The Brilliant Fighting Master
705 The Jiang Family Came
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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705 The Jiang Family Came

Jiang Chen was capable enough to deploy a tactical formation that could trap
a Celestial Venerable, but it was really difficult to finish everything in only
twenty minutes.
The windows made it even more difficult.
However, since he had the nerve to say it, he certainly knew how to do it.
What he deployed was a psychedelic formation.
He made **** underestimate the situation first. After the latter had entered the
room, relaxed and careless, he used the sudden bang of the door to give him
a surprise as well as a scare.
At the same time, the psychedelic formation Jiang Chen had carved on the
back of the door was switched on.
Due to ****'s bad manner, Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy to him. The
psychedelic formation he had deployed was extremely cruel.
However, he didn't have any way to know what the illusion was about, since it
changed with everyone's mental status.
Seeing **** driven crazy, Jiang Chen was in a good mood. He didn't even
have to spend time in adjusting his status any more.
When it was about time, he walked into the room to give **** two fierce slaps
so that the latter could get out of the psychedelic formation.
**** stopped kowtowing instantly. His body turned stiff. Then he abruptly
looked up.
It seemed he had experienced a long nightmare. He woke up soaked in
He got to his feet, frowning. He reached out for his forehead. When his
fingertips had touched blood, his first reaction was that he couldn't believe it.
Then a look of hatred showed up in his eyes.
Gazing at Jiang Chen standing so close to him, he punched over suddenly.
Jiang Chen didn't do anything, but Ji Yinyi, who had prepared for what was
coming, jumped before Jiang Chen as quickly as a lightening. She warded off
this punch with her sword.

It was a disaster when two Celestial Venerables fought in a room. The
furniture was destroyed by the strong wind created.
Li Bai also entered the room. He flew into a rage. Staring at ****, he said, "Do
you really think this is your home?!"
"Young master!"
**** felt his heart sank when he had perceived the coldness in Li Bai's look.
"You went against your superior and totally ignored me. I can't keep you here
anymore! Please leave the Heaven Martial Arts Club before dusk. Otherwise
whatever happens will be at your own peril."
Li Bai finally seized the chance to drive **** away.
The others wanted to put in a good word for him, but to give it a second
thought, it was ****'s mistake indeed.
A bet is a bet. And he even launched such a cruel attack after losing the bet.
He could have killed Jiang Chen.
As silver-tongued as ****, even he didn't know how to get himself excused.
Besides, he was in such a mess at the moment.
"Good! Great! Young master, I'll go!"
**** walked out of the room in anger. Looking at the others, he was still

reluctant to admit his defeat. He said, "Tired of his old subordinates, Young
Master is fond of the new guy. That really hurt my feelings. Anyone of you
wants to go with me?"
However, no one responded to him. The five Celestial Venerables avoided his
gaze, too.
He had lost all of his prestige while kowtowing and begging for mercy. No one
was willing to befriend him by then.
"Damn it!"
**** was too embarrassed to stay there anymore. His face was sullen. After
giving Jiang Chen, who was still in the room, a stare, he flew away.
"You can be dismissed," Li Bai said unhappily, looking at the other
"Yes, young master."

Not daring express any second opinion, they all left.
"Young Master Wind, I'm really sorry. I didn't anticipate such troubles," Li Bai
said sincerely.
"Brother Li, didn't we say on the air ship that we would be friends? Friends
don't apologize for such a trivial thing," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
"Yes, exactly. How can we allow our friendship to be harmed by such a trivial
thing?" Li Bai said emotionally.
However, Jiang Chen suddenly changed subject. He said in a skeptical tone,
"That being said, Brother Li, these people don't just look like your guests. And
it seems they think I'm in the same situation as them?"
Li Bai was struck dumb. He shook his head, smiling bitterly.
Jiang Chen was much smarter than he had imagined.
"Let's have this conversation outside. I'll send servants to clean the room
while we are talking."
There wasn't even a proper place to sit down in the room. It was certainly not
for a serious conversation.
Walking in the garden, Li Bai told him a common story.
The Heaven Martial Arts Club was an aristocratic family. It was a combination
of clans and gangs. As a result, the aristocratic families' primogeniture didn't
apply to the succession of the position of the club leader. In fact, everyone
could compete for it.
Li Bai used to focus on practicing only. He didn't care about the club leader's
position at all, no matter how his mother tried to persuade him into it.
In this way, his mother had to bear another child to fulfill her wish.
However, this went against some people's interests. His mother and the
unborn baby both died in a scheme.
Li Bai was so angry that he swore he would find the murderer out to revenge
his mother and the baby.
The first step was to become the club leader.
Li Bai's sadness was so real when he was telling this to Jiang Chen. Jiang
Chen thought this must be a true story.
Even Ji Yinyi was touched. She wanted to say yes to Li Bai, but she didn't
forget it was Jiang Chen who had the last say.

"Brother Li, our current goal is the Title Battle," Jiang Chen said.
"I know. I am not saying that I want you to fight with me now to help me. In
fact, I'm going to take part in the Title Battle, too."
Li Bai didn't get pissed off. He said, "I only want to know that you will support
me! If you help me, I will help you, too. I'll take you to see some geniuses
living in Wing Prefecture so that you can establish your own connections
Connections mattered a lot in a stable place where there were many forces.
At least it mattered to Ji Yinyi. She had left the desolate land before, but this
time, she made up her mind she would do something great.
"If you become famous in the Title Battle and get better opportunities, I'll be
benefited in some way, too," Li Bai said.
The Title Battle meant more than winning a title. The winners wouldn't just go
back home with the title they won.
Instead, with the title they won, they would get better opportunities in the Ten
Prefectures, the Nine Territories and the Eight Realms.
That was why the Title Battle had got so many attentions.
"If this is the case, of course we won't say no."
Looking at Ji Yinyi, who was already very eager, Jiang Chen said with a smile.
"Hahahaha. Great."
Li Bai burst out laughing. Jiang Chen's answer put him assured.
"There will be a great event in the city tonight, where you'll meet many people
who come for the Title Battle. So, you will know what kind of people you will
be dealing with."
Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi showed a great interest in the news.
Although they should seize every second to practice, if they didn't even know
their rivals' levels, how could they make good preparation?
At this moment, a loud thunderbolt came from the sky.
At first, people thought it was going to rain, but when they had looked up, they
found those were the Jiangs' chariots.

There were hundreds of giant chariots. They didn't stop, but went on traveling
over the city.
When the chariots had disappeared from the sight, the whole city went into an
"I'll ask around to figure out what is happening."
Li Bai was puzzled, too. He sent someone to investigate it.
Soon, someone ran over. He said, "Young master, one of the Jiangs' five
elements disciples died in the Desolate Forbidden Land!"
Li Bai tumbled to the reason that the Jiangs had sent such a strong team over.
As to Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi, they had an odd feeling.
They both knew who was the five elements disciple that had died.
The Jiangs had sent such a strong team that they would definitely know what
had happened.
That is the only way.
Jiang Chen made up his mind. Only in this way could he be fearless of the
Besides, if he didn't take actions in time, he would get Li Bai into big trouble,


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