The Brilliant Fighting Master
692 She“s Still Just a Child
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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692 She“s Still Just a Child

"Can you please inform me your distinguished name?" After everything came to end, Yang Jingchi stepped forward, and asked him.

"You can call me Young Master Feng." As Jiang Chen spoke, he looked at Ji Yinyi, and Ji Ruxue, and indicated to them that it was still not a good time for them to disclose his true status.

Yang Jingchi didn't care about such a name, as what he wanted to know was Jiang Chen's origin, like who was his teacher, and how did he get such a high skill, and whether he could work for them.

Jiang Chen could only give this reply, "President Yang, it's enough for you to know that I don't have now any relationship with any factions of the Three Middle Realms, and I came here just to participate in the Title Battle."

"Title Battle? Are you practicing both alchemy and martial path?" Yang Jingchi suddenly had a realization when he thought back about how he managed to send Young Master Xuan flying away with just a single punch.

"You can understand it like that."

Many Spirit Alchemists would cultivate because they were too weak and frail, and since they all had talent in Fire Conception, they manage to easily get good achievement in Lore Martial Techniques.

Yang Jingchi felt like that with Jiang Chen's talent, if he put all of his time in spirit elixir production training, his achievements would be surely higher.

However, he could only think about such a matter inwardly, and he couldn't state it out.

"Young Master Feng, are you willing to join our Elixir Association?" Yang Jingchi stated his thoughts.

"Let's go to another place to discuss it."

"All of my efforts in the past half a year were wasted."

The beautiful woman, who left the Elixir Building, was still resentful. Getting Wu Fan wasn't her true objective, and her objective was letting the Elixir Fire Union take root in Beiwang City.

One mustn't be fooled by Elixir Fire Union's fast development, as the Three Middle Realms' people stilled preferred the Elixir Association, which had a long-established reputation.

It wasn't like all Spirit Alchemists would choose the Elixir Association, but this was just because the competition was intense in the association, and they were just a few opportunities in it, however, truly talented people would still go the Elixir Association.

If a faction attached great importance to an elixir, they would still look for the Elixir Association, and purchase it from it.

However, if this day's plan succeeded, and the Elixir Association was incapable of supplying enough spirit elixirs, it would disappoint all of the city's factions.

Such a disappointment would be like a spark of fire, which could spread in the Three Middle Realms, and burn it.

This was one of the plans set by the high-level members of the Elixir Fire Union, and they sent many people to carry it.

The beautiful woman was the member closest to success, and she even prepared all spirit elixirs' medical ingredient, but in the end, the appearance of Jiang Chen caused her plan to fail utterly.

After the beautiful woman returned to her abode, she walked toward a mirror, covered with a white piece of cloth, which was on the ground.

She lifted the piece of white cloth, and the person, which appeared in the mirror wasn't her.

"Yu'er, did you finish your mission successfully? Congratulations."

The man in the mirror had a close relationship with the beautiful woman, and it could be easily detected from his tone.

However, before the beautiful woman replied, the man managed to notice something from her strange expression, and he said, "How's it? Didn't you say that the plan will surely succeed?"

"A variable appeared."

The beautiful woman spoke in a sinister voice, "I want you to send people over to kill a person."


"People called him Young Master Feng, and this is his portrait."

The beautiful woman took a piece of paper, and drew on it, and she quickly drew Jiang Chen's appearance on it, before she put the picture against the mirror.

After a short while, the man took too a piece of paper, and started drawing him.

"Just set your mind at ease, as I will immediately dispatch Blue Belt Assassins."

"No, you must send Golden Belt Assassin, as we must kill him at any price."

In the Elixir Building, Jiang Chen declared his stand.

"Young Master Feng, at which grade you are?" Yang Jingchi asked carefully.

He didn't want to exaggerate it, but he was also worried about incurring Jiang Chen's displeasure if he stated a quite low one.

"You should first just write Heaven Alchemist," Jiang Chen said.

Yang Jingchi revealed a bitter smile when he heard Jiang Chen casual tone. He managed to reach his current level only with great difficulty.

However, he didn't suspect Jiang Chen's words at all.

"Since you are a Heaven Alchemist, will you leave your blood to the Elixir Association." Yang Jingchi took out a piece of paper.

There were three ways for proving one's status in this world, the first one was one's name, portrait, and handprint.

Those didn't have a high restriction, and it was especially the case for people, who cultivated to Venerable Realm.

The second one was blood, and hair. Those were things, which almost never changed, and they could surely ascertain someone's status.

If Jiang Chen left a handprint with his blood, it was tantamount to signing his name, and he would have then joined the Elixir Association officially.

There was in fact still another third method, and it was the highest grade one, but it was almost never used. It was one's soul, and it was something, which one could never fake no matter what he did.

Even if one stole another person's body, and possessed it, his soul could still prove his status.

However, this method was extremely complex, and a grave price would be paid for it, and no one would be willing to come to join them if they used it.

"President, can you please let me consider it, and can you also give me a copy of the Elixir Association's rules and manual?"

"Here!" A scroll, which couldn't be held by just one hand, yet still have thin paper appeared on Jiang Chen's hands.

After it was opened completely, it covered the whole ground. Many rules were written in it like for example, the Elixir Association had the rights to use any elixir recipes created by the Spirit Alchemist while working for the association.

Wu Fan had his elixir recipe even before he joined the Elixir Association, and it wasn't in such a rule's scope.

If a Spirit Alchemist didn't work for the Elixir Association, and worked for another faction, that faction would be required to pay a fee to the association in his work period.

"I knew it!" Jiang Chen rejoiced over the fact that he didn't leave his handprint with his blood rashly. If he was just slightly careless while in such an organization, he would fell into their traps.

However, the Elixir Association wouldn't cheat all people on purpose, as in their eyes, such a manual of rules was extremely necessary, as the association was providing newly developed elixir recipes for free.

Moreover, what Jiang Chen cared fairly about was that the Elixir Association would provide protection for the Spirit Alchemists, and as long as they weren't the ones in the wrong, it would do its utmost to protect them.

"President, I will also go to the Wing Prefecture, and I will then give you a reply," Jiang Chen said.

"It's fine." Yang Jingchi was quite disappointed, but he still wore a bright smile.

Jiang Chen wanted to leave him on tenterhooks until they reached the Nine Prefectures so that he could get the upper hand while discussing conditions.

He collected the manual, as he planned to read it slowly and carefully.

A knocking sound transmitted from outside at this moment.

Ji Yinyi brought Ji Ruxue with her, and came in.

Ji Yinyi gave Ji Ruxue a meaningful glance, the latter knelt on Jiang Chen's front, while holding a cup of tea in her hand.

"Jiang Chen, I hope that you can take my younger sister as your disciple."

The two sisters weren't stupid, and from what they had seen on this day, they realized that Jiang Chen was really a Heaven Alchemist like what he said.

"I'm older than your sister by just five or six years, and it isn't appropriate," Jiang Chen said.

"It doesn't matter, as what's important is just talent and ability," Ji Yinyi said.

"If informed you that I'm being hunted by the Jiang Family, you will surely state that you don't care about it, so I will discuss then this matter formally with you."

Jiang Chen stood up, and said, "How can you convince me? Ji Ruxue's talent isn't bad, and she can become the president's disciple, but she's too lacking to be my disciple."

It was fortunate that Yang Jingchi wasn't here, or else, it would be unknown what kind of thoughts he would have if he heard such words.

"If you can put forward a tempting offer, I can probably consider it, and if you can't, then let's just not make troubles for each other."

Sometimes, if you rejected people tacitly, they would instead just reproach you, but it will be different if you faced them sternly.

Ji Yinyi, and Ji Ruxue looked at each other, as they didn't know what Jiang Chen wanted.

They came just from a desolate land, and didn't possess anything precious.

"Me then!" Ji Yinyi said, "I can be her gift to for accepting her as a disciple, and you can use me to practice your cultivation method, or other matters."

"Hahahaha." Jiang Chen chuckled awkwardly. He didn't expect that his words would be misunderstood, and he explained it hurriedly, "No, no, no, I didn't say such words for you."

"Is it then for Ji Ruxue? She's still just a child."

Ji Yinyi became quite nervous, and she quickly kept off in front of Ji Ruxue.

"..." Jiang Chen unexpectedly couldn't say anything in reply even after a long while passed.


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