The Brilliant Fighting Master
719 Purple Cloud City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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719 Purple Cloud City

Purple Cloud City, Eight Divinities Territory.

This city was almost as big as the Fire Wing City, but instead of being under the control of various forces, it belonged to the Jiangs alone!

As a result, there was a Mansion of the Lord in the city, governed by the direct line of descent from the Jiangs.

The citizens here had certainly heard about what had happened before.

So, when the news had come that Jiang Chen would arrive here, the whole city went into an uproar.

"I thought he wouldn't come."

"He is really brave, since he doesn't have the protection from the Elixir Association."

"He certainly doesn't need any protection. Even we Jiangs can't kill him. Otherwise who knows what will happen to Young Master Jiang Zhe."

The local people were in a heated discussion.

The Jiangs' black-armored guards didn't even dare stop Jiang Chen when he entered the city, since none of them wanted to be the person to result in Jiang Zhe's death.

"Young Master Wind? He has come here?"

In the Mansion of the Lord, the lord Jiang Fan was surprised to hear the news, too. He was a member of the direct line of descent from the Jiangs. Jiang Zhe should call him uncle.

He didn't expect Jiang Chen to come here.

The Eight Divinities Territory covered a vast land. Even the ten prefectures all together couldn't be compared to one territory.

In fact, it was the same with each territory of the Nine Territories.

As a result, big forces had set up divisions everywhere to monopolize each resource.

"Yeah, I know. I thought he would go to the original clan directly," the steward who had come to inform Jiang Fan of the news said. He was also confused.

"The chieftain has ordered us to collaborate with him unconditionally. We just need to follow his order. I'm curious to see how many resources this Young Master Wind can grab from us."

Jiang Fan smiled coldly, stroking his long beard.

In this way, when Jiang Chen had arrived at the Mansion of the Lord, he was invited into the main hall as a distinguished guest.

Jiang Fan said, "Young Master Wind, it's really a surprise that you've come to our city to start your practice. As the chieftain said, whatever you want, please feel free to tell us."

After such a great gesture, the lord added, "But certainly, according to the blood oath, the resources you will use should be consumed as quickly as possible so that nothing will be wasted."

With this precondition, Jiang Chen wouldn't be able to consume all of the Jiangs' wealth, since he was restricted by his consuming ability.

"No problem. These are the materials I need. Please get them prepared," Jiang Chen handed him a piece of paper.

The smile on Jiang Fan's face was gone when he had seen what was written on the paper. Rising to his feet, he said emotionally, "Young Master Wind, you're not joking with us, are you?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Fan rolled his eyes. He said, "I'm afraid we don't have everything you want here."

"Mr. Lord, how dare you!"

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, "I investigated before coming here. I not only know you have them, but also know where you're keeping them. Are you fudging the issue? Great. I'll go back right away without using any of the Jiangs' resources. Don't regret when the blood oath takes effect and Jiang Zhe dies due to it."

Then Jiang Chen stood up to leave.

"Hold on, Young Master Wind. I just forgot. We have them. We do have all of them. The thing is, can you use all of those resources?" Jiang Fan hurried to say.

"How will you prove I can't use all of them? This is something we can only discuss later. Do you think I would take the risk of a blood oath to deceive you?"

Gnashing his teeth, Jiang Fan said, "Okay. Okay! I'll send some people to prepare them. You will have them by the dusk."

"I don't have so much time. Bring them to me before the noon."

Jiang Chen said coldly, "Remember. Limitless and unconditional. If you make things difficult for me, it's not me who will die."

"Okay. Before noon. It's a deal," Jiang Fan said coldly. His smile had been completely gone.


When the resources were brought to Jiang Chen, three people appeared before him at the same time.

They were two men and a woman, all of whom were Celestial Venerables. They all looked unkind.

"These three are our tactical formation master, alchemist and martial arts techniques instructor."

The steward of the Mansion of the Lord said to him, "They'll examine how you use these resources. If there is anything against the blood oath..."

"The blood oath will take effect automatically," Jiang Chen cut in.

"Just in case. It's just in case." The steward put on a false smile.

At this moment, the instructor said, "I see Rose Gold Quicksand in your list. As far as I know, it can't be used to practice."

Its name already told its use. It was usually used to build things. If taken orally, the consequence would be severe.

"Limitless and unconditional. I don't have the responsibility to explain these things to you," Jiang Chen said.

The instructor was also a hot-tempered man. He said, "Dude, what do you think the Jiangs are? You think you can go amuck here?"

The instructor wasn't a member of the Jiangs, but he was proud of working for the Jiangs. He certainly wouldn't put up with such a guy before him.

"If you are unhappy with me, try to drive me away."

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said, "If you are not afraid that Jiang Zhe can die."

The instructor cooled down immediately. He even felt frightened when he thought about the consequences his reaction could bring.

"All of them are here. Start now."

What these three cared about most was how Jiang Chen would use the Rose Gold Quicksand.

It was exactly because of the rare and valuable mines the city had that Jiang Chen had chosen to come here.

For them, it was a daylight robbery, since the amount he asked for would take them several months to exploit.

They would like to see how Jiang Chen would use all of them alone!

As Jiang Chen requested, the three flew into the air to watch him busy with his things on the square of the Mansion of the Lord.

In Jiang Chen's flame and under the puppets' hammers, those expensive materials turned into all kinds of tools.

By the dusk, the look of the square had completely changed. There was a fierce beast made of all kinds of mines on the ground.

"Hey, is this really a material for practicing? Are you treating the Jiangs' materials like trash?"

"How shallow the people living in this era are. You don't even know what this is."

Jiang Chen didn't bother to explain. He pressed the start button.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Soon, with a deep roar, the metal fierce beast on the square opened its giant mouth, as if it had come to life.

It seemed it was going to devour everything with its giant mouth. After tumbling for some time over the Purple Cloud City, clouds gathered there.

Without any sign, a hurricane started. The people there, totally unprepared, went into a panic.

And all of these started from the square.

"You're courting death!"

The three people in the air thought Jiang Chen was playing a trick. The instructor was going to launch an attack.

"What are you going to do? You'll get young master killed! You, a stupid man outside the family!"

The steward hurried to run over. He stopped the instructor, and even gave the latter a slap.

The pride in relation to the Jiangs the instructor had instantly disappeared.

Then, those of the Mansion of the Lord found no damage had been caused. It was nothing else than a great disturbance.

While they were feeling puzzled, they were surprised to see the spirits of the universe sweeping towards the square with the anomalies they were seeing.

The Purple Cloud City wasn't the only place that had been affected. The spirits of the universe within a range of hundreds of miles around the city had all been drawn over.

They were drawn to the same place, the square.

The others couldn't enjoy the spirits anymore, and they even lost them. As a result, they couldn't even practice!

Those flying in the air also found they were consuming their own energies.


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