The Brilliant Fighting Master
723 Treasure City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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723 Treasure City

Jiang Moliang looked very cold. Her pretty eyes were extremely sharp.

However, Jiang Chen was amused by her reaction.

"Why do you have to make things so difficult for both of us?" she said.

"Should I kill myself then?" Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Moliang didn't speak, but she apparently agreed with Jiang Chen's self-mockery.

You will die anyway. That was what was on her mind, but she certainly wouldn't speak it out.

"If you think I'm a bad person, listen up. I am a bad person, and I am your Jiangs' nightmare," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

Jiang Moliang wasn't affected. She only thought Jiang Chen ignorant and funny after hearing this from him.

"You'll end up badly if you go against the Jiangs."

It went on like this for a while. Neither of them would give in. Then Jiang Moliang said, "The Jiangs won't go against the blood oath, either."

"You'd better not."

Her facial expression told Jiang Chen that she didn't want to argue anymore.

They had different standpoints. Besides, Jiang Moliang was proud to be a member of the Jiangs.

She didn't think the Jiangs were average people.

The Jiangs were noble, while someone like Jiang Chen was quite humble.

There was no right or wrong between them. One of them was strong, while the other was weak. That was all.

This was the way she saw the world.

It was unacceptable for her that Jiang Chen was threatening the Jiangs with the blood oath.

She didn't bother to argue with someone like him.

The only way to prove to her how vulnerable and shameless the Jiangs were was through action and facts.

The two kept flying. Soon, the Treasure City showed up at the horizon.

Since they were flying in the air, they hadn't noticed the increase of altitude.

The Treasure City was situated on a plateau, where the landscape was extremely beautiful. The buildings in the city also looked very exotic.

According to the information Jiang Chen had collected, the Treasure City was a city for business.

Chambers of commerce were everywhere. Most of the habitants were businessmen.

It was because the Treasure City was located on the borders of several huge forces.

In peaceful days, the city wasn't under the threat of wars. Instead, thanks to its unique geographical advantage, it became a very renowned city.

There was a saying in the Three Middle Realms.

"Whatever you need, go to the Treasure City. If you can't find it in the Treasure City, you won't be able to find it anywhere in the Three Middle Realms."

However, the Treasure City wasn't perfect. All kinds of people, good or bad, were gathering here, and there were no proper regulations to constrain them.

The city was full of counterfeits and imitations.

In the Treasure City, a useless elixir could be sold as a super-class panacea.

Jiang Moliang saw Jiang Chen land on a street in the city. She involuntarily wanted to warn him.

It would be better to go to a big chamber of commerce in the city. It would be more expensive, but at least they were trustable.

However, it suddenly occurred to her that it was the Jiangs' money that Jiang Chen would spend, so she decided not to intervene in whatever he would do.

If Jiang Chen bought a useless elixir of bad quality and got killed by it, it would be the best for her.

However, Jiang Moliang also wondered if she knew it was a useless elixir and didn't stop him from taking it, whether it would go against the blood oath.

Soon, she realized she had been overthinking.

According to the information she had got, this Young Master Wind was a Heaven Alchemist. If he failed to recognize a useless elixir, the authenticity of his identity would be a pending question.

Some vendors came up to Jiang Chen with open arms as soon as he landed on the crowded street. They asked him what he needed.

Jiang Chen didn't speak. He just kept smiling. Whatever he said, these vendors would tell him they had it, because they were collaborating with each other, helping each other sell stuffs.

They certainly didn't do it for free. They would get commissions for everything they sold.

So, it would be better for Jiang Chen to find a shop which sold the things he wanted. In this way, he wouldn't have to pay the commission.

Jiang Chen didn't buy anything. He only wanted to see whether he would find any treasure beyond expectation.

There were many goods here. He almost checked all of them.

Following him, Jiang Moliang wasn't very happy. She looked so cold that none of the vendors had the nerve to speak to her.

He must be a young master of an aristocratic family.

Watching Jiang Chen from behind, people thought.

Not any person could have the protection of a Celestial Venerable like Jiang Moliang.

Even though Jiang Chen had reached the other end of the street, he didn't see anything he was interested in.

The fragments of the bronze cauldron didn't react, either.

Jiang Chen was kind of disappointed, although he knew the odd to find what he wanted just by coincidence was quite small.

At the thought of the bronze cauldron, he involuntarily thought of Tang Shiya.

It was from her that he got the second bronze fragment.

"Mister, are you interested in some good stuff?"

Jiang Chen was about to leave the street, when a sneaky man came up to him to speak to him in a tempting tone.

"What good stuff?" Jiang Chen said curiously.

"You won't be disappointed, mister."

"Are you sure? Why are you so sure?"

Jiang Chen thought this guy had really talked big. The guy didn't even know what he was looking for, but he had the nerve to tell Jiang Chen the latter wouldn't be disappointed.

"You won't be disappointed, mister."

However, under his skeptical gaze, this guy guaranteed him again.

"What's the stuff?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"You'll know if you go with me." The man smiled, unwilling to tell him more.

"You see her?"

Patting this guy's shoulder, Jiang Chen pointed at Jiang Moliang with her arms crossed on chest. The guy stopped smiling.

"She is in her period, so she is in a very bad mood. If I find you're playing tricks with me, she will attack you with her sword," Jiang Chen said.

"She is Celestial Venerable?"

The man was given a good scare when he had recognized Jiang Moliang's state. He asked prudently, "Mister, may I ask what relation is between you?"

"Does it matter to you? She is my attendant," Jiang Chen said.

His answer set the man's mind at ease. He said, "Don't worry, mister. If you are disappointed, just let her cut my head off."

"Show me the way."

Jiang Chen decided to see what he had. He wondered what made the guy so confident.

"This way!"

The man walked ahead briskly.

Soon, he took Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang into a narrow alley.

Jiang Chen almost thought he would rob them, but he really didn't look like a robber.

Then, the man knocked on the door deepest in the alley. Three heavy knocks and three light knocks.

After his knocks, the door was open from inside, but it wasn't completely open. There was only a small opening, through which one could edge his way.

"Mister, this way." The man waved at him.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang glanced at each other. The latter didn't know what was happening, either.

Then, the two walked into the door. After climbing up a long stair, the view before them suddenly changed.

Jiang Chen wondered what good stuff such a shabby place could have.

However, after walking through a curtain, he found himself in a big room.

The decoration in the room was completely different from the outside. It was so gorgeous that the only word Jiang Chen could find to describe it was luxurious.

And there were many separate rooms. Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang were in one of them.

"The last guest has arrived. Let's start today's auction then." A gorgeously dressed woman appeared at the center of the room.

Jiang Moliang realized something. She said in anger, "You wanna buy this with the Jiangs' money?!"

"What do I wanna buy?" Jiang Chen was confused. He really didn't know what had happened.


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