The Brilliant Fighting Master
720 A Single Use
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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720 A Single Use

Flying was many martial arts practicers' wish and goal before they even
started practicing.
Human beings had too many limitations. We spent our entire life living at the
bottom of the world. It wasn't exaggerated at all to say we were like frogs
living at the bottom of a well.
Not until some capable people had managed to find ways to fly was the
situation changed.
By then we could fly over sea or anywhere else.
We human beings had freed ourselves from the restriction of terrains. We
were at liberty.
However, it was dangerous to fly. High up in the sky, even grand Venerables
could die if they fell without any protections.
As a result, practicers had never stopped the quest for a safe and reliable way
to fly.
By then, they mainly consumed the spirits of the universe to fly, while their
own energies were only used as an additional help.
In this way, they wouldn't be exhausted easily. It also made in-air fights
At the moment Jiang Chen had drawn all of the spirits in this area away.
Those in the air had to rely on their own energies to fly. They felt so nervous
about it that they landed one by one in the end.
"What happened?!"
The lord Jiang Fan ran over in a hurry. He thought they had been attacked by
some enemy.
He was struck dumb after seeing Jiang Chen sitting on the square and
enjoying the endless nourishing of the spirits of the universe.
"What practice method is that?!"
Jiang Fan had never heard of such a method. He certainly knew there were
many great places for practicing, where practicers could usually yield twice
the result with half the effort.
The thing was such places were usually naturally formed.

It was impossible to copy them by human force. The best they could do was
to purify the spirits in a small area through spiritual stones and tactical
However, Jiang Chen turned his square into numerous people's dream place
for practicing.
The problem was the other people in the city were greatly affected since they
had lost the access to the spirits.
Things were even worse for some alchemists. Without the spirits, they
couldn't even finish the production of their panaceas.
Soon, many people gathered in the Mansion of the Lord.
They thought the lack of spirits was resulted from some big plan of the
Mansion of the Lord.
"I've never heard some force take all of the spirits of the universe for its own
The citizens came to protest with such an argument.
In fact, none of the forces could take all of the spirits of the universe for their
own use.
Jiang Fan was at a loss. He didn't know what to do.
Should he stop Jiang Chen?
That was apparently impossible.
The blood oath had made things quite clear -- limitless and unconditional.
As many as he could consume.
Fortunately, the whole Purple Cloud City belonged to the Jiangs. The Mansion

of the Lord acted in a tough manner. In the end, those troublemakers all
"Have you seen anything through?"
Jiang Fan asked the spiritual tactical formation master of the Mansion of the
"Obviously, he managed to plunder the spirits of the universe from here, but
not in a normal way. It needs lots of rare iron mines to do that."
The spiritual tactical formation master roughly knew what had happened.
Pointing at the giant metal beast on the square, he said, "This thing has been

mixed with Rose Gold Quicksand. That's how it has managed to withstand
such a great pressure."
"That's the reason that he has chosen the Purple Cloud City!" Jiang Fan said
in anger.
The Purple Cloud City was constructed here because there were abundant
mines underground!
He actually hasn't violated the blood oath.
Jiang Fan felt complicated when he had realized this.
I'm afraid chieftain has made a big mistake.
This Young Master Wind was only a Spiritual Venerable. What he was doing
was completely beyond expectation.
In fact, no one could really have anticipated it.
According to the spiritual tactical formation master, the resources consumed
by the metal fierce beast weren't what mattered the most. The technique
applied to it was more important.
At this moment, Jiang Chen was standing in the giant mouth of the metal
fierce beast.
The spirits of the universe were washing against him like a flood.
His divine body was absorbing them crazily and greedily. The Holy Pulses of
Nine Clouds in his body were greatly stimulated.
The whole Holy Sea of his was boiling.
The fierce beast below him was called Taotie. It symbolized gluttony.
This type of practicing method was really a luxury. It was even hardly used in
the Sacred Zone.
It was mostly used when practicers were working on the breakthrough of a
crucial state.
However, Jiang Chen didn't have to worry about anything. He didn't care a fig
about the Jiangs' resources.
He would use whatever method with the highest efficiency.
What he didn't expect was that he found his divine body had many flaws while
being washed against by the spirits.

Normally, it was impossible to find these flaws out. And they might not affect
him for his whole life.
However, things could always go wrong. Even ants could kill an elephant. No
one wanted any potential risks in their bodies.
Besides, once he fixed these small problems, his divine body would be perfect
and he would be greatly improved.
Tian Yin, you are wrong again. Even with the holy pulses, you can't go too
Some injures were inflicted because practicers broke through to Spiritual
Venerable from Martial Venerable in one month. The consecutive
breakthroughs and the activation of the divine body could cause damages to
their bodies.
In spite of their great strengths, potential risks were left in them.
These risks could be hardly perceived. Practicers could more or less adjust to
the influences brought by them.
In short, if we assume a person's status had 100 points, these injures could
reduce Jiang Chen's score to 80 or even 70 before he knew it, and he might
never know it.
When he became a grand Venerable or was in a higher state, there would be
no remedy at all.
His other injuries were caused in the Desolate Forbidden Land.
He was exposed to the Desolate Forbidden Land several times. And he even
stayed there for eight months once!
Although the flesh wounds had been healed, the internal damage was
Fortunately, I've realized this in time!
Jiang Chen took out his silver needles to insert their tips on his skin.
The turbulent spirits entered his body through the nine silver needles,
recovering his body little by little.
Soon, some white lights were emitted from him, just above his skin surface.
A flawless divine body!

Jiang Chen suddenly realized it. He was pleasantly surprised. Once he
achieved that state, he even might be able to confront a Celestial Venerable.
But sure, only some average Celestial Venerables.
"What a great disturbance."
In the eyes of those from the Mansion of the Lord, the spirits of the universe
were rich enough to be observed by naked eyes. And since they were
gathering together, they looked like an air pillar connecting the sky and the
Jiang Chen was at the bottom of the pillar, emitting white lights.
Although no one had any idea what was happening, they all knew it wouldn't
be something simple.
Many people felt envious. They wondered what it would feel like to practice in
the air pillar.
Finally, half an hour later, the anomalies disappeared. The drawing of spirits
finally stopped.
The thin spirits over the Purple Cloud City were recovering slowly.
Jiang Chen stopped emitting those white lights. When he had opened his
eyes, the entire universe seemed to be hiding in them.
He had got a flawless divine body.
He felt fantastic.
He looked at his hands while extending them. Slowly, his face lit up with joy.
"Lord, please get the same things prepared before tomorrow. And the spiritual
herbals listed on this piece of paper, too."
Then, flying into the air, Jiang Chen said to Jiang Fan.
"What? You want more?!"
The consumption of those resources had made Jiang Fan's heart ache. By
then he was greatly surprised again. He hurried to look towards the square,
and saw the metal fierce beast turning into a pile of sands and disappearing in
the wind.
"It's only for a single use?!" Jiang Fan shrieked.


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