The Brilliant Fighting Master
681 Eight Months
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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681 Eight Months

"It's not a dead end yet!"
It was a giant ship. Jiang Chen took it for granted that someone had traversed
the Desolate Forbidden Land, so he jumped onto the ship right away.
However, not until he had been on the ship did he realize something was
wrong. He didn't see anyone there. It was an old run-down ship with only
traces left by time.
This ship has been trapped here for don't know how many years, Jiang Chen
thought to himself.
There were various fierce living creatures in the Desolate Forbidden Land.
Vehicles were not the only kind of things that could stay intact here.
However, Jiang Chen found the ship hadn't suffered from any erosion caused
by the Desolate Forbidden Land.
In this way, he took shelter in the ship.
Jiang Chen took the chance to rest and recover. He checked his own
"Thanks to the divine body."
He had lost quite a lot of vigor, which was equivalent to ten-odd years' life.
His divine body had helped him slow the pace of aging. Otherwise, he would
die of old age here.
"This amount of vigor is nothing to me."
As his state broke through, his life span would be increased. When he broke
through to great Venerable, he would at least live to about 300 years of age,
comparing to which, these ten-odd years were really nothing to worry about.
What mattered to him was how to survive, and how to walk out of the
Desolate Forbidden Land.
He didn't want to leave the ship to waste his time in identifying directions, but
staying here, he didn't know when he would be able to figure out a solution.
One or two days passed, and Jiang Chen had turned to anything he could
think of. Then he realized he had been totally trapped in the Desolate
Forbidden Land, and he wouldn't be able to leave here on his own.
Jiang Chen was an optimistic man. Since he couldn't leave here anyway, he
started to practice on the ship so that no time would be wasted.

He practiced the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula and some sword
methods suitable to the Fire Sword Realm.
What mattered to him more was to enhance his state.
In spite of the lack of the spirits of the universe in the Desolate Forbidden
Land, Jiang Chen had abundant Black Yellow Gas with him, so he didn't have
to worry about it.
And he had so many panaceas, too.
"I'll just regard it as a seclusion. I'll be able to leave here when the chance
comes up."
It didn't take long for him to regret that he had regarded it as a seclusion.
All seclusions would take a long time, much longer than a few months. They
would usually take a few years or even decades.
In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen had spent eight months in seclusion.
His beard almost reached his chest during these eight months, but he didn't
waste even a minute of it.
His state enhanced thanks to the large amounts of Black Yellow Gas he had.
He was by then a Spiritual Venerable in the middle stage.

On the other hand, he found besides the practice, he could use the holy
method for more purposes.
Of course, the most powerful strike the holy method could launch was to
create thunders while practicing.
It couldn't be used as a common way to attack, but the holy method had an
attacking method similar to a movement.
And he finally abandoned the Rainbow Sword Method and the Ultimate Sword
Method by starting to practice some more difficult and more powerful sword
He didn't have to replace the Sword Method of Ksana. As his trump card, it
had only four movements in all.
Jiang Chen had planned to comprehend to the full the Sword Scripture his
father had left him, but he found it wasn't simply a martial arts technique.
The Sword Scripture didn't impart any movements. It was just a scripture with
boring texts, talking about everything regarding swords.

The content was multifarious and complicated. Jiang Chen even doubted
whether his father had given him the wrong book, since his father had been in
a hurry when giving it to him.
However, to give it a second thought, it was quite impossible.
Soon, Jiang Chen realized it was because his knowledge was too limited to
comprehend the Sword Scripture.
However, he more or less had some gains after eight months' deep reading.
Although what he had understood was only the tip of the iceberg, he had to
admit the Sword Scripture was a great book. He admired it a lot.
This Sword Scripture is good enough to be put onto the heaven-grade
bookshelf of the Over Cloud Palace!
Jiang Chen thought. With the big space on the heaven-grade bookshelf, only
few sword methods had been put onto it.
It wasn't hard to imagine how highly Jiang Chen thought of the Sword
It didn't teach practicers how to practice sword. Instead, it made them ponder
on the essence of sword practicing.
As he read, the first movement popped into his head.
"First Sword!"
As soon as he exerted the sword movement, the power of the Immortal
Doctrine of Sword could barely bear it. The power of the sword was surprising
At least that was what Jiang Chen thought.
Because exerting sword movements in the Desolate Forbidden Land was like
a clay ox entering sea -- there was no feedback at all.
The Sword Scripture alone wasn't enough.
The Fire Sword Realm and the Wind Sword Realm still needed two sword
methods of the corresponding property and the appropriate level.
He did find the proper sword methods, but they exhausted him soon. If he
wanted Martial arts techniques of higher levels, he would have to turn to the
best collections of the Over Cloud Palace.

Not far from the ship, another air ship was flying in the Desolate Forbidden
It looked the same as normal air ships. Over the ship was the Desolate
Forbidden Land as immerse as the universe.
A charming teenager girl was standing on the deck at the moment. She didn't
look scared or panic as people usually looked in this area.
Instead, she was held in awe. She was even piqued with curiosity, something
that she wasn't supposed to have here.
"A penny for your thought, sis."
A slim and graceful woman was standing beside the teenager girl.
"What will happen if people enter here?"
"They will die."
The woman said right away, "Some great Veneables have been here.
According to them, the temperature of some places is below the freezing
point, but these places look just normal. And these colorful lights will disturb
people's minds."
"Even great Venerables don't have the nerve to go through here. They'll also
have to use vehicles."
The girl nodded. She felt more awed, and more curious at the same time.
"Sis, look. Is there a person flying towards us?" the teenager girl said, pointing
"That's impossible. The Desolate Forbidden Land is too complicated.
Sometimes you'll see human figures, but they are just your illusions, or they
can be... corpses."
The woman said surely, neither taking it seriously nor even taking a look at
"But... but..."
The girl hesitated. Staring ahead, she said, "But I'm seeing a person waving
at us and smiling."
The woman was confused. She hurried to look over. Then she was petrified.

There was a man traveling in the Desolate Forbidden Land indeed. He was
waving at them and shouting, "Could you have me aboard?"
"A survivor?"
The woman realized it immediately. Without discussing with the girl, she said,
"I'll switch off the protection jar of the ship. You will only have one second. Get
aboard if you can do it in this one second."
"No problem. Thank you!"
This person was of course Jiang Chen, who was seeking refuge.
A second later, the ward of the ship was gone. The woman switched it on
again before the Desolate Forbidden Land could jeopardize the ship.
Jiang Chen had already landed on the ship. He said, "Thank you so much. I
really appreciate your help."
"You look like you have been in the Desolate Forbidden Land for a long time."
The woman started to observe him. It was dangerous to allow a stranger to
get aboard.
Celestial Venerable?
Perceiving the woman's strength, Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He said,
"Yes, exactly. I've been trapped in this damn place for eight months."
"Eight months?!"
The two women behaved like they had heard something impossible.


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