The Brilliant Fighting Master
703 Twenty Minutes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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703 Twenty Minutes

Li Bai walked into a hall in the Heaven Martial Arts Mansion with a giant rock.
It was very quiet in the hall, and very dark. There were lights shining through
into the center part of the room, but both the left and right side were shrouded
in darkness.
Li Bai greeted to the shadows on both sides.
"Li Bai, you came back early. How is the thing with the Starsailor Chamber of
Commerce going?"
An old voice came immediately from the shadows. He sounded sleepy.
"It's all done. The Starsailor Chamber of Commerce has been eliminated. We
need to find another chamber of commerce to collaborate with," Li Bai said.
"You were only there for less than ten days. Wasn't it a little hasty to eliminate
the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce so quickly?"
"This is your first task. I understand you wanted to come off well, but we need
to convince the masses. The use of force alone won't help you take a force
under control."
The elders in the hall reacted strongly.
The plan was to reorganize the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce. In the
worst-case scenario, they would dismiss the president and let the second
most powerful man take the charge.
However, Li Bai eliminated the whole chamber of commerce, which was quite
inappropriate to them.
They didn't care about the trivial Starsailor Chamber of Commerce. What they
were worried about was the influence Li Bai's decision could bring.
"Elders, don't worry. I wouldn't have done it if I weren't sure."
Li Bai put the rock on the ground and then told them everything.
"How dare the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce!"
"We thought they had only cooked the books, but they even collaborated with
"If this is known by others, our flight courses will be greatly affected."

"Li Bai, good job. You did the right thing."
The elders didn't expect a small chamber of commerce to have the nerve to
commit such a crime. They were super angry.
"The staff of the chamber of commerce have all been taken into custody," Li
Bai said.
"Good. Bring them here for the trial. And kill them later."
The elders' interest shifted from the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce to the
rock soon.
"So, that Young Master Wind is a genius good at spiritual tactical formations
and wards?"
"Such geniuses are rare. We should take good use of him."
Nodding, Li Bai said, "Elders, that's exactly what I'm thinking. So, I want to
pay him compensations and rewards for this."
"Yeah. We should do that."
The elders agreed.
Li Bai was beaming when he walked out of the hall.
However, a figure walked onto the steps soon, and his smile disappeared.
It was a woman. They looked alike. What she was wearing was an azure
She was wearing her bangs swept to the side, which made her oval face
seem longer and gave her a colder look.
"Third younger brother."
"Second elder sister."

Li Bai greeted her.
The woman stopped walking. She scorned, "So, you've made up your mind to
be a part of this. Watch out."
"I will," Li Bai said calmly.
"By the way, if you want to be the next leader of the club, a mob won't help
you a lot."

The woman said, smiling sarcastically, "Go to check the east courtyard. Your
men are about to get into a fight."
Li Bai realized something immediately. He left in a hurry.
However, he came back again. He said to the woman who looked confused,
"Thank you for telling me, second elder sister."
Then he flew to the east courtyard.
Jiang Chen, grasping the door frame with both hands, was looking at those
men and women outside the door. They were staring at him, full of hostility.
Putting what they had said and what the servant had said together, he knew
these people were also Li Bai's guests. They were unhappy with the
preferential treatment Jiang Chen had got, since he was living in the heaven-
grade guestroom.
Childish, Jiang Chen sworn to himself. Then he closed the door.
He certainly could hear the people outside were complaining and cursing.
They were totally pissed off.
To his surprise, the door was kicked open.
"What is this?!"
Those people dashed into the room, staring at Jiang Chen in anger.
"What is this?"
Jiang Chen wasn't in a good mood. He was about to relax a little bit, but some
strangers intruded into his room. No one would be happy with that.
"You know, we are Celestial Venerables."
Seeing Jiang Chen's reaction, the six people reminded him involuntarily.
There were more people outside, but all of them were Spiritual Venerables.
Staying outside to look on, they didn't meddle in.
"Can Celestial Venerables do whatever they want?"
Ji Yinyi walked over, pulling a long face. She was even angrier after knowing
what was going on.
"Celestial Venerable?"

The six Celestial Venerables were struck dumb. They seemed surprised.
Ji Yinyi was a Celestial Venerable in the preliminary stage. And they were,
too. So they were actually equal.
However, they were unhappy with the fact that Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi had
got such a good treatment, although all of them were Celestial Venerables.
A room didn't really matter to Celestial Venerables.
What mattered was the social status it represented.
"We are Young Master Li's guests. We heard that two big shots had been
invited over, too. That's why we are here visiting you."
The leader of the six said after coming forward.
It was a large and tall man, big-eyed and thick-browed. He looked very proud.
"You call this a visit?"
Pointing at the broken lock on the door, Jiang Chen found it funny.
"You don't deserve to talk to me."
The man frowned at him. He was treating Ji Yinyi and Jiang Chen in a totally
different way.
"Who gave you the right to talk to him like this? You're only four or five years
more experienced than my fiancé in practicing. Is it so great?" Ji Yinyi said
Those people showed an interesting facial expression.
It was nothing common that a man's state was lower than his female partner.
"Miss, you are really wrong about this. In four or five years, it might even be
difficult for him to achieve the late stage of Spiritual Venerable. Not to mention
to achieve Celestial Venerable," the man said proudly.
Ji Yinyi pulled a long face. She said, "What on earth do you want? You want to
drive us away from here because you are unhappy with the situation?"
"Certainly not. We are only here to check on you."
Shrugging his shoulders, the man said, "We thought Young Master Li's VIP
guests must be great, but you turn out to be quite average."

Those behind him and outside the door burst out laughing.
"Let's go. There is nothing interesting here."
After making a big show of his strength, he was leaving with his men.
"You wanna go?" to their surprise, Jiang Chen started to talk.
The man turned around to look at him with interest. He said, "What do you
"Don't you wanna know what is so special about me?"
Jiang Chen said, "I have an idea. I'll deploy a tactical formation in the room. If
you are really so great as you claimed, you shouldn't be trapped by it. What
do you think?"
"You are a spiritual formation master?"
The man realized. He finally came to understand why Jiang Chen had got
such a special treatment.
However, he was still unhappy with it. Some spiritual formation masters were
good, while others were not so good. That was what was on his mind.
Jiang Chen was so young. How could he be a great master already?
He was going to prove Li Bai had made a mistake.
"Okay. Let's have a competition then. How long will it take you to deploy the
"Twenty minutes," Jiang Chen said.
"Are you sure?"
The man and others were all surprised. They had thought Jiang Chen would
say a few hours.
How powerful could a tactical formation deployed in twenty minutes be?
"This isn't your concern. You should think about how to beg for my mercy
when you can't get out of the formation," Jiang Chen said.
"Interesting. I'll be waiting here," the man said disdainfully.


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