The Brilliant Fighting Master
712 God and Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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712 God and Sword

Lore and Martial Realm, wind and sword, was the Wind Sword Realm. This realm was divided into nine levels according to the strength of the two former elements.

Most of those days youngsters were just on the first level, while Young Master Shenji, who reached the second level, managed to rise above the other geniuses, and distinguish himself.

Calligraphy was even more strenuous than painting, and both his hand and brush's movement were extremely slow.

Each time he finished a stroke, the black ink on the paper would shine, and even though it was just a momentary flicker, it was still profound and mysterious.

A powerful imposing manner erupted out of Young Master Shenji's body. He seemed like a lofty mountain, and brought great pressure upon the other people in the institute.

"Mountain-like vigor!"

Tian Ling said inwardly, "Young Master Shenji's talent is really exceptional, and he's matchless in the Wing Prefecture."

Tian Ling didn't stand on any one side in the conflict which just occurred.

The people invited by the Civil and Martial Arts Institute were all talented youths, who were full of vigor, competitive, and aggressive, and the occurrence of conflicts was unavoidable when they gathered together.

She was already accustomed to it, and she wouldn't meddle in them, and she would just keep order properly, and let them compete.

When she looked at Jiang Chen this time, her expectations of him weren't any lower than her expectation of Young Master Shenji.

Jiang Chen didn't wait until the end before starting like a while ago. His gaze fell on the row of writing brushes, and he took two of them.

A daring guess emerged in each person's mind, but they still couldn't believe it because it was too bizarre.

However, Jiang Chen really proved such a guess with his actions, and both of his brushes landed on the paper at the same time, before he started waving them.

When amazement just appeared on people's face, two completely different radiance erupted of him, and spread in both his left and right side.

"Two Lore Conception?"

Tian Ling was startled, and she examined them with her Holy Awareness, she discovered that Fire and Wind Lore martial techniques were like a pair of wings on Jiang Chen's back.

Even though she was amazed by it, she still couldn't help but worry about whether Jiang Chen could really achieve it.

Mastering two Lore martial techniques was extraordinary, but their might was at the same level, while fusing them was extremely difficult.

Jiang Chen was now multitasking, and writing with both at the same time. His actions challenged all people's imagination.

If they weren't forbidden from disturbing him, they would all wish to come to Jiang Chen's side, and observe him closely.

Time elapsed slowly, while Jiang Chen's movement was also slow, and it was especially the case since he used both hands.

Young Master Shenji, who started ahead of him, managed obviously to finish first.

When he put away the brush, his body's imposing manner became more vigorous, and it was like a mountain just rose from the ground, and reached the firmament.

The people beside him started falling back, as while they were there, they all felt like a boulder was stifling their chests.

After a short while passed, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's lady came to his side, took his piece of art, and delivered it to the pavilion.

Young Master Shenji looked over there expectantly, and he didn't pay attention even to Jiang Chen's astonishing actions.

"A masterpiece! Young Master Shenji made a fine piece and masterpiece in succession. He's really a genius," Tian Ling praised him.

Young Master Shenji raised his head proudly when he heard her, and it was only now did he look at Jiang Chen.

"What's this guy doing?"

When he noticed that Jiang Chen was holding a brush in each hand, Young Master Shenji's expression stiffened, and he couldn't believe what he just witnessed.

After he confirmed that he didn't mistake it for something else, he couldn't help but laugh heartily.

"Not bad, not bad. Some people can always attract attention regardless of what they are doing, even if they were just joking around," Young Master Shenji said.

He didn't hide the mockery in his words this time due to the fact that he became even more confident after making a masterpiece, and also due to the fact that Jiang Chen's actions were really laughable.

Tian Ling, who was on the other side, already ordered people to hang Young Master Shenji's piece of art.

When people looked at it, they saw a 'god' word. He was so proud that he used the 'Shen' in his name, which meant god, to make a masterpiece.

When the crowd exclaimed in alarm after noticing it, he raised his head proudly.

"Young Master Shenji is really the Wing Prefecture's pride."

"That's right, he will surely get an extraordinary title in the Title Battle."

"That goes without saying."

All of the Wing Prefecture's talented youths here admired him.

"He's good at all aspects, and possessed the demeanor of a true martial artists, and he isn't like someone, who managed to make a divine piece of art, yet he's still just a Spiritual Venerable, and once it was time to display one's true skill, he fooled around like a clown," Li Bai's elder brother spoke loudly.

His words were targeting Li Bai and Jiang Chen, yet it still stated Young Master Shenji's true opinion.

All of a sudden, Young Master Shenji, who was pleased with himself, got lost in his thought, and he furrowed his brows, as if he just recalled something.

According to what his second uncle said, the person, who killed his little brother, was called Jiang Chen. He was a Spiritual Venerable, who had a sword and knife, and mastered two Lore martial techniques.

Moreover, he still remembered well Jiang Chen's picture, as he was ranked first among all people he must kill.

When he looked at Young Master Feng now, he felt like everything besides his appearance was tallying with it.

"He's a swordsman, yet he didn't reveal his sword. Was he afraid of exposing the fact that he's using both a sword and knife."

Young Master Shenji examined him with his Holy Awareness, yet he still didn't see any traces of appearance changing on him, and he became even more confused.

When everyone took him lightly, Jiang Chen had just a single stroke left. He put back his right hand's brush, and exerted his whole power in his left hand before he stopped.

When the tip of his brush left the paper, it seemed like the whole world's power was extracted from it.

Whimp! Whimp! Whimp!

A boundless imposing manner was emitted from the white paper. It didn't need anyone to lift it, as it flew to the sky by itself, and revolved unceasingly as it formed a warm and strong wind, which assaulted all people.

After it caused this place to descend into confusion, the white paper calmed down, and descended slowly, while the word on it shone with a splendid light.

"A divine piece of art, it's surely a divine piece of art."

After Tian Ling witnessed such a disturbance, she ran out of the pavilion quickly, and caught the white paper.

When she looked excitedly at the paper, she confirmed her guess.


Jiang Chen was so exhausted that he gasped for breath, and he sat down on the chair, and ignored the other people's reactions.

"Miss Tian Ling?"

When the crowd witnessed Tian Ling's infatuated look, they already guessed it, but they still waited for her to confirm it.

Tian Ling opened her mouth, and spoke before Young Master Shenji's disbelieving gaze, "It's a divine piece of art."

"Impossible!" Young Master Shenji shouted out without even giving it a thought.

Could Jiang Chen make a divine piece of art even while working in such a hilarious way?

Tian Ling didn't explain anything, and she just turned over the white paper, and showed it to the crowd.

It seemed like the white paper possessed a peculiar power, which attracted all people to it.

The whole Civil and Martial Arts Institute descended into silence, and only a rough breathing sound could be heard.

The word written by Jiang Chen was 'sword', and the other people's words 'martial' and 'god' were beside it.

However, they both lose their luster in comparison to the 'sword', and they weren't inferior to it by just a bit, and the difference between them was like the difference between dirt and the sky.

"Young Master Shenji, your sky today crumbled, so you should better be careful on the Title Battle's day, so that your sky won't crumble there, too."

Jiang Chen already rested enough now, and he stood up again, and spoke to the arrogant Young Master Shenji.

Young Master Shenji wore a dark look now, and he clenched his teeth tightly. He should have been the most outstanding here, and even though he was inferior to Jiang Chen, he was still capable of making a fine piece of art, and a masterpiece.

However, the second position still meant that he was a loser, and it was something, which Young Master Shenji could never accept.


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