The Brilliant Fighting Master
683 A Cruel Hear
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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683 A Cruel Hear

The Title Battle, as its name suggested, was a contest to win a title of honor.
Sword King, Sword Master and Junior Martial Arts King were some of the
Recognized by the Spirit of the Eight Realms, the result of this contest was
valued a lot in the Three Middle Realms. Every time the Title Battle was held,
the youngsters of the Three Middle Realms would go crazy.
Ji Yinyi was to take part in the competition. Her younger sister was only a
Reaching Heaven State. She was traveling with Ji Yinyi for some other
The two sisters' team was bigger than the others', so it was no problem at all
for them to find a room for Jiang Chen.
This gave the other two Celestial Venerable an excuse to complain.
However, as Jiang Chen said, it was impossible to fight here. As long as Ji
Yinyi refused to give up her control of the ship resolutely, they could do
nothing to her.
In the room, Jiang Chen shaved his beard. He observed himself carefully in
the bronze mirror.
He had lost lots of vigor, but not so much as to influence his appearance. So,
at least he still looked the same.
And he had gained so much during those eight months that he didn't feel he
had lost anything at all. On the contrary, he thought those eight months were
really worth it.
Those two from the Jiangs must think I am already dead. Should I disguise
myself, just to be safe? But the two sisters already saw my face. I'll just wait
until I get off the ship. Hopefully everything will be all right. I don't want more
surprises, Jiang Chen thought to himself.
However, he was really a jinx. What he wanted to avoid most happened
He had been on the ship for ten hours. By then, it seemed the ship had
encountered a storm. He kept hearing sounds like the flaps of waves.
Jiang Chen didn't think it a big deal at first, but at the thought of how dreadful
the Desolate Forbidden Land was, he came onto the deck right away.
Then he found his reaction was kind of negative.

All of them gathered on the deck, and everyone's facial expression was quite
interesting. They were looking around, petrified.
Jiang Chen noticed many odd-looking living creatures were madly attacking
every part of the hulk.
They looked pretty odd, a little bit like fierce beasts and a little bit like demons.
They were like the mix of the two.
All of them looked ferocious, hideous and horrible.
The color of their skin would change with the light change in the Desolate
Forbidden Land.
That was why it was difficult to see how many of them there were. They were
like everywhere, thickly dotted around the ship.
"Desolate Spirits! There are so many Desolate Spirits!"
The people on the ship shouted in surprise.
"These are Desolate Spirit?"
Jiang Chen wasn't completely ignorant of the Three Middle Realms. He was
quite interested in these living creatures, since they only existed in the Three

Middle Realms.
If he were't in danger himself, he would have felt more interested.
The ward of the hulk was to be destroyed. They were put nervous by each
flap they heard.
Different from Jiang Chen, who had stayed in the Desolate Forbidden Land
for eight months, these people had never left the vehicle. As a result, they had
never been really exposed to the threats posed by the Desolate Forbidden
The bald man came up to Jiang Chen in a rush. He tried to grasp the latter's
Jiang Chen dodged back. Then he roared, "Did you bring these Desolate
Spirits here?"
Those Desolate Spirits appeared not long after Jiang Chen had been aboard.
It was suspicious indeed.
"If it were me who brought them here, you think I would have waited for ten

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. If those Desolate Spirits had appeared right after
he had embarked on the ship, he might also assume it was him who had
brought them here.
However, since such a long time had passed, it was really difficult to
determine where the air ship had passed by and where they had disturbed
these things.
"Don't you see what situation we are in? Are you still playing the stupid old
trick?" Ji Yinyi said unhappily.
She didn't know what to say to the two Celestial Venerables. They just didn't
seem to know what was the most important at the moment.
Even if they could take advantage of the current situation to take over her
control right, what could they do? Could they get rid of such a great amount of
Desolate Spirits?
The bald man said, "Ji Yinyi, it's such a coincidence. Besides, no matter
whether he did it or not, he isn't one of us. It's the best timing to throw him
"You want to use him to attract the attention of the Desolate Spirits?" Ji Yinyi
said in surprise.
"You have other solutions?"
The bald man didn't answer, but the other Celestial Venerable said without
The bald man kept staring at Jiang Chen. He said, "We will give you a boat,
also protected by ward. You can use it to break out of the Desolate Spirits'
encirclement. You can't say we are cruel. You know, you are just not one of
"It's too much. We should work out a way together," Ji Yinyi said coldly.
"This is the best solution. If you don't agree, give up your control right. Let me
tell you one thing. The boat he is going to take is also yours!"
"Without the boat, I'll have to turn to you if anything comes up?" Ji Yinyi said
The two Celestial Venerables didn't speak, but what they were implying was
quite obvious.
"I don't want to stay on this ship anymore. I'll go with him to break out of the
encirclement," Ji Yinyi said.

The two Celestial Venerables were not the only people surprised by her
response. Even Jiang Chen couldn't believe what he had heard.
There was another woman who was so good to him.
However, that woman was called Tang Shiya.
Jiang Chen couldn't help but doubt her motive, but he didn't think she could
be as scheming Tang Shiya. They had just met. This woman couldn't have
plotted anything.
Otherwise, she would be more terrible than Tang Shiya.
"A promise is a promise. Don't regret. Will your younger sister stay?" the bald
man asked.
"Staying here is more dangerous than breaking out of the encirclement," the
teenager girl said. She was as decisive as her elder sister.
"Well, good luck then," the other Celestial Venerable said sarcastically.
"Cut the crap. Just go." Out of patience, the bald man started to drive them
As they spoke, the boat had already been ready. They were waiting for Jiang
Chen and the two women to leave.
"Listen to my direction. Let's dash out. These people are still behaving like this
at such a crucial moment. They're obviously courting death."
Ji Yinyi said, looking at Jiang Chen, who was totally confused.
"Are you sure we can do it?" Jiang Chen didn't know why she was so
"Trust me. We don't have the time to talk about this now," Ji Yinyi said. A cold
look flashed in her eyes.
Jiang Chen was shocked. He more or less guessed what she was going to
do. He jumped onto the boat right away.
The boat flew out of the ship. After such a long wait, the Desolate Spirits were
eager and impatient.
"Bad. She hasn't given us her control right!"
The complacent bald man was shocked to hear the other Celestial Venerable.
Almost at the same time, the protection jar of the air ship was switched off. A
huge amount of Desolate Spirits swarmed onto the ship.

In this way, a gap was created so that the boat could make a safe retreat.
Jiang Chen looked back. The two Celestial Venerables had switched on the
protection jar again. They were busy dealing with the Desolate Spirits that had
got aboard.
Then he looked towards Ji Yinyi. She looked cold and emotionless. She
wasn't even frowning.
People born in desolate lands are all the same.
Jiang Chen sighed, but not out of disdain, because without a cruel heart, it
would be impossible to survive in such a dangerous place.
At least she had saved him. It meant she was a woman with principles.
This was the kind of women Jiang Chen appreciated most.
His apprentice sister was like this, too. So was Fan Tianyin. But of course, it
didn't mean he wanted to court Ji Yinyi.


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