The Brilliant Fighting Master
725 Sixty Million
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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725 Sixty Million

The girl mustered up all of her courage to speak it out, but nobody in the room responded to her.

Her hope of getting some help was extinct. By then she only felt frightened.

She turned around. What came into her sight was that old woman's sullen face. Paralyzed by fear, she fell on the ground.

"Misters, all of the girls in the Fairy Maiden Bar signed a contract with us. Don't believe whatever she told you."

The old woman said to the clients in those separate rooms. Then she gave the girl a hard stare.

Alas. She is so stupid. I'm not surprised that she was sold here, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Asking for help in such an environment was like a sheep begging for mercy in a wolf pack, but lucky for her, he was there this day.

"Hahaha, interesting. It's really interesting. I want this one, too."

The youngster burst out laughing instead of feeling empathetic. He said, "Little beauty, take it easy. I will give you a home."

The girl was as pale as a ghost. She was scared out of her wits.

The other girls shook their heads helplessly. Some of them even looked disdainful and contemptuous, since they thought all she was doing was playing hard to get.

Soon, the young man bid for her.

Because of what had happened to the old man, no one had the nerve to bid.

It seemed unless the young man stopped bidding himself, the others wouldn't get anything this day.

"She is mine."

Jiang Chen, who had been silent for a long time, said. Then he also offered a price.

Since it had been always very quiet in his room, the others would have thought it was empty if he hadn't spoken.

"You are audacious."

The young man looked over and met Jiang Chen's eyes. His look seemed sharp enough to pierce the curtain.

"What? Can't I bid?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes, you can. You certainly can. I'm just afraid you will end up as fatigued and as disappointed as that old guy."

The young man smiled coldly. He raised his hand right away.

His casual manner suggested he was sure he would get this girl, too.

Soon, the price had soared to ten million upper-grade yuan stones.

This was the highest price until then.

"If I find you are only bidding to raise the price, I will make you pay a price," the youngster warned him.

He was extravagant, but he didn't want to be deceived on account of his generosity.

"Tut. Tut. Tut. You don't want to spend the money, do you? In that case, twenty million," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

He made a bid of twice the last offer. It created a great uproar in the room.

The youngster, who had never hesitated to bid, was struck dumb. Then he said, "Great. So, my last bid is 25 million."

He intentionally said it was his last bid to sound out Jiang Chen.

"Thirty million," Jiang Chen said without hesitation.

In this way, the youngster confirmed Jiang Chen wasn't a plant of the Fairy Maiden Bar and he was really rich enough to bid.

"Forty million!"

The youngster, who had claimed it was his last bid, said in a deep voice, knocking on the table. It was too hard for him to swallow.

"Didn't you say it was your last bid? You are so boring. So, I'll play the game with you. Sixty million," Jiang Chen said again.

As soon as he offered the price, what the staff of the Fairy Maiden Bar felt was worry instead of pleasant surprise.

He sounded like he was just horsing around.

"Misters, you will have to pay if you bid." The old woman felt obligated to warn them.

The youngster snorted. A vicious look showed in his eyes.

The two Celestial Venerables in his room launched an attack together when Jiang Chen had sensed there was something wrong.

However, they attacked the girl instead of him!

"If I can't get her, you can't, either!" the youngster yelled.

"He is so cruel!"

The other people in the room were all shocked. They had never seen such a vicious man before.

A cold wind started when the girl in the Reaching Heaven State was about to be killed by the Celestial Venerables.

The Celestial Venerable who had come up to the girl first froze.

Next to him, an extremely beautiful woman appeared. Blood was flowing down the dagger in her hand.


Even though he was dying, this Celestial Venerable still couldn't believe that his life would end for nothing.


The youngster was given a good scare by the Celestial Venerable's death. The pride on his face was completely gone. He even fell off his chair.

Jiang Chen jumped into the youngster's room, carrying lightning and thunders along his arms.

"You are the type I hate most."

Before the youngster could come to himself, Jiang Chen's punches rained on him.

The other Celestial Venerable wanted to help, but after noticing Jiang Moliang's cold look, he just stayed where he was, not daring move a little bit.

The youngster was after all a Spiritual Venerable. However, he couldn't resist Jiang Chen's attack at all. Jiang Chen gave him a good beat.

He got to his feet with his hand on the wall while Jiang Chen walking out of the room.

"Who are you?! You know who I am?!" the youngster shouted.

"Mu Qiyun."

Jiang Moliang called out his name. Then she said coldly, "Does your elder brother know what you are doing?"


"Listen up! We are from the Jiangs."

Jiang Chen told the youngster where they were from loudly when the latter was in panic. A cunning look flashed in his eyes.


Jiang Moliang flew into a rage, since he had pretended to be a member of the Jiangs.

If others knew a disciple of the Jiangs visited such a place, the Jiangs' reputation would be damaged.

"Why? It's you who killed a man," Jiang Chen said.

To be honest, he didn't expect Jiang Moliang to be so violent. He was surprised that she had killed in the first attack.

It seemed she had had so many pent-up emotions that she had to vent them on someone.

"Great! Great! The Jiangs!"

Mu Qiyun didn't dare keep arguing with them anymore after knowing they were from the Jiangs. Although he was still reluctant to admit his defeat, he could do nothing else but slip away.

As to the dead Celestial Venerable, his companion took his dead body away.

There was still a huge pool of blood on the ground.

The staff of the Fairy Maiden Bar glanced at each other. They didn't know what to do next.

"Collect money from her. What are you waiting for?" Jiang Chen said, amused.

"Why should I pay?" Jiang Moliang said in anger.

"She is my practicing resource. I don't think she is too much for me to use," Jiang Chen said, seemingly serious.

The girl showed a gloomy smile. She had lost her will to fight.

"Shame on you."

Jiang Moliang sworn in a low voice. Then she came up to the old woman. She said, "Go to the Tongtian Bank to get your money."

She took out a bank note as she spoke. Then she wrote a number on it.

"No. No. You don't have to."

To her surprise, the old woman shook her hands immediately. She said, "Miss Jiang, I can't take your money. Even if I take it, it will go back to the Jiangs in the end."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Moliang was confused. She didn't know what the woman was implying.

However, Jiang Chen reacted quickly. He said intentionally, "Of course. Don't you know it? It's the Jiangs who are supporting the Fairy Maiden Bar."

"Shut up!" Jiang Moliang certainly knew he was lying, but the Fairy Maiden Bar didn't.

Seeing Jiang Chen know something, the old woman thought he was influential in the Jiangs. So, she said, trying to curry favor with him, "Young Master Jiang, you like someone else? Just tell me. I guarantee you will be satisfied."


Jiang Chen didn't respond. He burst out laughing, seeing Jiang Moliang's face. Her expression looked interesting.

Then he helped the girl put on some clothes, and left with her.

"Come to find me when you straighten this out."

Seeing Jiang Moliang totally petrified, Jiang Chen knew she hadn't realized anything yet. He shook his head helplessly.


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