The Brilliant Fighting Master
716 The Price of a Divine Piece of Ar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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716 The Price of a Divine Piece of Ar

The Jiang family didn't plan to just bear this matter, as its prestige would be affected greatly then.

"Let's handle those matters one after the other."

The Elixir Association's Great Venerable wasn't surprised, and he was still fearless because he had backings.

The three Great Venerables looked at Jiang Chen without waiting for the Jiang family's people to respond.

As Jiang Chen walked forward, he took out the Heavenly Fault Sword from his Storage Spirit Artifact, and he unsheathed the sword before speaking.

Even in such a dark night without any light source, the Heavenly Fault Sword still shone with a bright color, and its radiance could even rival the bright moon.

"This is the Ancient Sword Sect's Ancient Sword," Jiang Chen spoke loudly.

It was obvious that all of this city's people knew that this was the sword, which had the highest chance for becoming a Doctrine Artifact.

"Wasn't it lost in a Forbidden Desolate Land?"

After the crowd got ever the shock, they were baffled.

Jiang Chen narrated the story from when he was in a small piece of Desolate Land, before he said, "After the Jiang family's five elements disciples found out that I had the Ancient Sword, they didn't care about my favor for protecting Lil Fan in the whole journey, and they hunted me for thousand miles, and forced me to enter the Forbidden Desolate Land."

"I managed to survive by luck, reached the Big Dipper Wilderness, and before coming into the Wing Prefecture, I discovered a Jiang family's disciple waiting there to kill me."

"I charged at him to bring him with me into the Forbidden Desolate Land."

As he spoke up to here, lightning flickered around his body, and he spoke while facing the crowd's baffled gazes, "I depended upon the lightning protection to survive by luck, while the other guy died in the Forbidden Desolate Land."

The story was this simple, and it was within everyone's expectation.

As a matter of fact, all of the Elixir Association's people were already aware that Jiang Chen was wronged before they even came here, or else, a Spiritual Venerable wouldn't risk his life, and try to kill a Jiang family's disciple.

However, they all didn't expect that such injustice was this great, and even though Jiang Chen's tone was calm, and there wasn't any anger apparent her face, but if anyone considered this matter from his position, he would be left infuriated.

Admiration for him couldn't help but well up in Tian Ling's heart after she heard the story behind this affair.

"Is it enough?" After he finished narrating it, the Elixir Association's Great Venerables looked at the face in the sky.

"My Jiang family's disciple died," the Jiang Family's Master said just such words, and he didn't try to defend himself with a preposterous argument.

"Are your Jiang family's disciples allowed to be lawless, out of control, and do anything they want, while disregarding all people's lives?" Tian Ling spoke in displeasure.

All of a sudden, the face in the sky went through another transformation, and it turned back into glowing energy, which formed a channel.

A middle-aged man walked out of it, and he had the same face as the Family Master witnessed by them a moment ago.

"Family Master!" All of Jiang family's troops here shouted at the same time.

"Father." Jiang Zhe called him in a different way than the others.

The Jiang Family's Master didn't care about them all, and he looked just at the Elixir Association's three Great Venerables.

"If you can't give me a satisfying reply, your Elixir Association should be prepared for protecting him forever," he said.

His words let the people, who assumed that this matter would calm down, realize that it still wouldn't be settled, and it would instead become graver.

"Then what your Jiang family want to do? Do you want us to gift him to you all, and let you kill him?"

The Elixir Association's people were also angered. They already heard about how overbearing was the Jiang family, but it was only through experiencing by themselves did they realize how tyrannical it was.

"Divine Martial Trial!" The three words uttered by the Jiang Family's Master surprised them. He extended his hand, pointed it at Jiang Zhe, and said, "Jiang Zhe, are you sure about it?"

Jiang Zhe didn't reply, as he suspected whether he misheard him. Did he want him to deal with Jiang Chen? It was obviously like using a machete to slaughter chickens

"This is too overboard," Tian Ling spoke in displeasure. She was aware of how powerful was Jiang Zhe, and even Young Master Shenji could easily kill Jiang Chen now, while Jiang Zhe could easily kill Young Master Shenji.

Jiang Zhe wasn't just the ten provinces' man of the moment, he was also one of the Nine Territories' youthful experts.

The Elixir Association's Great Venerables sneered coldly, this wasn't any different than letting them kill Jiang Chen.

"It's obviously not now, and it will be carried in the Title Battle."

It seemed like he felt like it would be impossible for the Elixir Association to accept it, thus, the Jiang Family's Master conceded slightly.

The Elixir Association started then hesitating.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly. This Jiang Family's Master really had brilliant means. He first raised an unacceptable request, before he turned it into an overboard request, which could still be considered.

"It's too close. Three years, let them compete after three years."

The Elixir Association's Great Venerables knew just that Jiang Chen had great talent in alchemy, and they didn't know anything about his talent and potential in cultivation.

Suggesting three years was just a stop-gap measure, and they would consider it later.

"Wouldn't it be better to set it after ten years?" The Jiang Family's Master spoke in mockery.

"It isn't up to discussion."

"Let's fight!"

"Let see how long can the Jiang family still continue acting this arrogantly."

The Three Great Venerables were also infuriated, and they didn't continue backing down continuously.

"It seems like the Elixir Association really care about this person," the Jiang Family's Master's approach changed once again, and he uttered baffling words.

Many people knew that both sides were probing the outer party's bottom line. If such giant influences really started fighting, such a war's consequences would surely be dreadful.

The Elixir Association's Great Venerables didn't speak, and they maintained a firm attitude.

"We still didn't ask the opinion of the person concerned," the Jiang Family's Master said.

His words let people's gazes converge on Jiang Chen.


Jiang Zhe didn't feel like taking even a single look at Jiang Chen, while he assumed that the latter would surely look for an excuse, and shirk from it.

Trying to fight with him after half a year was obviously unrealistic.

The people in the city didn't feel like Jiang Chen would accept it.

"If you all want to fight, then let's just fight." Jiang Chen's reply surprised almost all people.

The three Great Venerables turned around, and their faces became filled with shock.

"What did you just say?"

Jiang Zhe wasn't feeling well now, and he wondered whether Jiang Chen didn't know him, thus, he dared to say such words.

"Fine, you are quite confident." The Jiang Family's Master was also surprised slightly, but he was still satisfied greatly by it.

"However, shouldn't we take care of another matter before this?" Jiang Chen said.

"What?" The Jiang Family's Master asked, while full of interest toward it.

Jiang Chen looked at the Jiang family's Great Venerable, and spoke coldly, "It's a different matter. May I ask you, what you have to say about my painting and piece of calligraphy?"

If he didn't mention this matter now, the crowd would have almost forgotten it.

"Your painting and piece of calligraphy?" The Jiang Family's Master wasn't aware of this matter.

"Who knew whether those divine pieces of art were genuine or fake?" The Jiang family's Great Venerable spoke disdainfully.

"Hahaha, you first destroy people's objects before stating that they were fake. The Jiang family is amazing, really amazing," Jiang Chen laughed loudly while he spoke, and he even started clapping.

Regardless of how brazen was the Jiang family, they were still embarrassed by his words. Being unyielding, and shameless were two different matters.

"The Civil and Martial Arts Institute can testify for him. They were divine pieces of art, and they were still unique divine pieces of art," Tian Ling spoke regretfully.

"You already destroyed the evidence, will you now kill even the witnesses?" Jiang Chen spoke while sneering coldly.

Many people burst out laughing when they heard him, and they all found him too sharp-tongued.

"Shut up!"

The Jiang family's Great Venerable flew into a rage out of shame. He said, "They are just divine pieces of art, and are just painting and piece of calligraphy, we can just compensate you."

"I was waiting for just this," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

His words let the Great Venerable have a bad feeling, and he felt like he felt into the outer party's trap.

"Miss Tian Ling." Jiang Chen didn't care about him, and he looked at Tian Ling, which was beside him.

"A divine piece of art once appeared in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, and you all are presumably aware of it. It was then collected by the Martial Emperor, and you should probably still remember the price set for it then, don't you?" Tian Ling said.

The face of the Jiang family's Great Venerable became as dark as ashes when he heard her.


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