The Brilliant Fighting Master
689 Elixir Fire Union
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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689 Elixir Fire Union

People skilled in alchemy or formations were called Spirit Alchemists and Spirit Formation Masters.

But, why didn't they just call them directly Alchemists and Formation Masters? It was because they always called them in such a way from long ago, and 'Spirit' was just their grade in those two domains.

Spirit Alchemist was alchemists' first realm, and once a tenth-grade Spirit Alchemist advanced further on, he would become a Heaven Alchemist, and Immortal Alchemist, Divine Alchemist realms were behind it.

It was also the case for formations as what was behind spirit grade formations were the three grades heaven, immortal, and divine ones, who possessed great might.

However, such grades system was too huge, and most people would pass their whole lives just in the spirit grade, and the 'Spirit Alchemist' title gradually replaced 'alchemist'.

Besides people knowledgeable about alchemy history, other people would rarely know the differences between such titles, and it was impossible for them to distinguish a Heaven Alchemist like Jiang Chen.

This was the reason why Master Tao said that his elder brother was just bothering him, as even a tenth-grade spirit alchemist might not necessarily see through him.

This was also the reason why Master Tao was so shocked that he retreated by several steps when he heard Jiang Chen's reply.

The man's smile, which never disappeared since he came here, stiffened, and his expression became complex, while he furrowed his brows.

"How did you see through it? Can you please dispel my doubts?" The man still didn't believe in it.

He started sweeping the whole street with his Holy Awareness, as he wanted to find the person, who helped Jiang Chen in secret.

If this wasn't a carefully planned scheme, Jiang Chen, who was before him, could be really considered formidable.

"The most crucial matter for becoming a Heaven Alchemist is Elixir Fire."

"Outstanding Heaven Alchemists would try to find an Alien Flame by all possible means to use it as their own Elixir Fire."

"However, Alien Flames were extremely rare, and most Heaven Alchemists will just refine their fire conception, and it's only after it reaches Lore of Fire level, and their control over flames become fine and thorough, can they start making Heaven Elixirs."

Jiang Chen spoke calmly and slowly while the man's Holy Awareness locked into him.

This time, the man was sure that no one transmitted anything to Jiang Chen.

Moreover, it could be seen from Jiang Chen that he was expressing just what was in his mind in the current moment, and wasn't just repeating other people's words.

Delight appeared in the deepest part of the eyes of the man, and Master Tao.

The man took quick steps forward, came to Jiang Chen's front, and asked, "How old are you this year? And who's your teacher?"

"You still didn't inform me of your status?" Jiang Chen didn't reply, and asked back.

The man didn't get angry, and he grinned, as he said, "I'm the Elixir Association's Wing Prefecture Branch's president, Yang Jingchi."

The Elixir Association also had a strict system like other factions, and it could be found in all corners of the Three Middle Realms.

A prefecture's branch president had a great significance to the people present in this street, and some of them averted their gazes from him to avoid incurring his displeasure.

"What's your request?" Yang Jingchi still remembered his promise.

Jiang Chen pointed at Ji Ruxue, and said, "Let her join the Elixir Association, so that her talent won't end up neglected in this small piece of desolate land."

When Jiang Chen said such words, the two sisters became extremely excited. He unexpectedly used such a request for them.

Even if Jiang Chen asked for a Heaven Elixir, it wouldn't be really a difficult matter for Yang Jingchi.

Ji Ruxue stopped despising him like before, and she really wished greatly now that Jiang Chen was really her sister's husband.

"The Elixir Association is duty bound to take in all talented Spirit Alchemists, and it isn't an adequate request. I will personally assess her talent, while you still can raise another request," Yang Jingchi said.

"I can't think of anything for now," Jiang Chen replied truthfully after he mulled over it for a moment.

"Hahaha, it doesn't matter, you can take your time to think of it." Yang Jingchi laughed heartily, and said, "Let's leave then, and have a look at her talent."


Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi brought over the excited Ji Ruxue with them, and entered the Elixir Building.

Once they entered into a room, Jiang Chen immediately smelt a familiar scent of medicine, and Jiang Chen, who was on the past constantly in an elixir production room, found it quite familiar.

"Master Tao!"

When their group just entered in, a person, clothed in an apprentice clothes, rushed over to them hurriedly.

"What's the matter?" Master Tao asked.

"Master Wu doesn't want to work anymore, and he said that he will bring Wu Xuan with him, and leave the Elixir Association, and join the Elixir Fire Union."

When Jiang Chen just paid attention to the words 'Elixir Fire Union', which he heard, the expressions of Master Tao, and Yang Jingchi changed slightly.

"It's a new faction of Spirit Alchemists," Ji Yinyi said.


Jiang Chen was surprised, it was difficult for another faction to manage to raise in front of the Elixir Association, who had great influence and power.

Spirit Alchemists were different from cultivators, and they didn't fight with power, but by comparing who had richer knowledge of spirit elixirs, medical ingredients, as well as elixir production techniques.

Jiang Chen really wanted to see which person managed to found the Elixir Fire Union by himself.

"Is he a little kid? How can he be still moody?" Yang Jingchi sneered coldly, and spoke.

"Brother, Wu fan will always defend his relatives even if they were in the wrong, and it's due to it was Wu Xuan undisciplined and out of control," Master Tao said.

An Elixir Association's branch would usually have just two masters, one responsible for breakthrough spirit elixirs, while the other was responsible for cultivation spirit elixirs.

"Brother, how long it will take to call someone else over?" Master Tao asked.

"Spirit Alchemists aren't a resource, which can be deployed around at will, and each deployment will need a lot of work, and it's especially the case since they will come to the Great Desolate Land," Yang Jingchi said helplessly.

This was probably the reason why Master Wu was fearless and confident.

"Master Tao, what's important is that the furnace of Void Tearing Pills is already in the fire, and if he didn't start in time, all medical ingredients will be wasted," an apprentice said anxiously.


Yang Jingchi chuckled, and said, "Let's go, and see what he's up to."

Their group went into a luxurious elixir production room, and just by standing near it, they could felt its heat, and the apprentice was just about to go to open the door when the door was opened from inside.

A beautiful and mesmerizing woman looked with a smile at them.

"President Yang, I didn't see you for a long time."

Yang Jingchi's expression changed drastically, and anger appeared on his face, as he said, "Your Elixir Fire Union is really daring, and it dared to even come into our Elixir Building to recruit people. Don't you fear that you won't ever get to leave again?"

The beautiful woman chuckled carelessly, and said, "President, are you cracking a joke? It's Master Wu, who invited us over, and our Elixir Fire Union carry on a tradition of treasuring all Spirit Alchemists."

"Are you implying that we don't care about Spirit Alchemists, and treasure them?"

"If not, why will Master Wu be this angry?" As the beautiful woman spoke, she moved out of the door.

Jiang Chen, and his group, immediately entered into the elixir production room, and saw the old Master Wu, whose face was filled with anger, sitting on a chair against the wall.

Young Master Xuan was sitting next to him, and he wore an aggrieved expression on his face, while he feigned consoling his grandfather, but when he saw Jiang Chen, he sneered coldly.

"Your Elixir Fire Union is pampering Spirit Alchemists, and allowing them to commit outrageous acts, and will sooner or later bring a great disaster upon them." It could be seen from Yang Jingchi's words that he had a bad impression of the Elixir Fire Union.

"President, you are exaggerating it. Spirit Alchemists are the world's spirits, and they are as noble as the Spirit Clan, and they are of course different than other people."

Spirit Alchemists really had a noble status, but most of them didn't have high strength, and it was only because of powerful factions protection and care could they act arrogantly.

The Elixir Association was fully aware of this matter, and while protecting the Spirit Alchemists' safety, it still advised them to be modest, and not be arrogant and willful.

But, the new Elixir Fire Union used all possible means to recruit people over.


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