The Brilliant Fighting Master
708 The Sword King Meng Shaobai
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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708 The Sword King Meng Shaobai

Jiang Chen's reaction put many people speechless. It was such a rare chance
to know Tian Ling in person, but his reaction was so plain.
Tian Ling was too surprised to come to herself as well. Throwing him a
glance, she went back to the pavilion.
The most important thing for a martial arts practicer was practicing.
Indulging in the four arts (Chinese zither playing, go playing, calligraphy and
painting) used to be thought as a waste of time.
The situation hadn't changed until someone combined martial arts techniques
and the four arts together, which started a trend to improve the martial
techniques level through the four arts.
By then the Civil and Martial Arts Institute started by Tian Ling even got so
popular in the Three Middle Realms.
Tian Ling's music was combined with the wind of the martial techniques of
However, most people on the scene couldn't get it. They thought it was only
some average music.
Not until then did many people who had scolded Jiang Chen realize how
shallow and insignificant they were.
"Our young lady spent half a year in learning this Chime of the Spirit of Wind.
This guy managed to play it after listening to it only once. That's terrific."
Those from the Civil and Martial Arts Institute were even more shocked. A few
people could get the combination of music and the tune of wind, but they
didn't know this Chime of the Spirit of Wind required a lot to play.
To put it simply, Tian Ling had comprehended the lore of wind through playing
the Chime of the Spirit of Wind.
"Did he do that intentionally in order to get a chance to know young lady?"
Since it was too shocking, these women found it hard to believe.
"But it was young lady who gave him trouble first."
This remark almost excluded all of the possibilities of a planned show.
Young Master Wind was that great indeed.
"It's just a small episode. Please don't let it ruin your mood."

Sitting in the pavilion, Tian Ling didn't even draw the curtains.
"Not at all."
Those who had shouted the loudest all stopped speaking. They were afraid
they would catch Jiang Chen's attention if they spoke.
Except one person.
"Young Master Wind, may I ask where you are from? You are so excellent. We
can't help but feel curious about you."
Young Master Shenji kept smiling coldly. It was difficult to tell what was on his
mind from his tone.
"Where I am from isn't important. What's important is where I am going," Jiang
Chen said.
"Fantastic." Although Young Master Shenji said so, his look turned colder and
Jiang Chen ignored him. He pushed the jade zither back into the pavilion, but
Tian Ling didn't take it. She waved her arm gently to push the zither back to
"This zither suits Young Master Wind better than me. Please take it as an
apology from me," Tian Ling said.
The crowd felt very envious. Looking at that zither, their eyes lit up.

The zither wasn't any useful as a weapon, but it was Miss Tian Ling's zither!
It could be sold at a high price, equal to the value of a magic weapon or even
The thing was no one would be so stupid as to sell it.
Jiang Chen took the zither. That was how this episode ended.
"As expected, you really enjoy staying in the limelight."
Ji Yinyi said suddenly.
"Come on. I was just sitting here, behaving well. It was others who wanted to
give me trouble," Jiang Chen said helplessly.
Besides, if he weren't with Ji Yinyi, he could have just left the seat and stood

"The Title Battle will start soon. I wish everyone from Wing Prefecture will get
a good result," Tian Ling said gently.
"Thank you, Miss Tian Ling."
The talented young people from Wing Prefecture said with one voice.
"I also hope today's Civil and Martial Arts Institute will be helpful for you."
After that, Tian Ling gave a sign to start that night's Civil and Martial Arts
Institute formally.
There were no unnecessary conventional remarks. Neither was there any
This was how formal the Civil and Martial Arts Institute was, and no one would
be unsatisfied with it.
"I'll show you a painting first. This painting will raise the curtain on tonight's
event," Tian Ling said.
Then two women appeared, one holding a wooden easel and the other
holding a scroll painting.
The easel was placed where everyone could see. Then they put the scroll on
the easel and unfolded it gradually.
When the scroll had been fully unfolded, exclaims kept coming.
It was a sword painted on it.
There was no background. It was just a sword with its tip pointing down on the
white paper.
The technique was amazing. Its delicate strokes made it look real.
However, comparing with the technique, the state revealed by the painting
was more eye-catching.
As the scroll was being unfolded, they felt they heard the sword chiming.
When they gazed at the sword, they felt a sharp energy coming head-on.
"This is Meng Shaobai's sword. He has got the title of Sword King."
"While Meng Shaobai was painting, his sword kept chiming. It just wouldn't
"When the last stroke had been done, the sky was illuminated by the radiance
of his sword."

Tian Ling introduced to the participants.
The Sword King Meng Shaobai.
Everyone kept this name in mind, including Jiang Chen.
"Stay mindful in practicing martial arts techniques. When you manage to paint
it, you will gain a lot."
While Tian Ling was speaking, those women put paper and ink on everyone's
It was worth to mention that the woman preparing paper for Jiang Chen made
eyes at him.
Ji Yinyi, just next to Jiang Chen, noticed it. She pinched his waist with effort.
"What is this?" Jiang Chen looked over, puzzled.
Ji Yinyi looked away. She said, "I'm your fiancée now. I'm just doing what a
fiancée is supposed to do."
Shaking his head, Jiang Chen didn't know what to say.
Ji Yinyi felt relieved when she had made sure Jiang Chen didn't take it too
seriously. She actually didn't know why she had done that, either.
The only explanation was Jiang Chen's performance had been too brilliant.
"My guests, if you want, you can try to paint your own weapons. You can also
appreciate Meng Shaobai's painting for some time before you start."
Tian Ling was like a teacher in an institute, instructing her students and
assigning them homework.
"Miss Tian Ling, what if I can't paint?" someone asked.
"The technique isn't important. What matters is what you try to express
through your painting. Sometimes, the whole world is contained in a single
drop of ink," Tian Ling said.
Then they started to work, focusing on painting.
Before they started, most of them spent some time observing Meng Shaobai's
So did Jiang Chen. He was gazing at the painting concentratedly. Gradually,
he felt something sprouting in him.
The martial arts techniques of lore of metal?

Jiang Chen realized what it was soon.
All weapons relied on the martial arts techniques of lore of metal.
However, it was kind of special for swordsmen, since metal could be replaced
with wind.
Certainly, it would be better to have both of them.
Jiang Chen perceived the perfect combination of the martial arts techniques of
wind and metal in this painting.
Sword King? I would like to meet him in person, Jiang Chen thought to
Jiang Chen had practiced through the four arts in the Realm of Nine Heavens,
and he had spent a lot of money on it.
What was different was this time there was no more outlines drawn on the
paper beforehand.
They would have to work everything out on their own to get a perfect painting.
Suddenly, a real sword chime came. It caught everyone's attention.
They looked over and saw Young Master Shenji's sword shaking violently.
However, Young Master Shenji didn't seem to have noticed it. He was
completely immersed in the world of painting.
In the end, the sword left the sheath automatically, flying into the air like a
This scene reminded the people what Tian Ling had just said.
The same thing had happened to the Sword King Meng Shaobai!
Many people looked at Young Master Shenji with admiration.


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