The Brilliant Fighting Master
697 Young Master Jiang
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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697 Young Master Jiang

"They surely intercepted our Itinerary Stone's signal, which meant that they set their eyes on us from the moment I bought the Itinerary Stone."

Ji Yinyi didn't care about his joke, and said, "If such a perfect plan wasn't just a coincidence, we should have run into a professional organization of assassins."

"It's impossible for the Jiang family to hire it, and the only faction we offended in the city is the Elixir Fire Union." Jiang Chen started analyzing it calmly.

"That's right, the Elixir Fire Union assumed that you will join the Elixir Association, and you already wrecked their plan before, so they will surely come after us to kill us."

When she spoke up to here, Ji Yinyi took a look at him, and said, "Are you always keeping such a high profile."

"I'm a person, who kept a quite low-profile," Jiang Chen said earnestly, "But, people always bothered me."

"If I crushed this Itinerary Stone, they can't then deal with us," Ji Yinyi said.

"We will also get lost in the Forbidden Desolate Land if you did it."

Jiang Chen recalled the ship, where he once stayed, which was trapped forever in the Forbidden Desolate Land.

It was fortunate that he had good luck last time, and ended up running into Ji Yinyi's ship, or else, it would be unknown what would happen to him.

If leaving the Forbidden Desolate Land was quite easy, Jiang Chen wouldn't be quite relieved to throw Jiang Yao here.

Jiang Chen, who once managed to run out of the Forbidden Desolate Land, believed firmly in it, while Ji Yinyi would obviously not take such a decision.

"Let's first have a look at them, as they may be just robbers, who intercepted people," Jiang Chen spoke, while his body started transforming by itself.

Ji Yinyi assumed that he would take back Young Master Feng's appearance, yet she shortly discovered that it wasn't the case.

He still didn't finish changing his appearance, but it still could be seen from his build that it wasn't the former one, and it was only at the last moment did she came into a realization.

Jiang Chen appeared before her with Jiang Yao's look, and he even took a set of clothes from Jiang Yao's Storage Spiritual Artifact.

Disgust appeared in Ji Yinyi's eyes as she looked at him, but she came back to her senses just after, and recalled that this was Jiang Chen.

Moreover, Jiang Chen still made himself seem like he suffered heavy injuries, as only then could people not discern his true cultivation.

After a short while, they managed to see the end of the Forbidden Desolate Land in a distant location.

However, they both clearly know that it wasn't their destination, but just an empty place in the Forbidden Desolate Land, and they couldn't discern its concrete position.

"Who's this heedless, and dared to intercept a Jiang family's disciple signal?"

After the flying ship left the Forbidden Desolate Land, Jiang Chen imitated Jiang Yao's expression, and shouted in displeasure.

He didn't guard against anything, and he took large strides toward the bow of the ship, and showed that he was a person with a prominent status.

As he looked toward there, he discovered that the flying ship was in the sky above a mountain range.

This mountain range was on the periphery of the Forbidden Desolate Land, and he didn't get to see anything else here besides it.

However, Jiang Chen could still detect that he exposed himself in front of the people in the dark, and he was like a conspicuous target.

He was quite fearless, as he didn't believe that those people would rather kill someone wrongly than miss him.

It was because he was now Jiang Yao.

Sure enough! Several people appeared in the mountain range after just a short while. They were seven people, and they were all Celestial Venerables.

One couldn't discern men and women among them, as they all wore battle clothes, which hid their appearance and aura.

If Ji Yinyi didn't guess wrongly, those people should be professional assassins.

"Young Master Jiang?"

The seven assassins' Holy Awareness swept his body.

Jiang Chen didn't wait patiently for them to finish examining him, and he spoke in displeasure, "Who are you all? Did you come here for Jiang Chen?"

"According to our intelligence, this ship had just Jiang Chen and a woman." The assassin's voice was extremely ice-cold.

"It meant then that your intelligence is faulty. That Jiang Chen took avail of the fact that I underestimated him to push me into the Forbidden Desolate Land," Jiang Chen said.

"Then why's the current situation is like this?" The assassins were baffled by the current situation.

"I'm obliged to reply you?"

"Young Master Jiang, you should better explain it clearly to avoid unnecessary trouble," the assassin said.

"Snort! That Jiang Chen thought that he was clever, and asked her to come in to rescue him, yet after we boarded the ship, she becomes aware that I'm from the Jiang family. Which person's side she will take then?"

As he spoke, Jiang Yao came to Ji Yinyi's side proudly, and held her waist forcefully.

Ji Yinyi put on a good performance, and she wore a quite reluctant expression now, yet it seemed like she didn't dare to resist him.

The assassins were in fact aware that Jiang Chen pushed Jiang Yao into the Forbidden Desolate Land, or else, they would have directly attacked the ship after it appeared.

"The reason why Young Master Jiang underestimated him is that you are capable of changing your appearance," an assassin said suddenly.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, and said, "What do you mean? Me?"

"Jiang Chen is proficient in appearance changing techniques, so how can we know that you didn't change your appearance into the current one?"

When he heard such words, Jiang Chen was so infuriated that he laughed. He took big strides forward, as he said, "Then how can you prove that it's really me."

"When Young Master Jiang fought against Liu Chanfeng last time, he displayed a peerless leg technique, why don't you show it to us?"

"Dealing with those assassins is really not easy." Jiang Chen couldn't but have such a thought.

Their words had two traps in them, the leg technique was a trap, and the name of the person he fought was also another trap.

"At what time I was proficient in leg techniques? Why I'm not aware of it?"

Jiang Chen sneered coldly, while his muscles started hardening, but after he just started, he stopped due to the pain he felt, and his head became filled with sweat. He said, "I almost died in the Forbidden Desolate Land, so what else do you need me to show you?"

The assassins looked at each other in dismay. Jiang Chen's performance was flawless, and they were obliged to believe it.

"Young Master Jiang, we received a mission of killing both Jiang Chen, and her."

The assassins quickly threw another issue at him.

"I asked her to help me in exchange of wealth and status, yet now you want me to let you kill her?" Jiang Chen asked angrily.

"Young Master Jiang, I know that it's difficult for you to bear it, but you still must be slightly respectful. You don't know even our appearance, and other people are also unaware whether you are alive or not now."

"We can kill someone by mistake, yet we still mustn't let off someone by mistake."

The assassins were all feeling out of sorts as they listened to him shouting left and right.

When Jiang Chen, who had his back at Ji Yinyi, heard their words, he gave them a meaningful signal.

If he put on an act, he must play it perfectly. He still didn't forget to take his current injuries and Ji Yinyi's strength into consideration, as well as the fact that the flying ship was controlled by Ji Yinyi.

Even though he was incapable of controlling the flying ship to leave this place, but Ji Yinyi was still here.

The assassins understood his meaningful glance's significance, and they landed in the ship quietly.

"This influential family's disciple is afraid that Ji Yinyi will take him as a hostage."

"Aren't all of the Jiang family's disciples like this?"

The assassins communicated through their Holy Awarenesses.

"Young Master Jiang, you should first leave the ship."

"Jiang Yao, you are just a b*stard!" Ji Yinyi reacted back, but it was already too late, and Jiang Yao was now protected by the assassins.

"Sirs, if you can just cripple her, and not kill her, I will surely pay your mission's remuneration."

Jiang Yao said, "Won't it be a pity to kill such a beauty?"


When they heard that they could get a sum of money for it, the assassins were happy to do it, and it was especially since they didn't get Jiang Chen's corpse even though he already died, and he wasn't even killed by them, and it was difficult for this mission to be considered a success.

However, it was also due to it were they obliged to attack Ji Yinyi, as only then could they be considered as having really taken part in the mission.

"Does he plan to really use Jiang Yao's identity to escape from such a crisis?"

Ji Yinyi didn't know what was Jiang Chen up to, but she still knew that she was now facing six Celestial Venerables.

Even if they fought one to one, she would need a long while to defeat even someone, whose cultivation was lower than her, let alone six of them at the same time.

"If he really betrayed me, I will surely expose him." Ji Yinyi thought inwardly.

Jiang Chen already landed in the mountain range, and distanced himself from them, and started treating his injuries.


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