The Brilliant Fighting Master
688 Heaven Alchemis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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688 Heaven Alchemis

"It is you who said my design wasn't good enough?" Master Tao pushed
through the crowd. He laid his eyes on Jiang Chen immediately as if he had
some sixth sense.
"It was only a remark based on my personal judgment. However, it was
twisted by those people. They are taking advantage of you," Jiang Chen said.
"Huh, you said this only because you feel guilty!" Young Master Xuan said
with a cold smile.
Glancing at Jiang Chen, Master Tao said, "Cut the crap. If you cannot give me
a good explanation today, no matter whether I am being used or not, you will
have to pay the price for what you said!"
This was exactly what those onlookers were expecting.
"Sis, shall we tell people the truth? He will get us into trouble," Ji Ruxue said
Jiang Chen had just given her a very valuable advice, but because of her
disdain for him, she was simply struck dumb. Except that, she didn't feel a
"Don't rush!"
Knitting her brows tightly, Ji Yinyi didn't think the problem could be resolved so
Jiang Chen didn't care whether or not he would offend Master Tao. Even if Ji
Ruxue couldn't join the Elixir Association because of him, he would have a
way to fix it.
He was confident in his ability for panaceas.
"All right. So, let's talk about it."
Jiang Chen walked towards the rose gold furnace, but he was looking at
Master Tao instead of the furnace while walking.
"I guess Master Tao you mainly work on breakthrough panaceas. You never
stop seeking for perfection. Am I right?" Jiang Chen said.
Alchemists' job had been more specialized. Based on the type of panaceas, it
was split into two parts.
There were breakthrough panaceas and practice panaceas.
What the former valued was quality, while the latter valued quantity.

Master Tao lifted his chin. He looked quite complacent, but he didn't think
Jiang Chen knew it from observing the furnace, since anyone in the Beiwang
City could have told him that.
"This is the problem. You have gone astray. When you are refining panaceas,
you always feel things are getting out of your control at the last minute, when
the panaceas are finally done. In this way, your success rate is always about
Jiang Chen went on, stroking the rose gold furnace while speaking.
He didn't say anything about the furnace. Everything he said was about
Master Tao.
Master Tao was shocked by what he had said. He wasn't surprised that Jiang
Chen knew he mainly worked on breakthrough panaceas, but what the latter
had just brought up was his weakness. It was his secret.
Striding up to Jiang Chen, he asked in a loud voice, "How did you know? Who
sent you here?"
"Even if I tell you I know everything from the furnace, you won't believe me.
That being said, I can tell you what your problem is and how to resolve it.
What do you think?" Jiang Chen said, smiling.

Master Tao was pleasantly surprised. He changed his attitude right away. He
said to Jiang Chen, "Really?"
"It can't be true!"
Young Master Xuan shouted.
Even the two sisters of the Jis found it difficult to believe him. They were sure
it was Jiang Chen's first time here.
Is he really a panacea master, as he said? Ji Yinyi thought involuntarily.
"Actually, your problem isn't complicated."
Jiang Chen reached into the furnace and stroked over its inner side. He said,
Master Tao didn't show any doubts. He did what Jiang Chen had told him right
away. He came up to Jiang Chen and let the latter whisper into his ear.
Then people saw Jiang Chen whispering, but they couldn't hear what he was
"I see! I got it!"

They saw Master Tao as thrilled as a naïve child, as if a problem that had
haunted him for years had finally been resolved.
"Now, you tell me, I didn't buy it because I couldn't afford it or because I didn't
like it?" Jiang Chen scorned, looking at Young Master Xuan.
Young Master Xuan didn't have to answer him at all, since Master Tao's
reaction was already like a slap on his face.
"Master, it is my bad." Master Tao even asked for Jiang Chen's forgiveness.
He thought this was why the shop manager had told him about the incident.
"Not necessarily. Why don't you ask him what this is about?" Jiang Chen said.
Not until Master Tao had calmed down a little bit, did he notice Young Master
Xuan's presence. It suddenly dawned on him that the whole thing couldn't be
that simple.
Pointing at the shop manager, he said, "Tell me. What is this about?"
"Master, just as I said..." the manager tried to argue.
"Really? I have a Truth Elixir here. Would you like to take it and answer my
question again?" Master Tao interrupted him.
"No, master, no!"
The manager was pretty scared. People who took the Truth Elixir would
become extremely slow, almost as slow as an idiot.
"It's Young Master Xuan. He told me to make things difficult for this young, this master."
The manager hurried to change a way to mention Jiang Chen. Even Master
Tao had called Jiang Chen master. He certainly should do the same.
"He told me to set a trap for them so that he could come to their rescue." The
manager finally finished speaking.
Young Master Xuan's scheme was disclosed. However, before he could flare
up, he found Ji Yinyi was staring at him coldly.
"Wu Xuan, I will tell your grandpa what you did. You are too indiscreet. The
Elixir Association will be destroyed by you sooner or later," Master Tao said to
him sternly.
Young Master Xuan gnashed his teeth. Too ashamed to stay there, he turned
around to leave.

From this incident, people found in spite of his arrogance, Master Tao wasn't a
narrow-minded person at all. He actually didn't mind acknowledging his fault.
This had a huge influence on Ji Ruxue. She recalled what Jiang Chen had
said to her. She had felt disdain for him, but not until she had seen Master
Tao's reaction with her own eyes, did she tumble to what Jiang Chen had
really meant.
"My young friend, you seem to have a keen eye. What about me? Could you
tell what my class is as an alchemist?"
At this moment, Master Tao's chess friend came forward.
"Elder brother, this is too difficult for him," Master Tao said helplessly.
"Doesn't matter. Anyway, he won't be punished even if his answer is wrong."
Then the man came up to Jiang Chen. He said to the latter, "But if your
answer is correct, I can satisfy a request of yours."
"I don't even know who you are. How would I know whether you can satisfy
my request or not?"
"If I tell you who I am, you will know my class from my identity, won't you?" the
man said.
He sounded gentle and harmless, but in fact, he was questioning Jiang Chen.
He was implying Jiang Chen had managed to point out Master Tao's flaw
because he had got someone else's instruction.
"Well, let's do it. Mister, could you let me have a look at your hand?" Jiang
Chen said.
"Of course."
The man extended his right hand. People saw his hand was not only fair-
skinned, but also soft and flawless. It was a perfect hand.
Jiang Chen put his palm over that man's palm.
The man was surprised by him. If Jiang Chen was faking it, he had to admit
Jiang Chen was faking it in a perfect manner.
Before he could perceive what Jiang Chen was trying to find in his body, the
latter had moved his hand away.
Jiang Chen looked at him with respect, full of surprises.

"You don't have any class as an alchemist," Jiang Chen said.
"Oh? You mean I'm not an alchemist?"
The man asked with interest. He felt a little disappointed. It seemed he had
been overthinking.
"You are a heaven alchemist."
However, the man was shocked when Jiang Chen had revealed the fact. Even
Master Tao was too shocked to stand still. He kept stepping back.


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