The Brilliant Fighting Master
699 Starsailor Chamber of Commerce
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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699 Starsailor Chamber of Commerce

The rest of the journey went on smoothly for the two.
They arrived at the other end of the Desolate Forbidden Land without
encountering more accidents.
Endless mountains continued as far as the eye could see. The Desolate
Forbidden Land, which was on the other side of the mountains, were already
out of their sight.
It would take a long time to fly from one Desolate Forbidden Land to the
closest one located in the same prefecture.
Their air ship stopped on a mountain full of buildings. At its peak, there was a
black iron cuboid pillar about twenty meters long, each side of which was half
a meter wide.
While approaching this iron pillar, the light emitted by the Itinerary Stone
dimmed gradually.
The Itinerary Stone Ji Yinyi bought was disposable, and it could only be used
for one journey, so they would have to buy another one when this one was
used up.
Standing on the prow, Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi were looking at the buildings
below and the passers-by walking here and there.
"This is the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce?" Jiang Chen asked.
"You really want to pick a fight?" nodding, Ji Yinyi said nervously.
"Let's go down first. I'm wondering what they'll tell us," Jiang Chen said.
They were certainly referring to the incident of those killers.
Jiang Chen figured out how an Itinerary Stone functioned through studying
that giant rock. He knew it wouldn't be so easy to fly to the mountains by air
ship like before.
They would have to know the marks in the Itinerary Stone.
Every Itinerary Stone had unique marks. It was only possible to intercept them
when they knew the marks.
Obviously, the seller of the Itinerary Stone Ji Yinyi had bought leaked their
information to somebody, which almost got them into big trouble.

Since Ji Yinyi had spent money on it, if they just let it go, it would be hard to
swallow it.
The two landed on a square out of a hall at the peak.
There were quite a few people gathering there. They were air ship
passengers of the same chamber of commerce. They had just landed there,
"You don't need to return the Itinerary Stones that have been used up."
A guy from the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce said to Jiang Chen and Ji
Yinyi when he saw them.
"He must have known we are from the desolate lands," Ji Yinyi said.
Jiang Chen nodded. He had noticed how the guy felt he was better than them
while speaking and his disdainful manner, which was something Jiang Chen
was really familiar with.
"I want to see the person in charge of here."
Jiang Chen shouted at the guy. He was Young Master Wind again.
Sizing them up, the guy said, "What is it about? You can talk to anyone of us.
We're all in charge of here."
Jiang Chen waved his hand at a distance. A sucking force took the guy up to
him. Then he opened his palm, and the guy flew off the ground like a kite.

When he had almost reached the farthest end their eyes could see, Jiang
Chen waved his hand again and the guy went back to the original place.
What was different was by then he was seeing stars and his hair was
ridiculously messy.
"You still think you can take charge?" Jiang Chen said, amused.
He could hardly believe that even a Reaching Heaven State had the nerve to
offend him.
The guy was waggling from side to side like a drunk. When he finally landed
on the ground, he fell.
Many newly arrived passengers were amused by the scene when they got off
the air ship.
"You... Wait here!"

The guy struggled to get to his feet. His voice sounded so erratic that they
weren't sure whether he really wanted them to wait there or he meant he was
going to get some help to take the revenge.
Not until they saw a bunch of people dashing out of the hall did they confirm it
was the latter that he had meant.
Those people were extremely aggressive. They came onto the square, not
scared of the Spiritual Venerable and the Celestial Venerable at all.
However, they didn't pick a fight right away. Them seemed to be waiting for
Soon, some colorful glows fell from the peak.
When the glows had disappeared, they saw some Venerables there.
A Celestial Venerable and three Spiritual Venerables.
"What do you want to talk about?" the Celestial Venerable, also the president
of the chamber of commerce, said.
Judging from their reactions, that guy's terrible attitude wasn't because of his
character. The thing was, the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce was such a
big company that they didn't really care about their customers, and they cared
even less about those from the Big Dipper Wilderness.
The newly arrived customers didn't leave right away. They were curious about
what had happened.
Then they heard the whole story from Ji Yinyi.
Not until then did the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce realize this was
getting serious.
The Celestial Venerable winked at his subordinates before speaking.
"There is nothing interesting here. Guys, please go back if you don't have
anything special to do here."
His subordinates started to drive those on-lookers away.
Lacking spirit of cooperation and in a state of disunity, those people didn't
want any trouble since they were traveling. They were reluctant to leave, but
they had to.
"What happened to this Miss sounds severe. Why don't you allow us to stay

However, there were still some bold people there. One of them said, "Maybe
they got your sore point?"
The crowd looked over. It was a youngster in white who had spoken. He
looked as young as Jiang Chen, good-looking and elegant.
Judging from his way of dressing and accent, it wasn't hard to know he was
from the Three Middle Realms.
"So, stay."
The Celestial Venerable didn't really care. He walked towards Jiang Chen and
Ji Yinyi.
He was a small guy. His handlebar mustache didn't suit him at all.
The look from his small eyes put people quite uncomfortable. He said in a
stern voice, "Such things happen a lot. What you two should think is why you
were targeted by those killers. But since you've already brought this up, I have
an idea."
He took out an Itinerary Stone. It was also oval, but it was green.
"I'll grant you thirty times of usage of the Itinerary Stone, as our compensation
to you."
It seemed he thought he was already very generous. He threw the Itinerary
Stone to Jiang Chen before the latter could speak.
However, Jiang Chen didn't pick it. The Itinerary Stone fell onto the ground
directly. The air was charged with tension by the fall of the stone.
"We almost died because of you. You think a ticket is enough to shut us up?"
Ji Yinyi sounded very angry. She used to think the less trouble the better, but
his attitude had really pissed her off.
"Huh, what else do you want? You want to take advantage of this thing to
blackmail us? Let me tell you one thing. This isn't the place where you can do
whatever you want!" the president said bluntly.
Jiang Chen couldn't help but clap his hands. He said, "I don't think you want
to talk with us. You don't believe you did anything wrong, either, do you?"
"What did I do wrong? Did we guarantee it was 100% safe? Besides, it was
you whom the killers came for," the president said in a cold tone.
"It's because you leaked our information," Ji Yinyi said.
"Do you have any proof? What made you believe so?" the president said with
a cold smile.

The others from the Starsailor Chamber of Commerce were all behaving the
same as him. Used Itinerary Stones were nothing else than some stones.
That meant Jiang Chen didn't have any proof.
"I don't have anything to prove it," Jiang Chen said.
"Have you heard him? These two people from the desolate lands want to
blackmail us!" looking at the on-lookers, the president of the Starsailor
Chamber of Commerce said complacently.
The on-lookers nodded. Since there was no evidence, whatever he said
wouldn't work.
"But I found this thing," Jiang Chen took out that giant rock.
The president looked quite nervous when he saw the rock. He didn't
understand why Jiang Chen had claimed he didn't have any evidence
although he had this.
"What a coincidence. This thing can read the information stored in your
Itinerary Stone. I wrote it down on the way and found how it worked," Jiang
Chen said.
"So?" The president had a hunch that something unfavorable to them was
"If what I said is true, I'll be able to make a copy of your Itinerary Stone, but
since you are so sure that it had nothing to do with you, I don't think you need
to worry about anything." Jiang Chen was leaving with Ji Yinyi as he spoke.
However, the president didn't let them go.


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