The Brilliant Fighting Master
714 The Three Sections“ Three Divine Pieces of Art.
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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714 The Three Sections“ Three Divine Pieces of Art.

The Jiang family's troops came over imposingly, and stopped in the sky above this region.

Black armored guards rushed out of the war chariots like a flood, and sealed off all corners of this region.

The Great Venerable descended slowly along with several Celestial Venerables. Each person's gaze was ice-cold, and they all wore an apathetic expression.

"It's really interesting!" Young Master Shenji didn't expect that this matter would develop to such a point, and he planned to watch calmly such an interesting show.

He wasn't a person, who would wish for Jiang Chen to die so that he could rise above others, but he still was happy to witness Jiang Chen suffering bad luck.

"Young Master Feng, calm down," Tian Ling transmitted her voice to him, jumped on top of the pavilion, and faced the Jiang family's people fearlessly.

"Jiang family's senior, I got the Martial Emperor's protection when I founded the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, and all factions mustn't us disturb regardless from which reason it stemmed," Tian Ling said.

She was just a Celestial Venerable, and seemed frail and weak in front of the Jiang family's troops, but the Martial Emperor mentioned by her let the outer party became quite apprehensive.

"We can wait for you to finish holding the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event for how long you want. We can wait until tomorrow, the day after it, or for a month, and we will all along wait here."

The Jiang family's Great Venerable was a middle-aged man, and it could be seen from his ice-cold face that dealing with him wasn't easy .

"May I ask why are you taking such actions?" Tian Ling asked again.

The previous words were uttered by her while standing in Civil and Martial Arts Institute's side, but it was obvious from this question that she wanted to meddle in their affairs.

"Miss Tian Ling, do you want to stand out for him?" The Jiang family's Great Venerable spoke coldly.

The people in the institute became worried, if Tian Ling insisted in meddling in this matter, it would be unknown what would occur.

The Jiang family already gave them due respect, and was willing to wait until the end of Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event, or else, he could just order them, and the institute would be surely destroyed.

"Your Jiang family really dispatched great troops just to deal with a trifling Spiritual Venerable like me," Jiang Chen shouted loudly now, as he didn't want to cause trouble for Tian Ling.

The Jiang family's experts in the surrounding immediately used their gazes to put pressure in him.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute wasn't affected, but Jiang Chen could still felt a mountain-like pressure on him, and it seemed like it wanted to crush his body.

Jiang Chen sucked in a breath of air, closed his eyes, and roused the killing intent left in his body by Bai Ling.

When he opened his eyes again, the killing intent in his eyes frightened even the Great Venerable in the sky, while the other experts suffered the consequences of their actions, and their faces turned pale.


The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's people felt like Jiang Chen turned into a prehistoric ferocious beast, and was about to kill all living beings in front of him.

"Miss Tian Ling, how many hours are left until the end of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event?" Surprise flickered in the Great Venerable's eyes, but he was still calm and apathetic, and didn't care about him.

Tian Ling hesitated slightly, and said, "It already reached the second section, however, even after it ends, you are still not allowed to harm Young Master Feng."

"Is it?"

A faint smile appeared on the corners of the Great Venerable's mouth, and he spoke in a deep voice, "After half an hour pass, kill all people who hinder the Jiang family, and help the murderer."

"Kill all of them! Kill all of them!" The Jiang family's black armored guards raised their hands, and shouted loudly. Their shouts were so resonant that they reached the firmament, and their killing intent engulfed the whole city.

"According to what I know, the longest event held by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute took just half an hour. I don't care how long passed since it started, but it still must end after half an hour."

The Great Venerable looked at Tian Ling, and spoke coldly.

He didn't plan at all to reason with them since the beginning, and he didn't want to give any explication. This was how overbearing was a great faction, they didn't need to provide any reason for killing people.

"Jiang family's senior, Young Master Feng traveled today along with my Heaven Martial Arts Club's Li Bai, but the latter was unaware of the former's crimes. Please have trust in this," Li Bai's elder brother shouted loudly.

The Great Venerable just squinted his eyes, and didn't reply, which caused the Heaven Martial Arts Club's people to become restless.

The Heaven Martial Arts Club wasn't one of the Nine Territories' great faction, and it could take a leading role just in the Wing Prefecture, and was weak and powerless in front of the Jiang family.

Li Bai lowered his head. He knew that he made a grave mistake, and aspiring into Club Master's position was already hopeless for him.

"Senior, please listen to my words," Tian Ling spoke in displeasure.

The Great Venerable didn't reply, as he didn't care about her at all, and he wouldn't pay attention to her.

"Tian Ling!" At this moment, a black armored handsome youth slowly descended from among the Jiang family"s troops.

"Jiang Zhe!"

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's people, as well as the audience, all went into an uproar when they saw this person. He had a tall body, which let him seemed impressive while wearing such a black armor, and he had a solemn look, sword-like brows, and eyes, which shone like stars.

Moreover, it was needless to mention how outstanding were his bearings since he was a Jiang family's disciple.

He wasn't from the Wing Prefecture, but he still caused such an uproar in the city, and it was obvious that he was a true man of the moment, and all people in the ten prefectures knew him.

"Jiang Zhe!"

Tian Ling was surprised when she saw him, and delight appeared on her face, while she was about to talk with him.

"Today, he must die," Jiang Zhe spoke before her, and said, "Please don't meddle in this matter for me."

When they heard his words, the crowd thought back of the rumors about them. They were both appreciated by the Martial Emperor, and were called the Three Middle Realms' golden boy and jade maiden, and there were many rumors about them.

Tian Ling lowered her head in disappointment, before she spoke resolutely, "Young Master Feng mustn't die, and he mustn't, even more, be killed."

She didn't care about whether the Jiang family's Great Venerable would listen to her or not. She said, "The Martial Emperor once instructed me to take in a disciple for him if I find someone especially outstanding while holding the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's events."

"It seems like you really want to help him."

The Great Venerable opened his eyes, and looked at both of her and Jiang Chen, "How do you think will the Martial Emperor feel if he knew that you used his prestige to meddle in other people's affairs?"

"Is even someone like him qualified to become the Martial Emperor's disciple?" Jiang Zhe was displeased greatly by the fact that she protected Jiang Chen.

"Young Master Feng already made two divine pieces of art in two sections, and if he can make the last one, he would have made three divine pieces of art in all three sections. May I ask whether this person is qualified?" Tian Ling said.

Everyone was shocked by her words. It was only the people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, who were aware of the divine pieces of art matter, and it was only on the day after would such news spread out, yet it was divulged early on due to the Jiang family.

"Him?" When Jiang Zhe heard such words, he finally looked at Jiang Chen, but he shortly furrowed his brows.

"A Spiritual Venerable?" He uttered those three words in a disdainful tone.

"His pieces of art?"

Even if the Great Venerable was more arrogant than this, he would still not dare to oppose the Martial Emperor, thus, he must verify whether Tian Ling's words were true.

"Hateful, will he really manage to survive just due to this." Young Master Shenji was quite dissatisfied.

Tian Ling energetically brought Jiang Chen's painting and calligraphy piece to the sky, and spoke excitedly, "Those are two divine pieces of arts, and as long as the last..."

She didn't manage to finish his words as she was dumbfounded. She witnessed the Jiang family's Great Venerable snapping his fingers, as Jiang Chen's painting and calligraphy piece were torn to shreds, and were utterly ruined.

"I'm really sorry, but I still didn't see where are the divine pieces of art," the Great Venerable said.


There were people, who couldn't help but burst out laughing, when they witnessed such a scene. The Jiang family was really powerful.

All people adored might and power, and the Jiang family's arrogant and unruly actions subdued many people's hearts.

"You all!"

Tian Ling felt like her heart would shortly bleed. Divine pieces of art, those were divine pieces of art.

All people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute' shook their heads regretfully, and they looked at Jiang Chen with a gaze filled with pity.


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