The Brilliant Fighting Master
721 Regret and Pity
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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721 Regret and Pity

The original clan of the Jiangs was located in the most famous mountain of
the Eight Divinities Territory.
The whole mountain was covered with buildings. The mountain itself was like
a groundwork.
However, not densely dotted, the buildings in the mountain didn't crowd the
place. Instead, they were well-arranged. They had a magnificent and brilliant
Especially the palace erected at the peak. Tall and straight, it soared into the
In the palace, the chieftain of the Jiangs was discussing some important
matter with the influential members of the clan.
They almost quarreled with the Elixir Association because of Young Master
Wind. They had to talk about it in case more problems came up.
"The Elixir Fire Union isn't strong enough yet to provide us with the panaceas
we need, especially the breakthrough panaceas above class seven."
"We can't lose the support of the Elixir Association for the moment."
"No wonder the Elixir Association is so arrogant to us."
The chieftain of the Jiangs smiled at these arguments. He didn't take them
He said, "Even if we can't do without the Elixir Association, the Elixir
Association can't do any harm to us. The rise of the Elixir Fire Union is a sure
"What do you mean, chieftain?"
His subordinates looked towards him, waiting for his instruction.
"We'll continue the collaboration with the Elixir Association, but at the same
time, we should start to make useful contacts with the Elixir Fire Union. It's
necessary to get prepared for all kinds of situations."
Then something occurred to the Jiangs' chieftain. He said, "Has that Young
Master Wind acted?"
People thought Jiang Chen would take good use of every second to exploit
the Jiangs' resources.

However, he had stayed in Wing Prefecture for two weeks. People even
thought it was because he was afraid of the Jiangs' attack.
Coincidentally, a guy ran into the room in a hurry just after he had posed the
"Chieftain, important news has come from the Purple Cloud City. It's related to
Young Master Wind!"
"Oh? Has he acted? Tell me. Let's see how many of our resources this
Spiritual Venerable has consumed."
By then the Jiangs' chieftain still sounded quite relaxed.
The others in the room were also smiling, not taking Jiang Chen seriously at
Seeing how they were behaving, the messenger hesitated.
"Tell me," the Jiangs' chieftain said unhappily, frowning.
"Chieftain, Young Master Wind arrived in the Purple Cloud City five days ago.
According to Jiang Fan, in these five days, he has used up what the Purple
Cloud City earned over ten years' time," the messenger plucked up the
courage to tell them everything.
Unsurprisingly, those in the room started to shriek.
"No way!"
The Jiangs' chieftain rose to his feet. He said, "Didn't Jiang Fan listen to my

order? Young Master Wind can only ask for what he can consume!"
The others all looked towards the messenger, expecting his response.
"Chieftain, this is what Jiang Fan reported in person."
The messenger didn't have the courage to speak it out. He handed the
Jiangs' chieftain a piece of paper.
The chieftain opened it. His pupils constricted while reading it.
He sat down emotionlessly after a good while. Then he handed the paper to
the others.
"He plundered the spirits within a range of hundreds of miles?!"
"He refined some extremely good heaven elixirs!"

"Gosh. He used the Dreamy Soul Herbal just to keep his head clear so that he
could perform better?"
Jiang Fan had written down everything that had happened during the past five
He knew the thing wouldn't be simple when he had realized the metal fierce
beast was only for a single use.
"No wonder this Young Master Wind agreed."
"How many earnings has the Purple Cloud City made in these ten years?"
"Far less than a mega, but we should keep in mind he did this in only five
The Jiangs' important members in the room all joined the discussion. All of
them were given a scare.
Jiang Chen was like a bottomless hole, into which the Jiangs' wealth kept
"Shall we kill him?"
Someone proposed. They felt heartbroken for the loss of wealth.
However, no one responded. It was so quiet in the room. Everyone looked
towards the one who had spoken.
He seemed to have realized he had said something he shouldn't have said.
He ran to the center of the room immediately, and then knelt down before the
Jiangs' chieftain.
"Chieftain, I didn't mean it. I said it without thinking!"
"I don't want to hear such remarks anymore."
The Jiangs' chieftain said, "Young Master Wind must stay alive. Besides, you
should guarantee his safety as long as he is on the Jiangs' territory. Not one
hair of his head shall fall to the ground. Have I made it clear?"
He made the blood oath using his son as the bet because he was confident
no accident would occur.
"But chieftain, this is not the way on a long-term basis," someone said
"Why are you in such a hurry? Even if he has all kinds of practicing methods,
he must have a limit."

"He is just a hungry man eager for food after starving for so many years.
When his hunger is satisfied, when he has eaten too much, I don't believe he
will continue doing the same thing he did in the Purple Cloud City," the Jiangs'
chieftain said.
He did make sense. At least, he set the mind of those panicked men in the
room at rest.
"But sure, we can't allow him to do whatever he wants. We should charge
something from him, too," the Jiangs' chieftain said mysteriously all of a
On the other side, in the Purple Cloud City.
"Lord, thank you. I'll show myself out."
After five days' practice in the Purple Cloud City, Jiang Chen was leaving for
the next destination.
The whole city was wild with joy after getting the news.
However, they behaved like they didn't want him to go.
"No. I will feel bad if I can't see Young Master Wind off in person."
The lord Jiang Fan said with pity and a fake reluctance to say goodbye, "After
all, it's destiny that brought us together."
However, in fact, Jiang Fan was roaring to himself, Go away! Go away as
soon as possible! All of my wealth will be gone if you keep staying here."
Jiang Chen nodded. He was quite touched. He said, "If lord you don't want me
to go, I can stay here for a few more days. After all, there aren't so pure Rose
Gold Quicksands in other places!"
The group from the Mansion of the Lord was struck dumb by him right away.
"Nooo. Young Master Wind, we don't have many Rose Gold Quicksands left."
Jiang Fan showed a gloomy face right away. He wished he could slap himself
for what he had said.
"What a pity. I was going to teach you how to deploy the tactical formation to
plunder the spirits of the universe using Rose Gold Quicksand."
Jiang Chen looked full of pity, as if he really wanted to help these people
before him, but he couldn't.

Jiang Fan was struck dumb once again. If he knew that kind of method, the
Rose Gold Quicksands consumed during these days would be not worth
mentioning at all.
However, when he wanted to ask Jiang Chen to stay, the latter had flown into
the air.
"Thank you for your help, Purple Cloud City. I'll express my gratitude to you
after killing Jiang Zhe."
Jiang Fan and others were shocked and frightened by him. They pretended
they hadn't heard anything.
They didn't feel relieved until Jiang Chen had disappeared from the sight.
"He finally left. He finally left!"
"If he stays here for a month and a half, the Purple Cloud City will be
The people from the Mansion of the Lord and the citizens were full of joy.
They wished they could set off fireworks to celebrate for Jiang Chen's
They just couldn't put up with Jiang Chen anymore, however, they didn't have
the nerve to show it in his presence.
Because if Jiang Chen had wanted to stay for ten more days or two more
weeks, they wouldn't be able to say no to him. If that really happened, it would
be a great suffer for them.
After getting informed of Jiang Chen's departure, Jiang Fan ordered everyone
to treat him well and politely, so that he wouldn't change his mind.
"Lord, he should be heading for another city," the steward asked.
"It's none of my business. Whatever city he is going, as long as he won't use
the Purple Cloud City's resources, I will be fine with it," Jiang Fan said without


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