerable of your family," Jiang Chen said, pointing at Jiang Moliang next to him.

"I'm asking you."

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said, "Does that mean a Celestial Venerable's life isn't comparable to your brother getting beaten up? Or, is it because it's her who killed your man, but it's me who beat your man?"

Then, the youngster looked towards Jiang Moliang.

Jiang Moliang looked at him, too. Her look was as cold as always.

He looked away immediately. Targeting Jiang Chen again, he said, "You will pay the price. Remember my name, Mu Qitian!"

"Qiyun, Qitian, you are not living up to your names," Jiang Chen said.

Mu Qitian, who was leaving, suddenly turned. He said, "Don't think you are safe since it's forbidden to fight in the Treasure Auction!"

"Oh? So, we can't fight here?" Jiang Chen wanted to piss Mu Qitian off more, as if he thought he hadn't pissed the latter off enough.

Mu Qitian squinted at him, closing his fists tightly.

This arrogant and ignorant Spiritual Venerable was challenging him!

At this moment, the illumination in the auction hall changed. The lighting was dimmed in the audience area, while on the stage, it was brighter.

This meant the Treasure Auction was going to start soon. Leaving the two men's conflict behind, the audience cheered for the upcoming start of the auction.

"Let's wait and see!"

Mu Qitian said. Then he went back to his seat with his brother.

"The Jiangs won't be with you in this," Jiang Moliang said.

Jiang Chen said, "It's written in the blood oath that if I court death myself, the Jiangs won't be responsible for my death."

"Okay. So, you know it," Jiang Moliang said.

"The thing is, it's you who killed a man in the Fairy Maiden Bar yesterday, and I didn't get involved in the fight until that had happened. So, in this matter, you are a part of it as a member of the Jiangs."

Jiang Chen said, "They don't have the nerve to pick a fight with you. That's why they are targeting me. I wonder whether I'm courting death myself or the Jiangs have left me in the lurch."

Jiang Moliang's face grew black.

"I don't mind taking this risk. Let's see whether anything will happen to Jiang Zhe after they kill me," Jiang Chen added.

"Do you have to make us sick?" Jiang Moliang was bursting with anger.

"Remember. It's the Jiangs who attacked me first, because you wanted to grab my sword from me. We took the blood oath because your chieftain wanted to."

Jiang Chen wasn't angry. However, the aggressiveness that had been hiding in his eyes became more and more obvious. He said in a cold voice, "This is the last time I say this -- I'm the most vicious man for the Jiangs."


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