The Brilliant Fighting Master
717 Two Trillion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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717 Two Trillion

The divine piece of art, which appeared once in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, startled all Three Middle Realms.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute brought the divine piece of art with it, and started its journey once again, but all people swarmed at it before it arrived at each place, and a sea of talented people appeared there, and this matter was still retold even now.

It was a pity that in the third station, the Martial Emperor appeared, and stated that the divine piece of art wasn't something, which could display this carelessly, as if an accident occurred, it would be a great loss.

It must be known that divine pieces of art couldn't be duplicated, and even its creator couldn't make an identical one again, thus, the Martial Emperor collected it, and bid a trillion upper-grade yuan stones for it.

It was a trillion upper-grade yuan stones.

It caused then a great sensation in Three Middle Realms, and all experts of such arts went crazy, and tried to make a divine piece of art to sell it.

Jiang Chen's two divine pieces of art were destroyed on this day, and the Jiang family must pay two trillion upper-grade yuan stones as compensation.

"It isn't limited to just such an amount, since the divine pieces of art were made by the same person, and they are a piece of calligraphy and painting, their prices shouldn't be summarized, but multiplied." Tian Ling still felt that such a price was too low.

"You are trying to rip us off."

The Jiang family's Great Venerable spoke angrily, "The Martial Emperor didn't give that person a trillion upper-grade yuan stones, and it was just a strategy used by him."

His words were still reasonable, as it was difficult to set a fixed price for objects like painting and a piece of calligraphy.

The Martial Emperor promised him a trillion, but he didn't give it to that person, and he paid him in another way.

"Are you implying that the Martial Emperor swindled that person, and took his divine piece of art?"

Tian Ling was even more proactive in this matter than Jiang Chen. She said, "The Martial Emperor didn't give him a trillion, but the divine piece of art's creator can still get his teachings for no condition, and he also got his cultivation method, and Martial Doctrine's inheritance."

The Jiang family's Great Venerable's face became as dark as ashes when he heard her.

"If you don't have any problem with it, you can also give Jiang Chen similar privileges, and let him use all of your Jiang family's resources," Tian Ling spoke once again after she calmed down.

"Okay, my Jiang family can promise to offer all of our cultivation methods and resources to him until the start of the Title battle."

The Jiang Family's Master didn't want them to exploit the loophole in his words, and he spoke again, "It's in the premise that Jiang Chen can consume them, and he must immediately cultivate and consume all resources requested by him."

The Jiang family was after all still the Jiang family.

People couldn't help but sigh inwardly when they heard him.

Even though it seemed quite alluring, but he had just half a year before him, and even if Jiang Chen did his utmost, he couldn't consume more than half a trillion of

upper-grade yuan stones.

"Shameless!" Tian Ling saw through the Jiang family's aims, and couldn't help but curse them inwardly.

"It's quite fair, and although the Jiang family can't rival the Martial Emperor, but unlike him, it's comprehensive in all aspects," the Jiang Family's Master spoke proudly.

The Elixir Association's Great Venerable spoke at this moment, "How can we carry it out? If we just let him go into your Jiang family's territory, who knew whether you won't hide all of your precious resources?"

"This is related to many matters, and if we don't carry it, we can only fight," the Jiang Family's Master spoke softly. He was serious this time, and it wasn't just a bluff like before.

The Jiang Family's Master spoke again, "Take a Blood Oath. I don't want you to run away after half a year."

"You should also take it, and we should both take a Blood Oath," as Jiang Chen spoke, he extended his finger, and pointed at Jiang Zhe. He said, "Take it!"

He didn't want to let the Jiang family just choose some nobody to take such an oath.

"Do you want me to take a Blood Oath along with you? Are you sure you aren't just cracking a joke?" Jiang Zhe's was questioning whether someone like Jiang Chen was qualified to set a Blood Oath along with him.

"It will be either you, or your father, or else, we will just fight." Jiang Chen spoke while copying the Jiang Family's Master's previous speech.

"This guy!"

The Jiang Family's Master realized that Jiang Chen wasn't simple and easy, and he looked at his son. He said, "Jiang Zhe, take it!"


Jiang Zhe wasn't willing. He didn't want to stand in the same position as a Spiritual Venerable in any matter.

The Jiang Family's Master had no choice but transmit his voice to him, "Did you forget that he's a Heaven Alchemist? His status isn't any lower than you."

Jiang Zhe was left without a choice, and he could only agree.

The oath's details were decided by Jiang Chen, and he didn't leave any loophole, which the Jiang family could use.

If any of them died due to the other before the start of the Title Battle, the Blood Oath would take effect, thus, the Jiang family was still obliged to ensure his safety, or else, Jiang Zhe would die along with him.

The Jiang Family's Master didn't accept it immediately, and he stated that he could ensure his safety, but if he sought death by himself, he couldn't then blame the Jiang family.

As for what was considered 'seeking death', Jiang Chen made a list of dozens of ones, thus, when they were taking the oath, they both seemed like they were reading a book, and they used several minutes to read it completely.

In the end, the Blood Oath was set up in each person's body.

"I welcome you to come to the Jiang family to cultivate at any times," the Jiang Family's Master spoke resentfully.

He couldn't do anything with the Blood Oath set by Jiang Chen in effect. Even though there were still some ambiguous parts in it, but he wouldn't play with his son's life, and risk it.

"Jiang Chen, what will you do if the Jiang family keep Jiang Zhe in the dark, and attacked you?" Ji Yinyi asked worryingly.

The Blood Oath was set just in Jiang Zhe's body, and as long as he didn't take part in it, and wasn't aware of it, they could attack him at any time.

"The Blood Oath is extremely powerful, and even though it wouldn't take effects if Jiang Zhe wasn't aware of anything when I die, but as long as he suspected that it's done by the Jiang family, the Blood Oath can then take effects at any time, and such a process can go for dozens of years."

"The Jiang Family's Master won't let his son live the rest of his life in fear."

The Jiang Family's Master's aim was the Divine Martial Trial, which would be carried in the Title Battle, but, if there was a loophole, which they could use, they might still attack him before it, but since it wasn't present, they wouldn't take any risks.

"This means that you will really go to the Jiang family?"

"Why wouldn't I go to it? I can use their resources without restraints." When Jiang Chen thought up to here, he couldn't help but sneer coldly. The Jiang family really looked down upon his capabilities.

He couldn't just consume resources worth two trillion upper-grade yuan stones, he could even consume ten trillion.

"You are like a horrid and irksome stain on clothes, which will disappear eventually, and won't leave any traces behind." Jiang Zhe's attitude toward Jiang Chen wasn't friendly at all.

It wasn't just because he killed a Jiang family's disciple, but also because Tian Ling protected him in such a way, and what was more critical was that they were both restricted by a Blood Oath.

He really didn't know what his father planned, and why did he let him bear such a humiliation.

"I wonder what will be your last thought after I use your Jiang family's resources to kill you?" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Zhe was taken aback by his words, and after he considered it, he found it really depressing, but it was still fortunate that this would never occur.

The Jiang family's troops left without achieving this day's objective, but it was an expected outcome since Jiang Chen was a Heaven Alchemist of the Elixir Association.

What was baffling was why was Jiang Chen a Heaven Alchemist, and how many secrets did this youngster hide?

Could he really defeat Jiang Zhe in the Title Battle half a year later?

"No, he won't defeat him, because he will be first killed by me." Young Master Shenji, who also in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, thought inwardly.

He wasn't sure whether he was really Jiang Chen, but even if he was just Young Master Feng, he must still kill him.


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