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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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695 Bravery

Even though Jiang Yao had his back facing Jiang Chen, he still could feel the latter's gaze, but he didn't care about him at all.

When he jumped into the war chariot, he looked toward him, and smiled in a provocative way.

"I'm insulting your fiancée, but what you can do about it?" His character was obviously like this. He came from the Jiang family into the small Beiwang City, and he looked down upon all people here.

He was punished by his family because he didn't prevent Jiang Chen from entering the Forbidden Desolate Land, and he must stay here for two months.

He wasn't willing to accept it, as why was he the only punished even though he took actions along with Jiang Chi at that time.

Moreover, he still believed that Jiang Chen would surely die, and it would be impossible for him to come back alive from the Forbidden Desolate Land.

Jiang Chen averted his gaze. Jiang Yao was the weakest one among the three Jiang family's disciples, and he was just at the early stage of Celestial Venerable.

However, it wasn't really important, as his martial techniques, bloodline, as well as other aspects, would surely be greater than ordinary people, and he should be many times more powerful than Young Master Blood Moon.

Jiang Chen passed eight months in the Forbidden Desolate Land, and he progressed quickly in them, but it seemed like he still couldn't deal with him.

"Wait for me here, while I go to buy an Itinerary Stone."

Ji Yinyi didn't think much of it, as she assumed that Jiang Chen just feigned anger, and that he would surely bear it in the end, however, if she got to know about Jiang Chen's current thoughts, she would surely be shocked greatly.

After a short while passed, Ji Yinyi got an Itinerary Stone, and since they already had a flying ship, they could now set out on their journey.

"Can you let me have a look of the Itinerary Stone?" Jiang Chen said curiously.


The Itinerary Stone resembled a ruby. It was oval, and one couldn't notice anything unusual about its outward appearance, but it would surely come in handy after one enter the Forbidden Desolate Land.

Jiang Chen suddenly chuckled, as he already ascertained his guesses, and he said several words to Ji Yinyi just after.

"Are you sure?" Ji Yinyi couldn't believe what she just heard.

"If I could bear even such an insult, then I'm not a broad-minded person, but just a weak coward," Jiang Chen said.

"But, will you really be okay after you do it?"

If Jiang Chen proposed to her to join hands with him, and teach Jiang Yao a lesson, she would surely refuse it, however, Jiang Chen's plan was safer, but it still seemed quite crazy.

"If a problem occurred, we will then do it in a regular way," Jiang Chen said.


Ji Yinyi assumed that Jiang Chen, who was born in the Three Lower Realms, wouldn't be as brave as people like them, who were born in the Desolate Land.

But now, she became aware that a ferocious beast was hidden behind his graceful airs.

She then witnessed Jiang Chen taking a step after another toward the Five Elements War Chariot.

The plaza was quite expansive, empty, and one could see all of its corners with just one glance, so people gradually noticed Jiang Chen's actions.

They all witnessed that the dispute, which occurred a while ago, and a bold thought emerged in their mind when they witnessed where Jiang Chen was going.

"Does he want to cause troubles for Jiang Yao?"

If it was really the case, Jiang Chen shouldn't have quieted a moment ago, but was he walking out now just because blood rushed to his head, and he didn't know the severity of this matter.

After Jiang Chen neared the war chariot, the Jiang family's guards immediately kept off in front of him.

"Let him come here."

Jiang Yao already noticed him early on, and he wore a bright smile, as his mood turned for the better. He was really looking forward to what Jiang Chen will do.

Jiang Chen walked steadily and calmly while passing through beside the guards, and there wasn't any panic or alarm apparent on his face.

The Jiang family's guards, who were taking pleasure in his misfortune, had a bad feeling now for some unknown reason.

When Jiang Chen reached the war chariot's front, he raised his head, and said, "Apologize to my fiancée."

The people on plaza couldn't keep calm when they heard such words.

"Did this kid go crazy?"

They didn't know what qualified Jiang Chen to challenge a Jiang family's disciple, as even though his courage was laudable, but it was still extremely stupid.

"Or else?" Jiang Yao said in mockery.

"Or else, J will deliver you a great gift, how about it?" Jiang Chen smiled, and it didn't seem to people like a warm and kind smile, but an extremely cold and chilling one, and they were confused by it greatly.

"What kind of gift?" Jiang Yao felt like it became even more interesting.

"Jiang Chen's whereabouts."

Jiang Yao stood up immediately, and his smile disappeared, as he shouted in a deep voice, "You know where's Jiang Chen?".

"He's in front of you."

When his words just echoed, Jiang Chen's long hair fluttered in the wind, as tremendous power surged out of him, and his whole body flickered with lightning.


When it reached a critical point, Jiang Chen recovered his former appearance, and his energy also reached its peak.

"Jiang Chen!" Jiang Yao shouted. His sluggish brain couldn't keep in time with what was happening.


Jiang Chen soared up, and he instantly rammed into Jiang Yao, and his tremendous power sent the latter flying away, but Jiang Chen still held him with both hands in time, and soared up, and both of them quickly reached a high altitude.

"What's that guy doing?"

The people below them failed to understand what was happening, and even though Jiang Chen managed to send Jiang Yao flying away, but it was just due to his momentum.

Jiang Yao seemed sound and safe, and he started laughing heartily after he came back to his senses.

"Jiang Chen! You are unexpectedly safe and sound, yet you still came to throw your life away?"

Even though they were now moving at a high-speed, Jiang Yao was still fearless, as his body was as tough as steel.

The lightning on Jiang Chen was incapable of harming him regardless of how more intense it became.

Jiang Yao raised his hand highly, and was about to attack Jiang Chen's body. However, his expression changed drastically in the next moment, while panic appeared in his eyes.

What was in his line of sight was no longer the sky, but countless rays of light, and he was obviously not new to such a sight.

After he looked left and right, he confirmed his guess. He was brought by Jiang Chen into the Forbidden Desolate Land, and they were still flying in it at an extremely high speed.

"Madman!" Jiang Yao started cursing him angrily.

The Jiang family's guards in the plaza realized that the current situation was anything but reassuring, and they jumped into the war chariot, and drove it, as they wanted to go in to save him.

However, when the war chariot entered the Forbidden Desolate Land completely, they couldn't see anyone in the surrounding, so how could they save him?

Jiang Chen and Jiang Yao already penetrated the Forbidden Desolate Land deeply.

The war chariot could only withdraw helplessly.

When the people in the plaza witnessed it, they finally realized what just happened.

"Did he just take him down with him?"

"That kid is really bold and brave."

"This is precisely a warm-blooded man, how can one's stay calm while someone is insulting his woman, and taking liberties with her?"

"He didn't really suffer a loss, as the outer party was a young master of the Jiang family."

Countless cries echoed, as they all didn't expect that this matter will develop like this.

Jiang Chen's actions were crazy, and they could even be described as stupid, but none would still dare to question his bravery.

There were also people, who realized that this matter shouldn't be this simple, and surveyed the surrounding, and discovered then that Ji Yinyi already disappeared from the plaza.

Ji Yinyi drove the flying ship when no one was paying attention to her, and went into the Forbidden Desolate Land.

"Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!"

Jiang Yao shouted angrily. He didn't have a lightning barrier, and he bore great pain while in the Forbidden Desolate Land, and he didn't even have enough power to lower the hand, which he raised.

"Have a good feel of what I went through." Jiang Chen didn't stop, and he continued charging forward, but he still changed his path.

"You will also die, you will also die," Jiang Yao was still shouting loudly.

He was also brave and staunch, and everything was fine for him as long as Jiang Chen couldn't survive, too.

But when he thought about the fact that a Jiang family's disciple like him would die just like this, he still found it difficult to accept.


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