The Brilliant Fighting Master
718 Teacher and Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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718 Teacher and Master

After the Jiang family's troops left, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event came to end in advance.

Tian Ling also felt like she was really meddling in other people's business, but as long she thought about her aspiration, she would be fearless, and wouldn't dread anything.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's objective was getting more divine pieces of arts, as well as improving youngsters' martial techniques, and she wouldn't care about anything as long as she could let it develop to such a point.

"Young Master Feng, Jiang Zhe is too powerful, so you must be careful.

It would be useless to say anything now as a Blood Oath was already set, and she could only encourage him.

"Miss Tian Ling, thank you for your help today," Jiang Chen said earnestly.

He would always bear in mind anyone, who helped him, as such people were quite rare, and he must treasure them.

"It's me, who spoke irresponsibly, or else, we could have used the two divine pieces of art to exempt you from taking such a duel," Tian Ling said regretfully.

"Even if it was possible, I won't really be willing to take." Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously, before he spoke again without waiting for Tian Ling's reply, "I'm already satisfied with such an outcome.

"Okay." Tian Ling was slightly curious about this, but she knew that they weren't close enough for her to ask about this matter.

She gave him a meaningful glance, before she went back to the courtyard.

"Come with us."

The Elixir Association's Great Venerable brought Jiang Chen with him, left all people's line of sight, and went into a mountain outside of the city.

Yang Jingchi stood on the peak of the mountain, while clasping his hands behind his back, and looking at the city.

"Seniors, many thanks for your help," Yang Jingchi spoke to the three Great Venerables.

"I really can't thank you enough for saving my life, and I will surely pay back the Elixir Association," Jiang Chen said.

"You should first survive the Title Battle before considering it."

The Great Venerable was slightly reproachful of him, and he felt like Jiang Chen shouldn't have agreed, and if worse came to worst, they had just to fight, but it was a pity that he was young and rash, and fell into the Jiang family's trap.

"Senior, you can set your mind at ease, I'm confident in it," Jiang Chen said.

"Well?" The Great Venerable was slightly surprised it, but he suddenly recalled something, and shook his head.

Confidence was one thing, while achieving it was another different matter. He already considered the disparity between him and Jiang Zhe, and surmounting it was extremely difficult.

The Great Venerables left afterward, while Yang Jingchi looked at him, as a wooden box appeared in his hand. He said, "There is your identity badge as a Heaven Alchemist in it, as well some gifts from the Elixir Association."

Jiang Chen received it, but didn't open it, and just held it in his hand, as he knew that Yang Jingchi had something else to say.

"Do you really plan to defeat Jiang Zhe in the Title Battle?" Yang Jingchi asked.

"It seems like you don't believe that I can achieve it," Jiang Chen spoke weakly.

"Do you know Jiang Zhe?" Yang Jingchi took a look at him, and asked.

"No, I heard of him for the first time today," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

Yang Jingchi furrowed his brows. He was still confident even though this was the case, it could be really described as... Foolish.

"However, I knew well myself, so the Elixir Association doesn't need to worry about me."

"Sigh!" Yang Jingchi was still pessimistic, and he extended his hand, and patted Jiang Chen's shoulder. He said, "Even if we are obliged to start a war, we can still protect you."

"I agreed because I don't want a bloodbath to be sparked in the Elixir Association due to me," Jiang Chen said.

"Well?" Yang Jingchi didn't expect this. If Jiang Chen really considered this matter, he was still worthy of respect.

"When do you plan to go the Jiang family? Moreover, what will you do if the Jiang family hid its resources?" Yang Jingchi asked.

"I have my own means," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

By daybreak, the matter, which occurred in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, quickly spread in the Wing Prefecture, before it spread to the Ten Prefectures and Nine Territories.

By the next day's noon, even the Sacred Zone got such news.

All people were happy to witness such a lively matter, and it was especially since many matters about this affair were worthy of praise, and each of them was a gossip topic, which people could use for a long time.

Like for example the fact that the Heavenly Fault Sword wasn't lost in the Forbidden Desolate Land, as well as the fact that Young Master Feng could make two divine pieces of art even though he was still just a Spiritual Venerable.

Many people didn't believe this matter because the divine pieces of art were destroyed, and one couldn't just trust people words.

Even though Tian Ling guaranteed it, but since she protected Young Master Feng wholly while facing the Jiang family, people felt that they didn't have a simple relationship between them.

As for the people, who were present in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, on the day, they were even more untrustworthy, as they were all from the Wing Prefecture.

Moreover, the affair, which people paid close attention to, was still the Title Battle.

Young Master Feng, who a middle stage Spiritual Venerable, would fight against Jiang Zhe, who was an apex Celestial Venerable. Regardless of which person informed them of this matter, they would still found it just laughable, however, both sides already set a Blood Oath for it.

The matter, which Jiang Zhe was the most worried about, occurred. All people found the fact he set a Blood Oath along with a Spiritual Venerable quite amusing.

Even though people, who didn't have any rancor against him, wouldn't disparage him due to it, but when they put Jiang Zhe's previous image and fame in the picture, they all found a great discrepancy in this.

As for Young Master Feng, they all took him for a joke, and a laughing stock.

A Heaven Alchemist was really amazing, but it was too stupid for him to go to participate in the Title Battle.


Jiang Chen was still in the city family, and didn't go into the Jiang family.

Along with each passing day, he would lose a day, where he could enjoy the Jiang family's rich resources, but he was still not anxious at all.

He asked Li Bai to help him purchase all kinds of strange objects, before he started manufacturing spirit treasures, which the Heaven Martial Arts Club's people couldn't make a sense out of them.

What was worth mentioning was since they knew that he was a Heaven Alchemist, the Heaven Martial Arts Club didn't deal with Li Bai, and if it wasn't due to the Title Battle's matter, Li Bai's situation might have even turned for the better.

The Heaven Martial Arts Club was now just waiting for the outcome patiently.

"I will just risk everything!" Li Bai didn't have a choice, and he could only hope that Jiang Chen could defeat Jiang Zhe.

Moreover, Jiang Chen was still just a victim in this matter, and according to reason, he must stand in his side.

After half a month, when Jiang Chen was just about to leave, he said to Li Bai, "Cultivate properly. When you reach the late stage of Celestial Venerable Realm, I will refine for you a Heaven Elixir, which can increase your odds of advancing into the Great Venerable Realm."

When he heard him, Li Bai became excited like as if he was just injected by chicken blood. His efforts in the last half a month didn't go in vain.

Once Jiang Chen won the Title Battle, his fate would also go through a drastic change.

"You must surely win." Li Bai harbored such a wish, as he bid farewell to Jiang Chen.

When he left the city, he found Ji Yinyi, and Ji Ruxue, waiting for him there

Ji Yinyi's mission of protecting him already came to end, moreover, it was also not suitable for Ji Yinyi to stay with him due to the Jiang family's matter.

Ji Yinyi planned to stay in the Wing Prefecture, and try to achieve a breakthrough before the Title Battle. She took such a decision because her younger sister would start her career as a Spirit Alchemist in the Wing Prefecture.

"Teacher." Ji Ruxue looked at him, smiled sweetly, and passed him a brocaded box.

When Jiang Chen received it, and took a look at it, he found a breakthrough spirit grade pill in it.

"Teacher, what do you think?" Ji Yinyi asked.

"Not bad, it isn't like all people can make a breakthrough spirit pill this quickly," Jiang Chen took a look at the spirit pill, and praised her.

Ji Ruxue's face became radiant with Delight.

"However, you shouldn't have started from breakthrough spirit pills' path from the beginning, and you must first make a large amount of cultivation spirit pills, and it's only when you odd of success reach ninety-five percent can you start making breakthrough spirit pills of the same grade."

Jiang Chen immediately wore a solemn expression, and spoke.

"But I will waste too much time like this," Ji Ruxue furrowed her brows, and spoke.

"I'm your teacher, nor your master, you can choose to listen to me, and you can also choose to ignore it, as in any case, it doesn't matter whether you get low or high achievements in the future," Jiang Chen spoke slowly.


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