The Brilliant Fighting Master
702 A Trivial Spiritual Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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702 A Trivial Spiritual Venerable

Li Bai closed his fan as soon as he finished speaking. He patted himself on
the palm with the fan.
His smile was confident and impressive. Then some strong energies
appeared. They were coming from everywhere.
When the crowd took a closer look, they found all of these energies came
from Celestial Venerables.
They were all wearing white clothes of different designs. Their clothes were
spotlessly clean. And they were all carrying a fan at the waist.
"Young master."
Landing beside Li Bai, they greeted him with respect.
"Close the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce down. Take everyone back!" Li
Bai gave the order in a deep voice. His smile was gone.
"Yes, young master!"
The crowd gazed in awe at the Celestial Venerables, who were busy working.
Nobody from the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce managed to escape.
"My friends, let's go," Li Bai said.
A luxury air ship appeared in the air. He extended his arm to invite them to get
Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi glanced at each other. Then they embarked on the air
"This Heaven Martial Arts Club seems great."
Jiang Chen exclaimed, appreciating the craftsmanship and the design of the
air ship.
This air ship was not only gorgeous, but also practical.
"The Heaven Martial Arts Club is second to none in Wing Prefecture."
Ji Yinyi said. But since her remark seemed too general to herself, she added,
"In the Three Middle Realms, none of the forces able to set foot on the
Desolate Forbidden Lands is simple."
For example, the Heaven Martial Arts Club had flight courses all over Wing
Prefecture. They really shouldn't be underestimated.

"My friends, I haven't asked about your names." Li Bai followed them onto the
ship. He was quite polite and elegant.
"Young Master Wind."
"Ji Yinyi."
"Are you here to take part in the Title Battle?" Li Bai asked after thinking.
He was smart. He got the conclusion after observing Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi's
As to the killers, he didn't ask anything about them.
"I guess you haven't found a place to stay in Wing Prefecture yet, have you? If
you don't mind, please let me entertain you during your stay here."
Li Bai said warmheartedly, as he started the air ship.
There was still more than half a month to go to the Title Battle. They had to
find a place to stay.
Those who could get invited by the Heaven Martial Arts Club were all
extraordinary people.
"Young Master Li, you know where the Cliff Mountain is?" Jiang Chen asked.
He had been keeping Venerable Fengyu's word on mind.
"The Cliff Mountain isn't in Wing Prefecture. It's in Jing Prefecture," Li Bai
said, confused.
There were three other prefectures between Wing Prefecture and Jing
Prefecture. If Jiang Chen ended up here because he had been lost, he had
totally messed up the direction.
Jiang Chen didn't want to travel through any Desolate Forbidden Land again.

He decided to go there when he got another chance.
"Young Master Wind, you seem fantastic to me. If you can achieve Celestial
Venerable before the Title Battle, I'm sure you will surprise the whole world,"
Li Bai said.
Ji Yinyi agreed with him.
The thing was Jiang Chen was only in the middle stage of Spiritual Venerable.
If nothing special came up, it would be hard for him to achieve Celestial
Venerable in half a year.

"Hopefully," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
The air ship was flying at high speed in the air. They could only see clouds out
there. Nothing else.
Fortunately, Li Bai was quite sophisticated. Thanks to him, no one felt
awkward. He invited his two guests to have tea with him. They talked about
everything related to Wing Prefecture.
The conversation gave Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi a general idea of Wing
In addition, Jiang Chen got to know the Constellation Palace was also located
in Wing Prefecture.
It was really a coincidence.
However, Wing Prefecture was big. The Constellation Palace and the Heaven
Martial Arts Club were quite far away from each other.
If they opened a map of Wing Prefecture, they would find its outline looked
like a wing of birds. It was actually how it had got its name.
The Heaven Martial Arts Club was on the left side of the wing, while the
Constellation Palace was on the other side.
"Young Master Wind, you'll be asked to give us the rock when we arrive. Is
that okay with you?"
Since the atmosphere was quite good, Li Bai said in a friendly tone.
"No problem at all."
The rock would be useless for him even if he kept it with him, so he certainly
wouldn't mind. He wouldn't really get into the business to sell Itinerary Stones.
"Young Master Wind, may I ask you one thing? Can you really find out the
secret of the flight courses?" Li Bai posed another question.
Although he was still smiling, Ji Yinyi had put her hand on her sword.
"What if I say I can?" Jiang Chen asked.
"Then I'll admire you a lot!"
To his surprise, Li Bai said loudly after getting to his feet. He bowed to Jiang
Chen, cupping one hand in the other before his chest. He said, "I really
admire those capable people, who have true skills. If Young Master Wind you
don't mind, we can treat each other like friends."

Are men all nuts?
Ji Yinyi complained to herself, relaxing her grip on the sword handle.
"If Brother Li you don't mind that I'm only a Spiritual Venerable, I certainly
wouldn't mind."
"Young Master Wind you are very talented. It won't take you long to be a
grand Venerable!" Li Bai said.
Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He didn't expect Li Bai to have such an
interesting side.
When the air ship finally arrived at the destination, the two had been behaving
like friends who had known each other for a long time. Ji Yinyi couldn't help
but frown at them.
She came to the prow, and found the air ship was flying over a giant city.
The city's spaciousness was beyond her imagination. She felt it was even
bigger than the whole desolate land where she came from.
And this was only a city in Wing Prefecture.
She exclaimed again how much one's background could matter. At the same
time, a resolute look appeared in her eyes.
She wanted to take root here, or even in some better place, so that her
offspring would grow up in a better environment.
The air ship landed in a mansion in the city.
Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi both saw how big the Heaven Martial Arts Mansion
was. It covered an area of hundreds of hectares. Surrounded by high walls, it
was like a city itself.
The constructions in the yard were extremely fancy. The main hall in the front
yard looked magnificent. The pavilions in the back yard were elegant and
The place was full of white-clothed people. The whole yard could hold
thousands of people.
"Young Master Wind," Li Bai said, hinting at the rock.
Jiang Chen nodded and gave him the rock.
"A servant will take you to settle in. I'll go to report the whole thing to the top
management," Li Bai said.

"No problem."
Ji Yinyi said after Li Bai had left, "Why didn't he ask us to go with him. Would
this be a con?"
"I don't think so. I guess it's only because it will be inconvenient for us to be
"You seem to trust him a lot," Ji Yinyi said.
"No, I just believe I have a good eye for people," Jiang Chen said.
Shaking her head, Ji Yinyi was speechless.
Soon, the two were standing before a room, stunned.
"You must be great friends of our young master's. We usually won't let guests
lodge in this heaven-grade guestroom," the servant who had taken them there
"This isn't the problem..." Ji Yinyi wondered why they had been taken to the
same room.
However, then it occurred to her Li Bai had asked about their relation on the
air ship, and they told him they had engaged.
So, this arrangement was actually quite reasonable.
After pushing the door open, Ji Yinyi felt relieved.
The room was very big, big enough for people to practice sword in there. And
the other side of the living room had a big window facing a lake. So, she didn't
have to feel worried. It wouldn't be too awkward for them.
The servant left after opening the door for them.
"Let's take a rest."
The Desolate Forbidden Land had been a great burden for Jiang Chen. Not
until then could he relax a little bit in the room.
He was going to take a good rest and treat his injuries, which he had been
suffering from. However, to his surprise, someone knocked on the door.
And it sounded rude. That person was knocking hard on the door.
Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi glanced at each other. Then they walked over to open
the door.

"I was wondering whom Young Master Li had allowed to stay in this heaven-
grade room. And it turns out to be a trivial Spiritual Venerable."
As soon as the door was open, a harsh voice came.


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