The Brilliant Fighting Master
709 A Fine Piece of Ar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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709 A Fine Piece of Ar

Young Master Shenji ignored the others' awe, and concentrated wholly in waving his brush quickly.

After a short while, the crowd could see the outline of a sword on the painting paper.

While he was finishing his painting, the long sword in the sky shone with a splendid light, and it almost illuminated the whole area.

"His Sword Doctrine's power already reached completion?"

Jiang Chen, who was a sword cultivator, could discern Young Master Shenji's sword technique level, and he was surprised by it.

He rarely met someone, who had a Sword Doctrine's power evenly matched to him among youngsters.

Moreover, as he recalled that the outer party was still a Celestial Venerable, Jiang Chen felt like even half a year and more was still not enough.

Some people's weapons also flew in the sky one after the other after Young Master Shenji's. However, their prestige wasn't as dazzling as the latter.

Ji Yinyi, and Li Bai, who were beside Jiang Chen, also started painting.

He felt now like he was in a sea of martial techniques, as each person revealed his greatest martial technique, and as long as one wasn't a fool, he could benefit from it greatly.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed that Tian Ling was looking at him, and it seemed like her eyes were questioning him why he still didn't start painting.

Jiang Chen averted his gaze, and looked fixedly at the white paper for a long while.

Time quickly elapsed, and Young Master Shenji was the first one to finish his painting.

When he left the last stroke in it, his forehead was filled with sweat, as if he just went through a great battle.

However, it could be seen from his expression that he was quite satisfied with such a battle's outcome.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's miss came to him, took the painting carefully after she got his consent, and carried it into the pavilion.

After Tian Ling received the painting, she was quickly attracted by it, and her pretty eyes shone brightly.

When Young Master Shenji noticed such a matter, he clasped his hands behind his back, and wore a proud look.

He looked at Jiang Chen, and couldn't help but sneer coldly, as he witnessed that the latter's white paper was still empty.

The fact that the former was adept at playing zither didn't mean that he was adept at everything else. He took all the limelight at the beginning, yet now he would end disgracing himself.

"As expected of one of Ten Prefectures List's talented youths, Young Master Shenji's painting skill is really brilliant."

After Tian Ling spoke, she put the painting again in the wooden shelf, and showed it to the crowd.

The painting of the Sword King, Meng Shaobai, was just beside it, and it was obvious that she wanted to put them in comparison on purpose.

The two paintings were in fact quite similar, and it was unknown whether it was intentional or not. The swords' tip were both facing downward, and their background was also white, and it was only the swords, which were different.

None assumed that Young Master Shenji imitated the latter on purpose, as it was obvious that he wanted just to compete against Meng Shaobai.

The two swords' length was also the same, but if one examined them carefully, he would discover some differences between them.

The difference wasn't in their quality, but in their Sword Doctrine's level and style.

Meng Shaobai's sword spirit seemed quite simple, and it would seem average to anyone at first glance.

But, if one observed it carefully for a while, he would felt the union of Sword Doctrine's power and Lore of Metal in its edges.

Young Master Shenji's sword was like him. It showed off its whole power, and even people with inadequate cultivation observed it, they would still felt like they would shortly be cut by it.

"His Sword Doctrine's level reached completion and perfection, while he still mastered Lore of Wind, and since he managed to turn them both into a painting perfectly, it's obvious that Young Master Shenji already reached Lore Sword Realm," Tian Ling said.

"It's only thanks to that fact that you let me see Meng Shaobai's painting. I benefited from it greatly, and it enlightened me," Young Master Shenji said.

"This is the purpose behind founding the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. Young Master Shenji, can you let me show your masterpiece to all Three Middle Realms?" Tian Ling said.

"I don't mind at all."

All people here wanted to leave behind their works, and became famous in the Three Middle Realms, thus, Young Master Shenji didn't have any reason for rejecting her.

Even though Young Master Shenji was proud of this, he was still dissatisfied with something.

Tian Ling said that she would take away his painting, which she meant that she would display it just after the opening of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute.

There wasn't any problem with this, but Young Master Shenji knew that if a divine piece of art appeared, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute would be opened once again.

It would then open the Civil and Martial Arts Institute from its first region, and let people, who didn't get to see it, enjoy the divine piece of art.

However, a divine piece of art wasn't something which would appear casually.

The Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event was held again in the past due to a divine piece of art just one time.

If the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event was held four or five times a year, it would lose then its high position in Three Middle Realms' people heart.

There was once someone who divided the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's work of arts into three levels, a fine piece of art, a masterpiece of art, and a divine piece of art.

It seemed like Young Master Shenji was just at the most ordinary level, while in fact, it was difficult for the Civil and Martial Arts Institute to get even a fine piece art each time.

Only a few people could make a masterpiece, and as long as it appeared, it would shortly spread to all Eight Zones, Nine Territories, Ten Prefectures, and even to all desolate lands.

"Young Master Feng, won't you draw anything?"

A voice suddenly reminded the crowd. If it was another person, who wasn't painting, they wouldn't really care about it, but it was a different case for Jiang Chen.

His zither skill subdued even Tian Ling, and all people held a quite high expectation for him, yet now, the painting paper on his table was still empty, while he stood motionlessly there.

"Didn't they say that his Lore of Wind martial technique was quite extraordinary? Why isn't he drawing now?"

"Is it because he followed the palm techniques path, and he doesn't use a weapon?"

"He could then still draw a palm strike."

"There is just a single explication for it, while his lore martial technique is great, his great doctrine martial technique is mediocre."

"Such a person usually had just amazing movement techniques, and was good at running for his life, and... Delivering letters."

After they discussed it among themselves, they came up with a humorous conclusion.

Those people didn't disparage Jiang Chen on purpose. This was the analysis of the Wing Prefecture's most talented youths, and if it was an ordinary person on their place, he would be just confused now.

"Since it's the case, we mustn't waste time on him," Li Bai's elder brother spoke coldly.

He was competing against Li Bai for Club Master's seat, and he didn't hope for Li Bai to have too outstanding people on his side.

Ji Yinyi already finished it, and in the process, there wasn't any reaction apart from the fact that her sword shook slightly.

Such a matter let her realize the disparity between her, and talented Celestial Venerables.

If Young Master Shenji fought with her, dealing with her would be as easy for him as dealing with a Reaching Heaven Realm person.

"It isn't like all people are good at everything," Li Bai spoke in help of Jiang Chen.

"You are mistaken. The first step in the painting represented a cultivator's martial techniques, and it was extremely crucial. If he couldn't draw it, he can't even be considered a martial artist," Young Master Shenji said coldly.

Li Bai was displeased by him, but when he looked at him, and met the latter's gaze, he could only avert his gaze helplessly.

There was a great chasm between him and Young Master Shenji.

"I'm sorry, I just had an enlightenment a moment ago, and ended up wasting your time. Can I start drawing now?"

It seemed like Jiang Chen just woke up from a meditative state, and didn't get to hear their argument.

"You can obviously start now," Tian Ling replied without even giving it a second thought.

The other people also didn't have an objection, and they were all full of expectation to him due to his performance with zither a moment ago.

"He's just trying to mystify himself." Young Master Shenji felt like Jiang Chen wanted to show off on purpose due to that fact that Jiang Chen spoke only when he was about to explain it clearly.

However, he still couldn't obstruct him due to other people's response.

If he was now in the Constellation Palace, he would surely beat Jiang Chen, and give him two slaps.

"However, it seems like something was amiss with this guy's gaze when he's looking at me." Young Master Shenji furrowed his brows, and wore a pensive look.

However, he quickly gave up, as many people hated him, and he didn't even know some of them.

What Young Master Shenji didn't know was that Jiang Chen didn't hate him, and it was him, who hated Jiang Chen.


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