The Brilliant Fighting Master
701 Heaven Martial Arts Club
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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701 Heaven Martial Arts Club

The Heavenly Fault Sword and the Redcloud Sword were not suitable to be
used in public, since it occurred to Jiang Chen he had disguised himself when
he took the black knife out.
His true face would be revealed once 60 or 70% of his strength was used.
As a result, Jiang Chen decided to exert the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning
Formula. The specialty about a holy method could prevent the failure of facial
disguise to the maximum extent.
The two Spiritual Venerables didn't try to dodge. Either of them launched a fist
attack, intending to compete with Jiang Chen in strength.
Both of them were Spiritual Venerables in the middle stage. They were sure
they could defeat Jiang Chen if they attacked together.
Jiang Chen took their fists with his palms. His strength broke out in an instant.
The expected competition and collision didn't happen. On the contrary, Jiang
Chen was overwhelming.
The two Spiritual Venerables fell at high speed, much faster than free fall.
Jiang Chen's palm attack was too powerful for the two to resist.
Even though they tried their best, with radiances tumbling around them and
forces gathered in their soles, it didn't work.
The two fell onto the ground with a bang. They pierced through the square's
flagstone-paved ground. Most part of their bodies ended up buried in the
Only their heads were still above the ground.
Taking the force of thunder back, Jiang Chen jumped aside.
"He's so fierce!"
The crowd was greatly surprised. Seeing the two Spiritual Venerables on the
verge of death, they couldn't help but doubt Jiang Chen's state.
The Spiritual Venerable who had spit up blood came to himself. He was going
to confront Jiang Chen again to revenge himself. However, he was shocked to
see his companions' situation.
"As powerful as a thunderbolt -- it's not an exaggerated description at all."

Walking towards Jiang Chen, the white-clothed youngster said approvingly.
"Thank you."
Jiang Chen nodded at him. The youngster had left him a good impression.
Then he was going to help Ji Yinyi.
"That miss will definitely win. Don't worry about her," the white-clothed
youngster said.
Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He looked up and found Ji Yinyi was at an
advantage, just as the youngster had said.
"No wonder they had the nerve to come to pick a fight!"
The president of Starsailor felt complicated. He had looked down on Jiang
Chen and Ji Yinyi, and he had been behaving arrogantly and impolitely.
However, to his surprise, they turned out to be the weaker side.
The president of Starsailor made a gesture of attacking, but in fact, he
retreated to the square. He said, "Are you really going to be the Starsailor's
"Isn't it the reverse? It's you who are going to be our enemy," Jiang Chen said
in a cold tone.
"Do you know who is supporting the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce?"

The president was going to mention their patron to shock and intimidate Jiang
Chen and Ji Yinyi.
"It's the Heaven Martial Arts Club!"
He said loudly, "They are a respected big force in Wing Prefecture. They have
great Venerables protecting them. Destroying the Starsailor is the same as
destroying their business."
"Yeah? I don't mind stirring up the trouble," Jiang Chen said.
They were the ones who were morally right. If the Heaven Martial Arts Club
wasn't stupid, they would make concessions to avoid trouble.
"You really think too much of yourselves. Well, don't say I'm cruel!"
The president of Starsailor showed a fierce face. He punched towards the sky.
In an instant, all of the buildings on the mountainside emitted some energy
light pillars. They gathered together quickly.

It was like parts assembly. A finished product appeared before people soon.
It was a grand formation!
The whole mountain, including Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi, was within its range.
"A tactical formation!"
People exclaimed, but actually they didn't find themselves too surprised.
Things like wards, tactical formations and spiritual seals were the most
worrying when someone was on others' territory.
"This formation is used to protect us from great Venerables. You will die!
That's out of question!" the president of Starsailor said.
"Young Master Wind, what should we do?"
Ji Yinyi was a little bit panicked. It wasn't good to be trapped in a tactical
However, she soon found she had a blind trust in Jiang Chen.
She had no idea whether Jiang Chen was good at tactical formation, but she
thought he would figure out a way to help them out.
In fact, he did have a way.
"You talk big, don't you?"
Jiang Chen said to the president. Then he flew towards the tactical formation.
A fast-whirling formation disk showed up in his hand.
"A spiritual formation master?!"
The white-clothed youngster's eyes lit up, since this guy had never stopped
surprising him.
"Stupid. You think I will give you the chance to crack the formation?" The
president of Starsailor felt he had seen a joke.
He made up his mind, and then the formation was switched on.
"Watch out!"
Ji Yinyi hurried to warn Jiang Chen.
As she knew about spiritual formation masters, it would take time to crack or
deploy a tactical formation, but switching on a tactical formation only needed
an instant.

In the tactical formation whose name was unknown, the energy transformed
into a star river. Then Jiang Chen was attacked by a meteor shower.
The white-clothed man hesitated, wondering whether he should lend Jiang
Chen a hand, since if the latter was hit, he would definitely die.
Nevertheless, Jiang Chen seemed very confident to him. That was why he
At the last minute, when he was about to meddle in, a radiance in the shape
of a bright moon suddenly appeared in Jiang Chen's hand. He brandished it in
the tactical formation.
He tried to figure out how the radiance moved, but it suddenly disappeared.
Nothing was left in Jiang Chen's hands.
The meteor shower and the star river had also disappeared. The energy of
the grand formation was gone, too.
In this way, Ji Yinyi learned about another thing -- a tactical formation could
vanish in an instant, too.
"How is it possible?!"
The president of Starsailor was inevitably shocked. It was his trump card, but
it turned out to be so ridiculous.
Ji Yinyi launched a sword attack again. Since the president had tried to kill
her, she didn't show him any mercy, either.
Her sharp sword glittered like frost. She threw it over in the wind.
However, before she got the president of Starsailor, a white shadow beat her
to it.
It was the white-clothed youngster!
His attack was as fast as electrics. He kept punching the president of
When Ji Yinyi had arrived, the white-clothed youngster had stopped and
stepped aside.
The president of Starsailor was heavily injured. And that wasn't all. He was
losing his state as a Celestial Venerable.

"Are you crazy? You...aren't you from the Heaven Martial Arts Club?"
The president looked towards the white-clothed youngster, unwilling to admit
his defeat.
The white-clothed youngster opened his fan. Fanning gently, he said, "You
Starsailor Chamber of Commerce are doing petty tricks behind our back,
although you pretend you do everything we say. You really think you can keep
it a secret from us?"
Upon hearing him, the president of Starsailor turned pale.
Ignoring him, the white-clothed youngster looked towards Jiang Chen and Ji
Yinyi. He said, "Nice to meet you. I'm Li Bai from the Heaven Martial Arts
Club. I'm here to investigate the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce. But I'm
really surprised that they collaborated with those killers and sold their clients'
information to them."
Jiang Chen landed on the ground after having cracked the formation. He was
observing the president of Starsailor and Li Bai.
"The Heaven Martial Arts Club has flight courses throughout the Desolate
Forbidden Lands in Wing Prefecture."
"We Heaven Martial Arts Club are responsible for the construction. Then we'll
authorize some chambers of commerce to manage the business. We'll get
80% of the profits from them every month."
Li Bai started to tell them about everything, although he wasn't asked to. He
seemed to know the puzzles in Jiang Chen's heart.
He went on, "The accounts of Starsailor Chamber of Commerce don't seem
right to us recently. And we've heard many rumors. That's why the Heaven
Martial Arts Club has sent me here to investigate the whole thing. But they are
too cunning. I can't find any lead, not until today, because I met you two."
"What happened to you is partly caused by the Heaven Martial Arts Club's
problem. If you don't mind, please go to the Heaven Martial Arts Club with me.
You can get a compensation as well as a reward there."
"We didn't do it for money..."
Jiang Chen was going to say no, but he suddenly recalled the killers in the
Desolate Forbidden Land. He said, "Okay. We'll go to the Heaven Martial Arts
Club with you. But as we said, there are killers out there targeting us."
"That's not a problem. As long as you are with me, you don't have to worry
about any killers."
Li Bai said confidently.


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