The Brilliant Fighting Master
710 A Divine Piece of Ar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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710 A Divine Piece of Ar

Jiang Chen wasn't just showing off on purpose, and he really benefited greatly from the painting of the Sword King, Meng Shaobai.

The Lore of Gold martial technique was his weakest aspect, but he was still a sword cultivator, who had outstanding achievement in Lore of Wind martial technique, and wasn't affected by it.

When Jiang Chen looked at the painting now, he had a sudden flash of insight like the one Young Master Shenji had, and they both found a path to follow.

The reason why he was slower than Young Master Shenji was that he saw through more matters than the former.

He didn't sit down, and he instead confined the table in the air, and took the painting brush.

Everyone felt at this moment that Jiang Chen whole being seemed holy, and their disdain of him immediately disappeared

After the tip of the brush dipped in black ink fell on the paper, a sonorous sword cry echoed, even though he still didn't start

"What's going on?" Ji Yinyi discovered that her sword was shivering, and she was baffled by it

She shortly discovered that it wasn't the case for just her alone, as the swords of all people were shaking

Jiang Chen didn't have any sword on him, but shocking sword energy was emitted from him, and soared into the sky


Jiang Chen moved his wrist, and streaked the brush across the paper.

The shaking swords immediately went crazy, and their owners tried to obstruct them, but to no avail.

When the first stroke was left, dozens sword flew to the sky, and shone in splendid rays. They seemed like a group of stars at this moment.

"What happened?"

All people within the city noticed such a sight, and even asleep people were woken by the dazzling rays of light, which shone on them through the windows.

Even the experts in the city were alarmed by it, and they went over to check it.

Those swords' light was becoming brighter, and after a short while, they couldn't even see the swords.

All people in the Civil and Martial Arts Courtyard were stunned and dumbstruck.

The experienced and knowledgeable Tian Ling left the pavilion, and looked at the swords' radiance in the sky.

She looked after at Jiang Chen, who got into a detached state, and was moving his brush across the paper quickly, and his whole body moved along with the brush.

"From which place this person came?" Tian Ling couldn't help but wonder about such a matter.

She saw all kinds of geniuses in the Civil and Martial Arts Courtyard's events, and assumed that she wouldn't be amazed by anyone else, yet she got a nice surprise in this night.

"Hateful!" Young Master Shenji clenched his fist. He wasn't willing to accept it, but even his sword was in the sky, and he couldn't control it regardless of how hard he strived, and it was like the sword didn't belong to him.

After a short while, Jiang Chen stood straightly, and put down the brush.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The swords in the sky fell down to the ground around like raindrops. The swords' tips penetrated the ground, while the swords' blades were still swaying, and it seemed like they were worshiping him.

"Go back!" Jiang Chen spoke softly, and it was like people swords just received an imperial order. They went back into their formers places, and the sound of swords being sheathed echoed unceasingly.

Jiang Chen let out a long breath. Finishing this painting put a huge toil on his mind, energy, and soul.

The Civil and Martial Arts Courtyard's Tian Ling went to him, and took the painting by herself.

"Divine piece, this is a divine piece of art!" Tian Ling exclaimed in alarm after a short while passed.

When the other people looked at her, she took the painting, and entered into the pavilion. Her actions were prudent and gentle, as if she handling a peerless treasure.

People witnessed her hanging it afterward, as only in such a way could she revealed it to the crowd without worries.

When the people, who were awaiting it, looked toward it, many cries echoed at almost the same time.

Many people were convinced by it, and even Young Master Shenji couldn't help but admit that it was really a divine piece of art.

However, he didn't admire Jiang Chen at all due to it, and he just hated him more out of jealousy.

The fine piece of art made by him was obviously defeated by the divine piece of art.

Jiang Chen's painting wasn't just a sword, and it was more complex than the two paintings beside it.

A white-clothed person was flying high in the sky, while pointing his sword at the sky, and a storm of sword winds engulfed the sky around him.

This was a picture of Jiang Qingyu slaughter of sixteen Great Venerables with a single sword strike in True Force Realm.

The reason why Jiang Chen contemplated for such a long time was due to the sword scripture, and he fused the former with his Sword Doctrine's power.

However, the reason why he managed to control other people's swords, and make a divine piece of art wasn't the sword scripture, but the completely new sword realm created by him through his knowledge of the sword and knife.

All sword cultivators were greatly shocked when they sighed upon this painting. They didn't consider whether it was good or bad, and the disparity between them at this moment, and they had a just a single thought now.

"It actually can still be like this."

"Young Master Feng, can you lend it to my Civil and Martial Arts Courtyard for a while?" Tian Ling said excitedly.

This was a divine piece, and wasn't something, which she could take without any qualms like a fine piece. She must get his consent, and she would just borrow it, and not take it for herself.

All swordsmen could benefit from this painting, and it would be a precious cultivation resource for any faction who got it.

"Miss Tian Ling, if you like it, I can just gift it to you," Jiang Chen said.

Many people were shocked by his generousness. He could gift even such a divine piece of art calmly.

"No, no, I can't accept this painting, and I will surely give it back to you in good condition when I hold the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event once again." Tian Ling was delighted, but she still kept her cool.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He managed to make the painting just due to Meng Shaobai's painting, so he wouldn't really suffer any losses.

"Miss Tian Ling, can you interpret this painting?" Someone asked eagerly.

Each person had varied experience and knowledge, and many people saw just the tip of the iceberg, and they hoped for someone to dispel their doubts.

"I'm really sorry, but my ability is limited, and I can't interpret it," Tian Ling said.


Didn't this mean that Jiang Chen's achievement in martial techniques were higher than even Tian Ling? Tian Ling was already chosen as the person with the highest achievement in martial techniques among all youngsters.

The people looked then at Jiang Chen, as they hoped for him to lend them a hand.

"Miss Tian Ling, why don't you at least try it?" Jiang Chen said.

"Okay!" After she hesitated for a moment, she nodded, and went to the painting's side.

"Young Master Feng, your Sword Doctrine's level can't be measured, as it already broke free of power's restraints, and reached another new realm."

Tian Ling looked with a zealous gaze at the painting, and said, "Simply put, the difference between Young Master Feng's sword doctrine and us isn't in its intensity, as his sword doctrine is already different from us."

Even though she did her utmost to explain, but it was still barely enough, and many people were still confused, however, they were still some, who understood it, and they were all shocked greatly.

"It's a pity, it's really a pity."

When the crowd was still amazed by the painting, Young Master Shenji spoke suddenly.

The crowd looked at him, and wanted to hear what he had to say.

"It's a pity that Young Master Feng is still just a Spiritual Venerable, or else, he can surely get the limelight in the Title Battle, and he can probably even take Young Sword God's title," Young Master Shenji said.

His words reminded people that Jiang Chen was still just a Spiritual Venerable.

Young Master Shenji still felt like even though Jiang Chen's sword realm was higher than his, he still could kill the latter easily.

"Young Master Shenji, there is still more than half a year left, and I can probably still compete against you at such a time," Jiang Chen said.

"Hahaha. I'm really sorry then, but I already decided to kill a Spiritual Venerable on that day, and it will be a disgrace for me to kill two Spiritual Venerables in succession," Young Master Shenji said.


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