The Brilliant Fighting Master
711 Do You Fear the Collapse of the Sky?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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711 Do You Fear the Collapse of the Sky?

They could easily notice the arrogance and disdain in Young Master Shenji's tone, yet they still didn't know how could they retort back.

As for the Spiritual Venerable mentioned by him, which he would kill on that day, it was obviously Jiang Chen.

Young Master Shenji still didn't know that Jiang Chen and Young Master Feng were the same person.

"Even a Spiritual Venerable can participate in the Title Battle, and get a title," Li Bai said.

"It will be just an inferior title, and if someone was really satisfied by it, he's then just a shortsighted person," Young Master Shenji said.

When Li Bai heard such words, he was left at a loss of words, as he didn't know how could he refute them.

Although Young Master Shenji had a peevish character, he was still prudent and careful, and he wouldn't leave any loophole in his sword-like sharp words.

Jiang Chen didn't get angry like Young Master Shenji desired, and he just chuckled softly. He said, "Young Master Shenji, you should be careful then."


Young Master Shenji, and the other people, were taken aback, as they couldn't understand what he implied by such words.

Was he threatening Young Master Shenji, and asking him to be careful of losing his title at that time?

However, when they considered the two people's cultivation realm, they felt like it was impossible.

"Sirs, do you still have any questions?" Tian Ling asked, and stopped such a ceaseless dispute.

The first section came to end along with the appearance of a divine piece of art, and they would now start the next section.

Many people were just spectators in this section, but they were helpless against it, as since their skill was inferior to the others, it was obvious that all limelight would be stolen from them.

"Miss Tian Ling, start it!" Young Master Shenji spoke impatiently. He wanted to defeat Jiang Chen in the next section.

"Okay!" Tian Ling collected the three paintings carefully, and she was especially careful when dealing with Jiang Chen's divine piece of art.

Afterward, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's young lady set a white paper on each person's table. She didn't tear off the white paper on the wooden shelves, which weren't displayed yet.

"Painting can let people display their Martial Techniques Great Doctrine like they wish, and it's also the easiest art among the four arts, zither, go, calligraphy, and painting."

"In accordance with their difficulty, the one behind it will be calligraphy, and zither."

"The zither can let people master Lore Martial Techniques."

When they listened up to here, the crowd thought back of the song played in the beginning by Tian Ling and Jiang Chen. Both of them mastered the Lore of Wind.

"However, a certain level of skill is needed for zither, and it's mostly just me, who will play it, but if someone here is skilled in it, he can come here, and play it."

As Tian Ling spoke, she looked at Jiang Chen with her pretty eyes, and it was also the case for other people.

However, Jiang Chen still wore a faint smile, as if he didn't hear her. He wasn't interested in playing zither for a crowd of ignorant people.

"I will still play it then, please listen to it, and feel it through your senses."

As Tian Ling spoke, a zither, which had conspicuous joints, appeared on the pavilion's stone table, and she moved her thin fingers along the zither.

A beautiful and marvelous sound echoed, and it had more intense cadence than the one played in the beginning.

The trees in the institute started swaying, and all people could feel a breeze sweeping them.

The formless wind formed afterward the image of a young girl with a graceful figure, who danced lightly and gracefully.


Many people were dumbstruck, and it was especially when the wind young girl started dancing faster, and using more complex moves.

"She could control the wind to such a degree. It's really terrifying," someone blurted out such a remark. He really admired her greatly.

A group of people, who trained in Wind Lore marital techniques started observing the rhythm of the sound and wind young girl, as they all wanted to improve themselves through it.

In the end, the song, and dance still came to end.

Ji Yinyi spoke excitedly, "I feel like I reached Wind Great Doctrine level."

She was at first just half a step away from reaching the Wind Great Doctrine level, and by participating in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event on this day, she listened first to Tian Ling and Jiang Chen's songs, and now, she managed to finally achieve a breakthrough after observing the wind girl's dance.

It wasn't the case for her alone, as it was also the case for other people, but their progress wasn't as distinct as her.

"This is a matter, which I never imagined, when I lived in the Desolate Land. Even listening to songs, and observing people dancing can let one achieve a breakthrough."

The excited Ji Yinyi became even more resolute about staying in the outside world.

"If any friend here is interested in it, he can try to promote his Lore Martial Techniques through playing the zither, as it would be quite helpful to him," Tian Ling said.

The crowd nodded, and thanked her. Miss Tian Ling would surely not be mistaken.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's people opened afterward the paper on the wooden shelf.

It wasn't a painting this time, but a word. It was the word 'martial', which was written in a flamboyant and cursive way, and it seemed vigorous and forceful.

Each person's mind was left reeling after they saw this word, and they lost control of themselves.

They all couldn't help but stand, and look fixedly at the word.

It was the case for even Jiang Chen, as this word wasn't written by an ordinary person.

"This is a masterpiece, and it was written by Gui Ya, who got Young Martial God title, and he turned all of his martial techniques into a word.

"If you examined this word carefully, you will feel like your martial techniques are about to fuse together, and it's the case for both Lore's martial techniques and Great Doctrine's martial techniques."

"Observe it carefully!" Tian Ling introduced it to the crowd.

It was just a single word, yet its worth was vastly higher than the previous painting. This was the difference between a masterpiece, and a fine piece of art.

Tian Ling didn't plan at first to show them a masterpiece, as according to her usual customs, if this place's people could make just a fine piece of art, she would show them just a fine piece of art.

She would show them a masterpiece only if they managed to make a masterpiece of art, or else, it would be like casting pearls before a swine.

However, she didn't expect that a divine piece of art would appear in the Wing Prefecture, and she was incapable of taking out a piece of art on the same level.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute was founded by her, but all divine piece of arts, which appeared in the past, didn't belong to her, and her greatest wish was none other than making a divine piece of art.

She examined Jiang Chen in secret, as she wanted to bear him in mind.

After a quarter of an hour passed, and the observation came to end, each person struck while the iron was still hot, and started working on their piece of art.

"Young Master Feng, why don't we compete against each other?" Young Master Shenji said, "Let's see which person's piece of art will be more outstanding."

Even though Jiang Chen already made a divine piece of art, Young Master Shenji still challenged him on his own accord, and it was obvious that he was confident in himself.

"Young Master Shenji, don't you fear being defeated by a Spiritual Venerable?"

Jiang Chen never once met such a type of person, who would present his face to him by himself.

"Do you fear the collapse of the sky?" Young Master Shenji asked.

"Okay, I hope that your sky won't crumble," Jiang Chen said.

Young Master Shenji sneered coldly, as he looked at writing brushes of varied thickness.

He chose a medium-sized brush and dipped it in black ink. He didn't start writing immediately, and he just squinted his eyes.

After a short while, wind, which was sharp as blades, started converging around him, and his sword energy also erupted out, and fused completely with the wind.

"Wind Sword Realm!"

Everyone understood why he was confident when they witnessed such a sight.

There was still Metal Great Doctrine along with the Wind Sword Realm as support.

However, if it was just this alone, it wasn't enough for him to be this confident, as Jiang Chen also had Wind Lore, and Sword Doctrine's power, and it was unknown whether he also mastered Wind Sword Realm.

"The second level!"

Young Master Shenji shortly after informed people where did he get such a confidence from. His Wind Sword Realm's power rose sharply by several folds in an instant, and it was also at this moment did he bend his waist, and start writing on the paper.

"It isn't surprising that..." The crowd came to a realization now. The second level of Wind Sword Realm was really extraordinary.


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