The Brilliant Fighting Master
724 Fairy Maiden Bar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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724 Fairy Maiden Bar

Jiang Chen was confused by Jiang Moliang's reaction.

However, she didn't answer him, since she thought Jiang Chen had just been playing dumb.

Then, they heard some rhythmic footsteps coming from the center of the room.

A group of girls walked out barefoot. They were wearing very few clothes and very heavy makeups which were not very appropriate for their ages.

They all looked worried and uneasy. Some of them even looked insensitive.

At the sight of them, Jiang Chen finally realized what place this was.

He kind of understood why that man had said that to him.

It wouldn't disappoint any man indeed.

He also realized why that man had asked about the relation between Jiang Moliang and him. If they were a couple, she, as a Celestial Venerable, could destroy this place.

Jiang Chen had wanted to explain, but the way Jiang Moliang behaved made him give up the idea.

He found another incredible thing when he was about to leave.

All of these girls were in the Reaching Heaven State!

However, at the moment they didn't look like practicers at all. If Jiang Chen hadn't thrown them a second glance, he would have thought they were just some average hookers.

Then, after observing them more closely, he found more suspicious things about them.

One of the girls had bruises on her body. Although she had tried to cover them with pressed powder, they were still visible.

"What are you waiting for?!"

The elder woman beside them said to them in an unkind tone.

"Nice to meet you, misters."

These girls saluted in a mechanical manner. In a loud but emotionless voice, they sounded hollow and empty.

"Cut the crap. Let's just start."

An impatient young voice came out of the room opposite to Jiang Chen's.

"Okay. Okay."

The old woman showed a smile. She said very quickly, "Welcome to visit the Fairy Maiden Bar. As always, these girls are all virgins without any sexual experiences. All of them were in the Reaching Heaven State. So, they will be perfect for practicing or having fun with."

There were always places like the Fairy Maiden Bar in the Treasure City. It had incited many criticisms.

That was why everything was so secret. The staff here didn't want anyone to sabotage their business.

They would rather take such a great risk because it was very profitable.

No one knew where they had found these girls, but the profit the Fairy Maiden Bar could make from them was dozens of times of the cost.

"You really did a horrible thing. What did you do to these pretty young girls? Look at their makeups. They are so gross. Remove their makeups."

A voice came from another room.

It was noteworthy that this voice sounded very old. It wasn't hard to imagine the man sitting in there was old enough to be these girls' grandpa.

And obviously, these girls were trembling.

Even in such a terrible situation, they still hoped at least they would be bought by a good man.

"Sure! Sure! Of course!"

The woman didn't have the nerve to say no, since she was only a Reaching Heaven State herself.

Soon, someone brought a basin of water to take the girls' makeups off.

That being said, they did look better after removing the makeups.

Jiang Chen noticed Jiang Moliang was even angrier at the sight of this scene.

As a woman, she couldn't put up with it at all.

"Let's start then," the old woman announced.

The girl standing on the leftmost got leered at as soon as she took a step forward.

"My name is Fang Jiahui. I'm from the Flying flow Wilderness. Except me, all of my family members were killed by the family's enemy. I'm the only one who managed to escape. However, I don't have any way to make a living here. Misters, please take me out of here," she said.

It was hard to tell whether her story was true or false.

If it was true, she was doing this of her own free will. She wasn't obliged to do anything.

"Disgusting!" Jiang Moliang said coldly.

The way she behaved put Jiang Chen worried. He was afraid that she would do something involuntarily and get them into unnecessary troubles.

He said, "With your background, you certainly can't sympathize with her. Do you want to deprive her of the last chance to survive just for your lofty ideal?"

"She is in the Reaching Heaven State. And she isn't disabled. She could have found something better than this to do. Why did she have to come here?" Jiang Moliang wasn't convinced.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He knew with her background she wouldn't be persuaded no matter what he said.

Soon, the girl called Fang Jiahui was bought by the youngster in the room opposite to his.

What was interesting was, when the deal had been done and the curtain of the room had been pulled open, they saw the youngster's face.

He was very young, handsome and noble. He had two attendants, both of whom were Celestial Venerables, standing behind him.

"Crawl over to me. I promise you will spend the rest of your life carefree," he said.

"Thank you, young master."

Fang Jiahui didn't hesitate. She even looked happy. She crawled on all fours into the young man's room.

The other girls didn't show disdain for her. On the contrary, they felt envious.

Jiang Chen turned to look at Jiang Moliang. She was certainly extremely angry.

"Shame on her!"

After a short while, Jiang Moliang looked disdainful. Without feeling any pity for these girls, she despised them from the bottom of her heart.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. He just shrugged his shoulders.

He would never try very hard to persuade others or change others' views regarding something, because he didn't bother to.

"There are women like this because there are men like you." Although Jiang Moliang couldn't tell what was on his mind from his expression, she could perceive his contempt and scorn for her.

"Whatever. But remember one thing. The fact you are here doesn't mean you have the right to criticize me."

Jiang Chen lifted his chin. Staring at her, he said, "Understood? If not, you can go back to the Jiangs now."

Jiang Moliang's chest obviously heaved up and down quickly. Her look turned sharp.

"Understood." But in the end, she swallowed her pride.

Outside their room, the auction was still going on. The youngster in the opposite room bought the second and the third girl, too.

And he competed against the old man who had asked to remove the girls' makeups every time to bid for them.

Seeing there were only three girls left, the old man said unhappily, "Young man, don't go too far."

"Too far? You think this is too far?"

The curtain of the young man's room had been pulled open, so everyone could see him sitting there unconcernedly. He said in an arrogant tone, "Let me show you what is going too far!"

Then the two Celestial Venerables behind him jumped into the old man's room like two shot arrows immediately.

In the next few seconds, a series of shocking muffled sound came from the room.

In the end, a man was thrown into the room. It was a white-haired old man, a Spiritual Venerable. He was almost beaten to death by the two Celestial Venerables.

"Listen up! I will take all of the girls today. Don't you try to compete against me." From his room, the young man glanced over each separate room.

No one had the nerve to say anything in the presence of the two Celestial Venerables.

In the end, it was the staff of the Fairy Maiden Bar who helped the old man go back to his room.

"Let's continue."

Another girl came forward right away. Different from the other girls, she was struggling. Then all of a sudden, she said, "Misters, I am from a desolate land. I ran away with my fiancé. But he played up to a young lady from an aristocratic family as soon as we arrived in the Eight Divinities Territory. Then he sold me here. I didn't want to come here. Please help me. I want to go back to my home!"

This girl was the one Jiang Chen had seen with bruises.


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