The Brilliant Fighting Master
684 Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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684 Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm

"Watch out!"
Ji Yinyi said suddenly.
Jiang Chen had seen a group of Desolate Spirits coming after the boat at high
speed even before she warned him.
"You don't have control over the boat?" Jiang Chen asked.
"No. No one can orientate in the Desolate Forbidden Land. Usually paired
spiritual wares are placed both in the vehicles and at the destinations, so that
the vehicles can fly automatically," Ji Yinyi said.
As a result, Jiang Chen couldn't leave the boat to deal with the Desolate
Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to find the boat again after he beat back the
attacks of the Desolate Spirits.
Jiang Chen weren't going to sacrifice himself like a saint unless it was
He came to the stern to draw out the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Redcloud
"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"
Jiang Chen exerted a sword movement. The thunders dashed towards the
Desolate Spirits in a fierce manner.
However, to his surprise, nothing happened when the radiance of the sword
had made contact with the Desolate Spirits.
"No way!"
Jiang Chen did notice the influence of the Desolate Forbidden Land while
practicing sword on that ship, but he took it for granted that it was because he
wasn't really fighting against someone.
"It's impossible to hurt the Desolate Spirits in this way. You'll have to attack
them at a closer distance."
The teenager girl Ji Ruxue said.
This was common sense for people living in desolate lands. The two women
seemed to have realized why Jiang Chen had escaped into the Desolate
Forbidden Land. It was because he had no idea how dangerous it was here.

Jiang Chen felt frustrated. The boat wasn't big. If the Desolate Spirits caught
up with them, there was no space to brandish swords at all.
He saw Ji Yinyi throw a glance backwards.
Not to the Desolate Spirits, but to him!
Although she turned around very quickly, Jiang Chen had a hunch that
something was going to happen.
Is she going to sacrifice me?
Jiang Chen thought. He supposed maybe this was the reason that she had
brought him onto the boat.
It was her boat, so Jiang Chen didn't get angry.
If he was only a burden that could be of no help to them, he would be too
ashamed to stay on the boat.
At that moment, it occurred to Jiang Chen that the Desolate Forbidden Land
hadn't had any influence on the power of thunder during his practice.
"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"
Putting the two swords aside, Jiang Chen threw a heavy palm attack.
Seeing him trying so hard in vain, Ji Ruxue couldn't help but shake her head
However, Ji Ruxue was shocked soon. She had thought Jiang Chen's attack
would once again get nothing, but she saw the Desolate Spirits falling down in
a large scale with odd cracks.
Thunder is absolutely the most powerful energy in the world, Jiang Chen

thought to himself.
Thunders were related with the primal chaos. The Desolate Forbidden Land
came into existence because three worlds coincided in this area, which led to
a chaotic state.
As a result, his holy method played an important role here.
Those Desolate Spirits weren't every strong. They fell down like some minions
after being attacked by Jiang Chen's thunders.
No wonder he managed to live here for eight months. Not until then did Ji
Yinyi believe what he had told her.

Even Jiang Chen himself didn't realize that in spite of his divine body, he
would have died in the Desolate Forbidden Land if he hadn't had the
protection of thunders.
"What's that?"
Jiang Chen, quite complacent, kept attacking and killing the Desolate Spirits
using thunders, but soon, he found many small white-lighted balls flying
towards him at high speed. They were almost invisible under the strong light
of lightning.
These small white-lighted balls entered his body directly despite the thunders.
Jiang Chen felt worried. He was afraid those were bad stuff that would harm
him. However, when they started to take effect, he tumbled to what they were.
"Force of life!"
These small white-lighted balls were the force of life. In other words, they
could increase one's lifespan. They were transformed by the dead Desolate
They entered Jiang Chen's body automatically either because it was Jiang
Chen who had killed them or because of the influence of thunders.
Number of days was the best way to quantify these forces of life.
Each small white-lighted ball was equivalent to one or two-day force of life.
The quantity of Desolate Spirits that Jiang Chen killed made them amount to
several months' life.
It was still nothing compared to the ten-odd years' life he had lost, but still,
Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. The reason was simple -- he saw the
possibility to save his father.
Force of life was a special force only owned by living creatures.
It wasn't rare, since all living creatures had it. The thing was no one had ever
managed to grab others' force of life.
However, in the Desolate Forbidden Land, this impossible mission became
Jiang Chen could collect the forces of life here and use them as a guide drug!
However, it was at the cost of 300 years' force of life that Jiang Qingyu
managed to kill 16 great Venerables by exerting the Twelfth Sword.
These forces of life were really inadequate to resolve the problem. He didn't
know how many years it would take him to collect a sufficient amount.

Nevertheless, it was such a God-given chance that he would do everything he
could to achieve the goal even if it would take him hundreds of years.
That being said, Jiang Chen wasn't a shortsighted man. His current strength
didn't allow him to stay in the Desolate Forbidden Land. It was too dangerous
for him. Besides, if he really spent hundreds of years in collecting them, Jiang
Qingyu would have died when his goal had been finally achieved.
He planned to come back after breaking through to great Venerable. By then
he would be able to do it much faster.
"We are arriving!"
Ji Yinyi said in pleasant surprise.
It was beyond her expectation that they could leave the Desolate Forbidden
Land safe and sound.
She had planned to sacrifice Jiang Chen to ward off those Desolate Spirits if it
was necessary.
She wouldn't feel guilty, because it was thanks to her that Jiang Chen could
stay on the boat.
However, Jiang Chen managed to resolve the crisis using thunders. For her, it
was a happy ending which she was also glad to see.
This was how the folks of desolate lands thought.
"Thank you, Jiang Chen. Without you, we wouldn't have made it," Ji Yinyi
"I wouldn't have been able to leave the Desolate Forbidden Land without the
Looking ahead, Jiang Chen already could see the sky outside. It was during
When they had left the Desolate Forbidden Land for real, all of the three
people felt relieved. They glanced at each other, smiling.
Jiang Chen found he was exactly where he had entered the Desolate
Forbidden Land to get rid of those of the Jiangs. He had returned to the start
after traveling around.
The good news was the Five Elements War Chariots had disappeared. He
didn't know where they had gone.
Jiang Chen was going to say goodbye to the two sisters, and he was going to
disguise himself.

"Why don't we go together? You seem to know nothing about this place." Ji
Yinyi invited him to join them.
"Didn't I tell you some people were chasing me?"
Smiling bitterly, Jiang Chen said sincerely, "I don't want to get you into
"Who are chasing you?" Ji Yinyi asked after thinking.
Upon hearing this question, Jiang Chen knew she was going to meddle in.
"The Jiangs," Jiang Chen said.
"The Jiangs from the Nine Territories?"
Ji Yinyi took a deep breath. Then she said, "Then we'd better bid farewell
This time it was Jiang Chen who got puzzled. He didn't get her at all.
"Gotcha, haha."
Smiling, Ji Yinyi said, "We'll be fine as long as the Jiangs can't find us. I'm
good at changing people's looks. I can help you disguise yourself."
Jiang Chen hesitated. He had no idea why she was so warmhearted that she
wouldn't let him go.
She claimed they could take care of each other, but it couldn't be so simple.
"Are you suspicious of us? You think we've fallen in love with you or what?"
Maybe because he had considered for too long, the younger sister Ji Ruxue
was quite unhappy. She said, "You're such a narcissist. You know my sister..."
Ji Yinyi cut in. She said, "I won't force you if you don't want to."


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