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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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682 Ji Yinyi

"That's right."
It occurred to Jiang Chen by then the Title Battle had been over. He asked
with regret, "You know anything about the Title Battle?"
He didn't really care about the Title Battle, but he had this deal with the
Constellation Palace that he was going to have a fight with Young Master
And with Young Master Blood Moon, too.
"There are still seven months to go to the Title Battle." The woman felt
suspicious. She put on guard.
Jiang Chen wasn't very clear of how time was calculated in the Three Middle
Realms, but he knew all of the Nine Realms had the same definition for a day.
A day was 24 hours.
He knew the start day of the Title Battle. He had been carving signs on the
ship he had stayed on to count days.
According to the signs, eight whole months had passed. That was out of
And his beard was a proof, too.
However, judging from the two women's reaction, Jiang Chen knew they
hadn't lied.
He realized immediately that the ship he had stayed on could be located in a
special part of the Desolate Forbidden Land, where time flew much more
slowly than the outside world.
Just like the Time Palace of the Sacred Institute.
Jiang Chen had the impulse to go back to the ship so that he could spend a
few more years in practicing there to achieve Celestial Venerable, but he
managed to hold it back.
The Desolate Forbidden Land wasn't his paradise. As they spoke, the air ship
had traveled very far.
Knowing how dreadful the Desolate Forbidden Land was, Jiang Chen didn't
want to take any risk there at all. If he had really gone back, he probably
wouldn't be able to find that ship again, and when he came back to look for
this one, he probably wouldn't find it, either.

I'll buy a ship to look for it after arriving there. Jiang Chen made up his mind.
The lure of time was really surprising. The two women told him only four or
five days had passed since he had entered there.
However, he actually had stayed there for eight months!
Although his vigor had also been consumed, he had eight months more than
the others in the outside world.
"What happened just now?"
At this moment, a group of people walked out of the cabin.
Jiang Chen noticed all of them were very young, about 25 years old. Most of
them were Spiritual Venerables. Only two of them were Celestial Venerables.
The one who posed the question was one of the Celestial Venerables. He was
good-looking, and his bald head shone like a bulb.
When he frowned, he looked awe-inspiring.
Whoever gazed at by him would somehow feel pressured.
"Here is the thing."
The woman told him what had happened.
"You switched off the protection jar? Are you crazy?"
Informed of what had happened, these people weren't piqued with any
interest about the reason that Jiang Chen had been traveling in the Desolate

Forbidden Land alive. Neither did they wonder how long Jiang Chen had
stayed here.
The only thing they cared was that single second!
"It's safe as long as the protection jar is switched on again in five seconds. I
only switched it off for one second. What could be wrong?" the woman said
coldly, unhappy with that man's attitude.
"Ji Yinyi, we three share the control of the ship, but it doesn't mean you have
the right to expose us to danger," the man said.
Jiang Chen intuited that his words meant more than what he had said.
The two Celestial Venerables weren't making a fuss. They were actually
inventing an allegation. They were accusing Ji Yinyi of dereliction of duty.
As to their objective, he had no idea what it could be.

"It was very urgent. It was about a man's life. Should I have had a meeting
with you first? I have the right to make the decision, since I have a share of
the ship."
A vehicle that could travel in the Desolate Forbidden Land couldn't be cheap.
It sounded like they had bought the ship together.
"It's thanks to luck that we are still fine. However, if anything had come up,
what could you do?" the other Celestial Venerable also questioned her
"It's safe within five seconds!" Ji Yinyi stressed.
"Are you 100% sure that nothing will go wrong?"
"Are you 100% sure that we'll be completely safe in this trip?" Ji Yinyi
answered his question with a question.
Her question put all of them speechless. It was extremely risky in the Desolate
Forbidden Land. Anything could happen. No one could make any promise.
"I think you should give up your right to control the ship," the bald man said.
"You finally spoke out what you wanted."
Ji Yinyi threw them a disdainful look. She said, "Let me tell you one thing. It's
absolutely out of the question!"
Seeing the air charged with tension, Jiang Chen felt bored, since he knew
there was no way they would get into a fight.
Because they were in the Desolate Forbidden Land.
The two Celestial Venerables started to attack Jiang Chen verbally since they
failed to force the woman to do what they wanted.
"This guy is quite suspicious."
"Hey, that's enough. I have no idea why you want to take away her right to
control the ship, but since no fight will happen anyway, why are you wasting
your time on the quarrels?" Jiang Chen cut in.
The two Celestial Venerables were still thinking how to put the words, but
Jiang Chen suddenly pointed out the fact so bluntly. The shame made them
angry. They started to yell at him.
"Did he say anything wrong?" Ji Yinyi said before they could even start.
"Huh, let's wait and see. You will be responsible for whatever comes up!"

The two Celestial Venerables left the deck and went back to the cabin with the
others, who were also in anger.
Jiang Chen looked over apologetically. He said sincerely, "I'm sorry for the
trouble I brought you."
"It has nothing to do with you. Anyway, they will look for all kinds of excuses to
make things difficult for me," Ji Yinyi said with a cold smile.
"Why is that?"
"We are from different desolate lands. We bought the ship together. These
two somehow achieved some agreement on the way. They want to get rid of
Rolling her eyes, Ji Yinyi threw Jiang Chen a glance. She said, "You've known
so many things about me. Can you also be frank with me?"
"My name is Jiang Chen. I am from the Three Lower Realms. I escaped into
the Desolate Forbidden Land because some people were chasing me. They
tried to kill me," Jiang Chen said.
The teenager girl couldn't help but smile. She said, "I have never heard about
anyone taking shelter in the Desolate Forbidden Land."
"You are crazy." Ji Yinyi couldn't believe it, either.
"That's how people describe me," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
Ji Yinyi shook her head. She said, "What happened then? Why did you say
you had been here for eight months?"
Jiang Chen told her about the ship. He also told her how slowly time flew
"Check my beard and you'll believe me. I didn't have the habit to grow a
beard," Jiang Chen said.
The two women looked at him seriously. They believed most part of his story,
and exclaimed how peculiar the story was.
"Desolate Forbidden Land really has a well-earned reputation," Ji Yinyi
The teenager girl agreed, "Sis, I heard a story about a great Venerable. He
was taking adventure in the Desolate Forbidden Land. For some reason, he
stayed a few more days in there. When he got out, thirty years had passed

Jiang Chen had never heard of the story. There was no way to confirm
whether it was true or false, either. He only felt lucky that the same thing didn't
happen to him.
"Are you going to the big desolate land with us?" Ji Yinyi asked.
"For the Title Battle?" the teenager girl also asked.
Jiang Chen showed a smile as an affirmative answer.
Although there were still eight months to go to the Title Battle, these people
had to start the journey with so much time in advance. They also felt helpless
for that.
No one could guarantee what would happen on the way. It was common to
start with half a year in advance.
"Spiritual Venerables only go there for fun. The protagonists of the Title Battle
are Celestial Venerables," the teenager girl said.
"Sis," Ji Yinyi shouted at her younger sister, since she thought it a bit impolite
for her sister to say so.
"Doesn't matter."
Jiang Chen said he wouldn't mind. That was a common sense. Besides, she
didn't say it with bad intention.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》