The Brilliant Fighting Master
700 Justice is not for the Weak
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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700 Justice is not for the Weak

If Jiang Chen really used the rock to make Itinerary Stones, it would be a
huge blow for the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce.
They had spent great amounts of time and energy to build the iron cuboid
pillar at the peak.
It had a great technical value, and the material used to make it was extremely
precious. Furthermore, grand Venerables had gone deep into the Desolate
Forbidden Land to explore the way.
Smooth connections had to be made between two ends of the Desolate
Forbidden Land to establish a flight course.
The process was extremely dangerous. It was even risky for grand
Venerables. They could get lost in the Desolate Forbidden Land, too.
Some great Venerables did lose their lives in the Desolate Forbidden Land
over the past few years.
However, for such a profitable industry, there were always adventurers willing
to take the risk.
The difference between wealthy men and ordinary men lied in the way they
handled risks.
However, by then Jiang Chen could shake the foundation of the Starsailor
Chamber of Commerce. They certainly wouldn't let go of him easily.
"What? Do you admit this belongs to the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce?
But I got it from the killers. How will you explain that?" Jiang Chen said,
The on-lookers also felt it suspicious.
"The technique in this regard is a top secret. I can't say a word about it." The
attitude of the president of Starsailor almost remained the same. He was still
blunt and oppressive.
"Well, even if the killers managed to steal it from you, I'm wondering why you
made a tool to intercept it," Jiang Chen went on.
"It's just in case. Many villains will escape into the Desolate Forbidden Land
after disguising themselves. With this thing, we'll be able to stop them in time,"
the president of Starsailor argued.
He had to admit that stuff was theirs. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would take it

"So, please give it back to us," he added. His look was ice cold.
"Then there is still a pending question. To make the rock intercept the signal, it
must be provided with the mark of our Itinerary Stone," Jiang Chen said.
Ji Yinyi said, "Those disposable Itinerary Stones are randomly stored in a big
box. I saw it with my own eyes."
Before the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce could respond, the white-clothed
youngster cut in, "Are you implying that the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce
collaborated with those killers, and they are selling their customers'
The president of Starsailor threw him a hostile look.
However, facing the pressure from the Celestial Venerable, the white-clothed
youngster was quite calm. He even grinned at the latter.
The president of Starsailor realized the whole thing had been out of his
control. He should start to take Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi seriously.
He said, "It's a long story. Let's go inside to talk about it. I promise you will get

a satisfying answer."
"Mr. President's attitude has changed really fast," Jiang Chen said
"Don't you want to solve the problem, too?" the president of Starsailor said.
"I'm sorry. You ruined my mood to solve the problem. Now I prefer to pay you
back in kind."
Jiang Chen flew away. He certainly wouldn't give back to them the rock that
could destroy the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce.
"You have something that belongs to the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce on
you. And you want to go?" The president of Starsailor flew into a rage.
The white-clothed man said, "Don't forget that your stuff was found on the
killers and you leaked others' information."
"Mister, who on earth are you? Why are you opposing the Starsailor Chamber
of Commerce?"
The president of Starsailor sent some people to stop Jiang Chen. At the same
time, he looked towards the white-clothed youngster, who was stirring up
"You call this opposing?"

Shrugging his shoulders, the white-clothed youngster said, "Maybe you are
just having a guilty conscience."
Then he opened the fan in his hand. It was a blank fan. There was neither
landscape painting nor poems.
The center of the fan was written with a word of a lively and vigorous
calligraphy style in black ink -- Heaven!
After confirming what he had seen, the president of Starsailor, who almost
had a fit of anger, managed to hold his temper. He was totally shocked.
At the same time, they heard a desperate fight in the air.
Three Spiritual Venerables were confronting Ji Yinyi. Thrown into a panic, they
fled away immediately.
"Craps! Go to deal with the man. Take the rock back!"
The president of Starsailor left the white-clothed youngster behind. He flew
into the air in a hurry. A scimitar suddenly appeared in his hand.
Ji Yinyi snorted. She whirled her dagger in the air.
A swirl was formed in the air around the tip of the dagger, as if it were in
Before the president of Starsailor could fly up, Ji Yinyi launched an active
attack. She charged down from the air.
The other three Spiritual Venerables surrounded Jiang Chen.
With a superiority in number, they thought they would absolutely gain the
victory, so they were worried about nothing.
"Why do you have to be so insensible and have to worsen the situation to this
extent?" one of the Spiritual Venerables said.
"Insensible? I came to ask for your explanation. A Reaching Heaven State
yelled at me and showed me no respect. When your president came, he was
also arrogant and aggressive. He threatened to kill me if I didn't leave! But
now it's my fault?" Jiang Chen found it funny.
"Exactly. It's your fault."
A Spiritual Venerable in the late stage laughed at him. He said, "As weak as
you, you wanted to seek justice? Now even your friend has got into trouble."
"Tut. Tut. Tut. It sounds familiar. You think yourselves strong?"

Jiang Chen glanced at the three. Then he put the rock into his spiritual
storage ware.
In this way, the three Spiritual Venerables had to launch an attack. Not
interested in a one-to-one fight, they attacked together.
The youngster paid more attention to Jiang Chen, who was fighting against
three men at the same time, than to the fight between those two Celestial
"Show me what you have," the young man said.
Jiang Chen was Spiritual Venerable, while Ji Yinyi was Celestial Venerable.
However, it wasn't hard to tell that Jiang Chen was the one who had the conn
between them. That was why the young man felt so curious about Jiang
Chen. He wondered what Jiang Chen had that was worthy of a Celestial
Venerable's respect.
Jiang Chen reached for his swords at waist, but then he recalled both of them
were in the spiritual storage ware.
After thinking, he took out the black knife that he was going to abandon.
It was an average spiritual knife, not eye-catching at all. The white-clothed
youngster even felt disappointed.
To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen somehow exerted the lore of wind and
threw the black knife over directly.
The knife was thrown over like an arrow, intending to cut the Spiritual
Venerable before him open.
However, the Spiritual Venerable wasn't a target. Frowning and gazing at the
knife, he didn't get Jiang Chen's intention at all. He dodged it by stepping
He was meticulous enough to watch for the black knife, in case there were
any subsequent moves.
However, in the end, he found the black knife flew far away and fell along a
parabola path onto the ground.
Is he an idiot?
The Spiritual Venerable thought involuntarily. However, when he looked back
to check Jiang Chen, he was given a good scare.

Jiang Chen was only a meter away from him. He didn't even know when Jiang
Chen had approached him. He could see every detail on Jiang Chen's face
since they were so close.
The brilliant lightening was certainly strong enough to blind him.
"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"
Jiang Chen kept his fingers together and threw two palms over. They were
powerful and vigorous.
The Spiritual Venerable reacted fast. He switched on his protective energy jar
However, the protection energy jar was shattered to pieces as soon as it
made contact with Jiang Chen's palms. The Spiritual Venerable got two
punches on his chest.
He spit up blood and flew off the ground.
Jiang Chen didn't stay where he was. He jumped and disappeared. The other
two Spiritual Venerables dashing towards him got nothing.
When they had looked up in surprise, they saw Jiang Chen standing in the air.
"Now, it appears that you are the poor weak ones."
As he spoke, he charged down. Thunders roared and lightening flashed. He
was overwhelming.


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