The Brilliant Fighting Master
696 Interception
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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696 Interception

If Jiang Yao learned of Jiang Chen's current thoughts, he would know then how stupid were his own.

He felt that it wasn't worth for him to take down Jiang Chen with him, while Jiang Chen didn't care about him in the first place.

After around ten minutes passed, a flying ship passed through the light screen, and came over.

"Jiang Chen, I'm here!" Ji Yinyi stood on the deck, and waved her hand at him, as she shouted.

Jiang Chen let go of him, and started flying toward the flying ship before Jiang Yao's gaze, which was filled with disbelief.

"How can he discern the right direction?"

Jiang Yao couldn't understand it, but he still instantly reached out with his hand, and held Jiang Chen's ankle.

"If I die, you will have to die too, and you can only live if I live on." He used all of his remaining power, and he would surely not let go of him regardless of anything.

"Are you all right?" Ji Yinyi, who was on the other side, shouted.

Jiang Chen continued then flying toward the flying ship, and Jiang Yao also exerted his power while behind him to survive.

Both of them landed on the flying ship at almost the same time.

"Jiang Chen, I will take your life." When Jiang Yao took a look at the hideous state of his body, he charged at Jiang Chen as if he went crazy.

But, when he just stood up, his body was pushed by a formless power, and he was pushed against the protective barrier.

"Doesn't a Jiang Family's disciple know that one must resign himself to fare after boarding other people's ship in the Forbidden Desolate Land?" Ji Yinyi said coldly.

Jiang Yao calmed down, while his whole body throbbed in pain because he was in the Forbidden Desolate Land a moment ago.

"The flying ship's controlling right is in your hand!" He could only bear it for now, and even though he wasn't smart, he still quickly pondered about a stratagem to survive.

"Help me, and take my side, and I will surely let bygones be bygones, and you will still get the Jiang Family's aid."

It was a pity that his last words were ridiculous.

"Let bygones be bygones?" Ji Yinyi suspected whether she just misheard him, and she slowly strode forward, as the sword in her hand swayed.

She thrust her sword suddenly at Jiang Yao's thigh.

"You insulted me, and tried to take advantage of me, yet now, you say that you will Let bygones be bygones?" Ji Yinyi said.


Such new burst of pain let Jiang Yao, who was already bearing intense pain, cry loudly, and he revealed his true colors, and shouted, "I will kill all of you, I will kill all of you. The Jiang Family will surely not let you off."

"You are talking like the Jiang Family once let us off in the past."

The lightning flickering on Jiang Chen's body disappeared. Staying in the Forbidden Desolate Land just for dozens second let him pay another grave price, but if it was for getting such a result, it was worth it.

"Jiang Chen! If you are skilled, why don't you fight against me fairly? If you killed me in such a way, you will be just a coward for your whole life," Jiang Yao said arrogantly.

"A Celestial Venerable like you is saying such shameless words to survive, who's a coward among us?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Snort, you just don't want to admit it. If you really want to take revenge, then fight me openly." Jiang Yao continued trying to spur him into action.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder, and said, "You should talk less and start considering how can you survive in the Forbidden Desolate Land."

"After your death, the other two people, who will too go down to the underworld, will inform you how's my true power."

"Coward! Coward!" Jiang Yao rained curses on him.

Jiang Chen chuckled and shook his head, while he took off all of his spiritual objects.

"Send him out!" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Yao, who was shouting crazily, shut up immediately when he heard such words, but he still spoke again after he quieted for just a short moment, "Jiang Chen, don't kill me, as long as you don't kill me, we can discuss anything."

"There isn't any need to discuss anything as long as you are still alive," Jiang Chen said coldly.

After he spoke, he looked at Ji Yinyi.

She started hesitating slightly. She agreed to protect Jiang Chen in the way, but didn't this mean that she would accept killing a Jiang Family's disciple.

The most proper way for handling it was passing the controlling rights to Jiang Chen, and let him take care of it by himself.

But, if she tried to shrink from such responsibility even though she knew such a secret, Jiang Chen would surely be on guard against her.

"Consider it carefully, the Jiang Family, or Jiang Chen?" It seemed to Jiang Yao like he saw a glimmer of hope when he witnessed her hesitating.

"I will choose Jiang Chen."

The protective barrier disappeared in the same instant her words echoed, and a burst of power pushed Jiang Yao out.

Jiang Yao started shouting crazily, while he wanted to attack the flying ship, and drag them down with him, but the ship speeded up quickly, and left him behind.

He still wanted to chase it, but the Forbidden Desolate Land displayed its might after just a short moment.

"It's too cold!"

He experienced coincidentally the same matter as Jiang Chen, and he experienced the bone-chilling cold. His whole body started stiffening as he was frozen, and his face quickly turned gray.

When his pupils also became dim and ash-gray, he was then killed by the Forbidden Desolate Land.

The breathing of Ji Yinyi, who was in the flying ship, became slightly rough.

"You must surely train Ji Ruxue, and make a person worthy of respect out of her, " Ji Yinyi raised her request confidently.

"You can be at ease," Jiang Chen replied bluntly. If Ji Yinyi didn't cooperate with him, Jiang Yao wouldn't have then ended up dead.

Ji Yinyi took the greatest risk she faced in her life for him, and what she sought from it wasn't a melodramatic romantic feeling, but just Jiang Chen's skill in alchemy.

"I still want to know why you are hunted by the Jiang Family," Ji Yinyi said.

"Sometimes, knowing too much won't be good to you." Jiang Chen wasn't guarding against her, but he just feared to bring troubles to her.

"I don't want to die while oblivious to everything," Ji Yinyi said.


Jiang Chen took the Heavenly Fault Sword from his Storage Spiritual Artifact, and said, "Do you recognize this sword?"

Confusion appeared on Ji Yinyi's face after she took several glances at it.

Jiang Chen unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword upon witnessing it.

Shook appeared immediately on Ji Yinyi"s face, but it was just due to her intuition as a swordswoman, and she still didn't know this sword"s origin.

"It's the Ancient Sword!" Jiang Chen reminded her.

"Is it the Ancient Sword, which has the greatest possibility for becoming a Doctrine Artifact? Wasn't it said that it was already lost in a Forbidden Desolate Land?" Jiang Chen realized everything, and she understood why the Jiang Family's disciples hunted him.

The Heavenly Fault Sword's worth wasn't determined by the fact that it was a Doctrine Artifact or not, but by the fact that it could become a Doctrine Artifact, and this was the reason why many people went crazy over it.

"It's really a pity, as it's a quite good sword," Ji Yinyi said suddenly.

"Why are you saying such words?"

"Can you use this sword as you wish? Aren't the Jiang Family's disciples hunting you because you used this sword?"

A crazy thought emerged in Ji Yinyi's mind, and she spoke after considering its merits and demerits, "Even if it became a Doctrine Artifact, it will still be useless to me, as It's just a source of disaster."

"You aren't mistaken, and it's just because of it, I must strive hard, and cultivate." Jiang Chen put away the Heavenly Fault Sword, as he sighed.

A trace of helplessness appeared in his eyes, as he extended his hand toward the Redcloud Sword.

The Heavenly Fault Sword was just a Quasi-Doctrine Artifact, yet many people looked for it, while the Redcloud Sword was already a Doctrine Artifact.

However, the Heavenly Fault Sword's potential was obviously higher than the Redcloud Sword.

Both of them closed their eyes and rested just after, as they waited for the ship to finish crossing the Forbidden Desolate Land.

The flying ship suddenly shook after an unknown amount of time passed, and it changed the direction where it was going.

"What's going on? Did we reach the end?" Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

Even though he didn't know the concrete direction, but the flying ship would surely not chose its direction at random, and it would proceed in a straight line according to the spiritual object detected by the Itinerary Stone.

"We were intercepted!" Ji Yinyi's expression became solemn, and she looked ahead of them, as she spoke, "I suddenly realized that I suffered a loss. You are really a dangerous person, and since I'm protecting you in your travel, you must take Ji Ruxue as your disciple."

"If the enemy waiting for us there is a Great Venerable, I will admit that this task is quite difficult, and will take Ji Ruxue as a disciple."

Jiang Chen still enjoyed this situation in spite of his suffering, and he spoke helplessly.


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