The Brilliant Fighting Master
694 Changing One“s Appearance
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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694 Changing One“s Appearance

When they bid farewell to each other, Yang Jingchi gifted Jiang Chen a flying ship.

Jiang Chen wanted to reject it, but he recalled just then that this place was filled with Forbidden Desolate Lands, and they would find themselves in an extremely difficult situation if they didn't have a flying ship.

"Young Master Feng, it isn't like I'm stingy, but I really can't give you an Itinerary Stone before you decide to join the Elixir Association, but you will still be fine if you go together."

Jiang Chen didn't understand what he meant, and Ji Yinyi explained it to him.

One couldn't discern any directions in the Forbidden Desolate Lands, and it was Itinerary Stones, which pointed the way to them.

The Itinerary Stones were, in fact, spiritual perception objects, which were put in the other side of the Forbidden Desolate land.

Jiang Chen already heard about such a matter in the past, but he didn't know how high was each Itinerary Stone's price.

All Three Middle Realms' factions had their own roadmap, and they would never divulge it to outsiders, and if one wasn't capable of passing through the Forbidden Desolate Lands, he would lose qualification for vying for supremacy in the continent.

Once Jiang Chen became a Heaven Alchemist of the Elixir Association, he would get an Itinerary Stone, which had the Elixir Association's roadmap.

They could now just look for a faction, which engaged in this aspect business, and buy a temporary Itinerary Stone from it.

"Will we be incapable of passing through the Forbidden Desolate Land if we didn't have it," Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Like how seas had merchant ships, the desolate land also had similar ones."

Ji Yinyi said, "However, the Three Middle Realms still had a constant rule, and it's if one took another person ship in the desolate land, it's tantamount to entrusting one's life to their mercy."

It was therefore extremely ideal for them that they had now the ship gifted to them by Yang Jingchi.

Yang Jingchi didn't leave him an opportunity for refusing it, and he said that it was a repayment for manufacturing Void Tearing Pills.

Jiang Chen didn't try to reject it modestly any longer, and he accepted it, and bid farewell to Yang Jingchi, and Ji Ruxue.

Jiang Chen, and Ji Yinyi planned to leave for the Wing Prefecture in the afternoon, as there wasn't anything else in Beiwang City to stay here for.

Jiang Chen went along with Ji Yinyi into the edge of the western side of the city, and what was just outside of the city was a Forbidden Desolate Land.

They felt like they were now high in the sky, and looking at a starry sky, as the Forbidden Desolate Land was quite beautiful, and had a deadly charm.

There would be flying ships coming out of it occasionally, and there would be also flying ship packed with people going into it.

Ji Yinyi pulled Jiang Chen's arm suddenly, and stood close to him.

When Jiang Chen was just about to let his imagination run wild, he heard her speaking in a low voice, "It's the Jiang family!"

They witnessed a Five Elements War Chariot, which was as the tall as the city wall, stopping not far from them. There were Jiang family's guards, who wore black armor with a cape behind it, who were standing straightly like javelins around it.

"They still didn't leave?" Jiang Chen still wore a composed look even though he was quite astonished.

Just a single Five Elements War Chariot was left from the three chariots, and it was unknown for which reason they stayed here, and whether they were waiting for him here on purpose.

Jiang Chen could recognize that this war chariot belonged to Jiang Yao, and he could even see the latter sitting on top of the war chariot with his eyes half-closed.

The Five Elements War Chariot wasn't moving now, but it was still activated, and he could feel energy fluctuations from it.

All people in a thousand meters radius of the war chariot would be swept and detected by it, and the city's wall was also inside such a radius.

When Jiang Chen, and Ji Yinyi entered its radius, Jiang Yao opened his eyes slowly. It was the same gaze as before, which was filled with arrogance. He examined them carefully without caring about their feelings.

Jiang Yao shut his eyes just after, as he lost all interest in them.

A stone, which was hung on Ji Yinyi's heart, finally manage to fell, and she couldn't help but admit how good was Jiang Chen's appearance changing technique.


However, Jiang Yao unexpectedly opened his eyes just after, jumped up, and streaked an arc in the air, before he landed in front of them, and shattered all bluestone beneath his feet.

Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi were startled, and the latter even directly unsheathed her sword.

"You are quite afraid of me, aren't you?" Jiang Yao didn't take a look at Jiang Chen, and he looked fixedly at Ji Yinyi.

Jiang Chen didn't expose any flaw, but Ji Yinyi was too nervous, and all her muscles were strained.

"Who wouldn't fear the Jiang family's Five Elements Disciple?" Ji Yinyi said.


Such words were quite to Jiang Yao's liking, but getting rid of him wasn't this easy, and he pointed at Jiang Chen, as he spoke, "But, this one doesn't seem afraid of me."

"Brother..." Even the expression of Jiang Chen, who changed his appearance, was different than before.

"Shut up!" Jiang Yao scolded him harshly, and didn't let him speak.

"I suspect that you are the person I'm looking for," Jiang Yao looked at Ji Yinyi, and spoke coldly.

"Are you serious? Why do you even need to suspect me? It isn't like I'm wearing a mask." Ji Yinyi noticed something from his gaze, and disgust, which she couldn't hide, appeared in her eyes.

"Who knew whether you changed your appearance? Go with me to the war chariot, and let me inspect you," Jiang Yao said in a deep voice. He spoke at this time in a forceful and stern tone.

"Brother! She's my fiancée, what do you plan to do?" Jiang Chen shouted loudly, and kept off in front of Ji Yinyi.

"Hehe," Jiang Yao sneered coldly, while the guards in the other side came over quickly, and surrounded Jiang Chen, and Ji Yinyi.

The people in the surrounding noticed too what was happening here, and some of them pretended not hearing anything, while others took pleasure in their misfortune.

Big 'Jiang' words were written in the guards' capes, which were so long that they reached the ground, and they announced their position as overlord, and they weren't an existence Beiwang City's people could offend.

"Your fiancée? Why don't you say it once again, is she your fiancée?" Jiang Yao took a step forward, and overlooked Jiang Chen, and it was obvious that he didn't take him seriously.

Jiang Chen didn't expect that he would run into the Jiang family in such a way. The Jiang family's disciples were really undisciplined and out of control.

"That's right, she's my fiancée," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Yao didn't expect such an unyielding reply, and he fell back by several steps, and started examining Jiang Chen, as he said, "You let me recall an extremely hateful person."

When Ji Yinyi heard such words, she realized that she mustn't let this matter unfold further on.

She put her hand on Jiang Chen's shoulder, walked forward, and said, "That's right, you aren't mistaken, I really changed my appearance."

Jiang Yao furrowed his brows when he heard such words, while the surrounding guards lowered their weapons, and pointed them at both of them.

Ji Yinyi grabbed her face with all her five fingers just after, and it seemed like she tore off a transparent membrane, and she revealed another completely different face.


Unlike her former appearance, this face was ugly, and deformed, and had a quite strange outline.

Jiang Yao furrowed his brows when he saw, as if he just saw the most disgusting object in the world, "F*ck! So you are in fact this ugly, get lost quickly!"

He went back to the war chariot without even turning his head back, and the guards also left.

Ji Yinyi chuckled bitterly, and looked at Jiang Chen, as she spoke, "How's it? Are you disappointed by my true appearance?"

"Stop putting on an act!" Jiang Chen raised his eyes, and transmitted his voice to her quietly.

Ji Yinyi was taken aback, and she recalled, and realized just after that Jiang Chen was an expert in appearance changing, and it would impossible for her little trick to fool him.

Her actions a moment were just a diversionary trick. It seemed like she revealed her true appearance, yet she started in fact changing her appearance at an extremely swift speed, and caused people to assume that those were her true colors.

She noticed that Jiang Chen's gaze was still looking at Jiang Yao fixedly, and she was about to warn him, and say that such an action was likely to cause trouble for them.

But, she just recalled that his fiancée was just harassed and insulted, and it would be baffling if he wasn't affected by it.


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