The Brilliant Fighting Master
713 The Arrival of The Jiang Family
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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713 The Arrival of The Jiang Family

Young Master Shenji wasn't willing to accept it, but as he looked at the two pieces of arts, which were next to each other, he immediately noticed the disparity between them.

It was a great disparity, but he was still not willing to believe that this was true, and that a Spiritual Venerable was better than him by this much.

If he wasn't aware of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's reputation, he would even start suspecting whether a piece of art could really represent a person's martial techniques level.

People, who didn't have a discerning eye, couldn't understand what was great about Jiang Chen's work, even though they still noticed that it seemed extraordinary.

"Lore Martial Realm, it's a perfect fusion of Lore martial techniques, and Great Doctrine of martial techniques."

"Young Master Feng fused fire and wind completely with his sword, and with the assistance of Gold Great Doctrine, it became a work of the highest quality."

Tian Ling didn't explain it in detail, as she was aware that people, who didn't reach such a realm, wouldn't be capable of understanding her words.

As long she took Jiang Chen's calligraphy piece and painting to a place filled with geniuses, they would surely get the limelight.

She looked once again at Jiang Chen with a gaze filled with expectation.

"Miss Tian Ling, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute was of great help to me today, so you don't need to be reserved," Jiang Chen said.


Tian Ling felt gratified because he was so good at understanding people, and she took the two divine piece of arts.


After a short while, a peal of loud and delightful laughter echoed.

"Lore Martial Realm! I reached Lore Martial Realm!"

On this day, this person progressed greatly in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute like Ji Yinyi.

"It's Song Wang!"

All people were started when they recognized him. It was a person, who was equally famous as Young Master Shenji in the Wing Prefecture.

Young Master Shenji had a Lore Martial Realm at the second level, while this person just reached it, and the disparity between should be great.

But, each person had his own strong points, and Song Wang was a Half Spirit, and inheritance blood was flowing in his veins.

The fusion of such two aspects let him because equal, or even stronger, than Young Master Shenji.

However, he didn't have an opportunity on this day in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute for displaying them, thus, he seemed quite low-profile in comparison to Young Master Shenji.

However, his martial technique rose by a level now, and it was only due to Jiang Chen's divine piece of art.

He came to Jiang Chen, and spoke sincerely, "Young Master Feng, I owe you a great favor, and if you are in need of any help, you can just ask me."

"You are welcome!" Jiang Chen laughed, and smacked his tongue, as he felt how powerful was the aura emanating from inside this person's body.

The fusion of Half Spirit Body and inheritance blood was even more powerful than Ning Haotian's Alien Beast.

"Young Master Shenji, if you are still unconvinced, you can fight against me. Although Young Master Feng is still just a Spiritual Venerable for now, he still had boundless prospects."

Song Wang looked at Young Master Shenji, and spoke bluntly.

"Snort, you can't make even a single piece of art. I really feel ashamed of being one of Wing Prefecture's top talent along with you." Young Master Shenji was in a bad mood now, so he obviously didn't utter any nice words after he heard the outer party's provocation.

Song Wang didn't care about it, and it seemed like he already expected. He said, "We already fought in total four times, and each one of us won one time. So why don't we have the last fight today?"

When the crowd heard him, they became full of expectation for such a battle between two apex geniuses.

"The Civil and Martial Arts Institute forbid anyone from fighting regardless of the reasons behind it," Tian Ling said coldly.

Her words warned the crowd, and the fighting intent in Song Wang's eyes disappeared.

"You will surely suffer a miserable defeat in the Title Battle," when Young Master Shenji spoke, he looked at both of Jiang Chen and Song Wang, and it was unknown to which one he was talking.

"Okay then, sirs." Tian Ling wanted to settle such a dispute, and continue this night event of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute.


A deafening sound transmitted from the sky at this moment.

The people in the institute raised their heads, and saw the Jiang family's war chariot troops coming back from the direction they left early this day.

"Did they find the murderer?"

"Since the Jiang family already undertook such a task, it's needless to question it."

"I really wonder which person dared to kill even the Jiang family's five elements disciple."

The crowd already expected it, and they were also aware of the reason behind the Jiang family's displacement on this day.

They assumed that they already found the murderer when they sighted upon the Jiang family's troops once again.

However, who would expect that the Jiang family's war chariots didn't fly past the city this time, and they instead separated into several groups, and flew to each of the city's four sides.

When the war chariots stopped, energy beam linked all of them, and they formed a giant net above the city's sky.

"What's the Jiang family up to?"

"Why did it seal off the whole city?"

"Is, is the murderer in the city?

The people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, who assumed that the war chariots would just fly past them, were astonished.

Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi looked at each other. They didn't expect that the Jiang family would be this quick.

However, Jiang Chen pushed that guy into the Forbidden Desolate Land in Beiwang City before many people's gazes, and when he reached the Wing Prefecture, he fought openly in Starship chamber of commerce, and it wasn't difficult to investigate it.

"Jiang family's friends, what's going on?" All factions' masters flew into the sky.

"Our Jiang family's disciple was killed, and the murderer is in the city. This is his portrait."

A voice transmitted from the war chariot in the middle. Such a voice was imposing and resonant, and it reverberated in all corners of the city.

"It's a Great Venerable!"

The crowd realized how infuriated was the Jiang family from the fact that it sent a Great Venerable.

All of the people in the city wanted to have a look at the murderer's appearance, and know which person was this daring.

His portrait was shortly projected in the sky, and it was of a youthful face, which was vivid and lifelike, and its facial features could be seen clearly.

All of the people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute went into an uproar when they saw the murderer's appearance, and many gazes filled with shock looked at Young Master Feng.

Young Master Feng was just chuckling bitterly now while shaking his head, and it was like he was unaware of the calamity looming over him.

"Miss Tian Ling, it seems like I must take my leave early on," Jiang Chen stood up, and spoke calmly.

"The Jiang family's Five Elements War Chariot already set an inescapable net, you can't escape away."

Tian Ling said, "Young Master Feng, are you sure that this isn't just a misunderstanding?"

"Miss Tian Ling, even if it was a misunderstanding, the outer party is still a Jiang family's disciple, and it would e better for you to not meddle in this matter," Young Master Shenji said.

"Li Bai!"

Li Bai's elder brother shouted at the same time loudly, "You really dare to invite any person to our family."

Li Bai's face turned pale, and he looked for the first time at Jiang Chen with a reproachful gaze. Since he kept event such a major matter from him, it was obvious that he wanted to harm him on purpose.

"Jiang family's senior, Jiang family's senior, I know this person."

When the people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute started discussing it spiritedly, the person, who was kicked out of the Heaven Martial Arts Club due to Jiang Chen, flew into the sky hurriedly.

"I know this person, and I also know where is he now."

He spoke excitedly as if he just got an extremely rare chance, "He's now in the Civil and Martial Arts Establishment, and I can assure you that it's also the Civil and Martial Arts Institute."

The people inside the institute witnessed him pointing at them.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute was in a secluded district, while it was already nighttime, and the brightly lit institute became a conspicuous target.

"Young Master Feng, I'm incapable of helping you in this matter," Li Bai spoke helplessly before the Jiang family's troops came here.

"It's me, who didn't inform you how grave was this matter, and I really don't blame you."


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