The Brilliant Fighting Master
679 Intruding into a Desolate Forbidden Land
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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679 Intruding into a Desolate Forbidden Land

Frowning, Jiang Chen wasn't sure whether the enemy was waiting for him to
turn around so that they could attack him.
"What? Anything else?" seeing him unwilling to leave, Jiang Yu asked with
"Nothing. Bye."
Jiang Chen was quite angry with himself. He couldn't even defeat the weakest
Celestial Venerables. Not to mention the geniuses among Celestial
Venerables. And there were three of them here.
He turned around to leave, flying at full speed.
"Jiang Yu, what did you do?" the other two asked him eagerly.
"That apprentice said Jiang Chen had an ancient sword."
"Ancient sword? Ancient Sword Sect. Is where we went the famous Ancient
Sword Sect?" Jiang Chi said in surprise.
"But it's said the ancient sword disappeared a long time ago. It's a sword that
can make a Doctrine Artifact."
Jiang Yao was the most excited to hear it. He said, "What are we waiting for?
Let's take that guy down!"
"The thing is, maybe Young Master Blood Moon told us that intentionally so
that we could kill this guy for him."
Don't show your fierce side unless it's necessary.
Once you show it, you must get the success.
"Then how can we know if it was the case or not?" Jiang Yao said unhappily.
The three went back where the chariot was. Lil Fan happened to wake up.
"Where is big brother?"
"He left. He said he was glad to see you safe. We gave him a handsome
reward, too," Jiang Yu said.
Lil Fan was quite sad. He knew Jiang Chen would leave, but he was sad that
the latter had left without saying goodbye to him.

"Lil Fan, does your big brother use two swords?" Jiang Yu asked.
Lil Fan, unaware of why they had asked him this, nodded immediately.
The three Jiangs' disciples' eyes lit up. They showed each other a knowing
As they pretended to comfort Lil Fan, they communicated with each other
through holy awareness.
"Who will go?" asked Jiang Yu.
"I will!" Jiang Yao said immediately.
"I'd better go. That Jiang Chen isn't simple. You're too impulsive. Things can
go wrong," Jiang Chi said.
"How come he is smart? He followed us here with his treasures. He is actually
stupid!" Jiang Yao said unhappily.
"That is exactly why he is smart."
Jiang Yu said, "If he hadn't followed us here, and since I know about the
ancient sword, what do you think could have happened?!"
His question made the other two start to ponder. Then they tumbled to what
he had been implying.
Except Lil Fan, everyone from the Ancient Sword Sect would have to die.
Jiang Chen had followed them here because he was unwilling to get the
innocent people into trouble.
"He is quite brave."
"Both of you should go, in case anything comes up!"
"Yes, sir!"
For these three people, it was completely normal to murder people to grab
their treasures or to kill witnesses so that they wouldn't talk.

Especially Jiang Chi, she had liked Jiang Chen. She had wondered whether it
was possible to keep him alive. However, she didn't feel any pity for the latter
at the moment.
Jiang Chen kept flying, but he knew, no matter how fast he flew, those
Celestial Venerables would catch up with him. This was what put him

"The gap of state."
Jiang Chen, who had never gained any victory relying on the advantage of
state, was extremely eager to become a Celestial Venerable as soon as
"I have nowhere to hide from Celestial Venerables, because of their wonderful
holy awareness and their ability of being an integral part of the nature. Hiding
wards won't work, either."
In this way, Jiang Chen just kept flying. He hoped he could figure out a
solution on the way.
"Even if they only send one person here, I won't be a match."
As soon as the idea occurred to him, he noticed two lights behind him. What
an irony of fate it was!
He could tell they were Jiang Yao and Jiang Chi.
Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. He sped up.
Soon, with their high speed, the two were already very close to him.
"Stop escaping. Give us your ancient sword," Jiang Chi said.
"I didn't expect the famous Jiangs to be so shameless," Jiang Chen said
"This isn't the Jiangs' fault. It's your fault. You are too weak, and you have got
something that you shouldn't have."
Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help but burst out laughing.
"Something that I shouldn't have! Great! Hahahaha!"
He was the one who made the Heavenly Fault Sword. He had never thought
that he would be told this one day.
"You are laughing like a moron. Give us the sword. And we might let you off,"
Jiang Yao said.
"You shouldn't speak, because you are too stupid. You already told me you
were going to kill me," Jiang Chen scorned.
Jiang Yao was puzzled, no idea what had sold him.
He looked towards Jiang Chi. The latter shook head at him helplessly as well,
without explaining anything to him.

"Damn it!"
Jiang Yao felt he had been insulted. He suddenly sped up, dragging a long
contrail behind.
Jiang Chen punched backward. After the fists had hit, he flew a long distance
because of the effect of the recoil.
It's so stupid of him to choose to confront Jiang Yao face to face, but he didn't
really have another choice.
Jiang Chi shook her head. She didn't feel pitiful for Jiang Chen. She just felt
sad for the latter being so weak.
It won't take long. He will die soon.
In Jiang Chi's eyes, that hit should have heavily injured Jiang Chen.
He would fall like a kite without a thread before long.
However, after the estimated time had passed, Jiang Chi still didn't see Jiang
Chen fall.
Is he so strong?
It was really rare for a Spiritual Venerable in the preliminary stage to remain
flying for such a long time after being struck by Jiang Yao.
"Jiang Yao, did you go all-out?" Jiang Chi asked.
"Yes. Usually 60% of the strength will be exerted if the attack is launched
while flying at high speed, but I exerted 70% just now!"
"He might have more treasures with him, not just the ancient sword." Jiang
Chi's eyes lit up.
"He has nowhere to escape!" Jiang Yao said.
Jiang Chi looked up. She was elated. It turned out it was the Desolate
Forbidden Land ahead. Entering there without a chariot was extremely
As expected, Jiang Chen stopped there. He turned around to look at them.
"Whoever antagonized me, most of them died," Jiang Chen said.

The two didn't understand why he had brought this up suddenly.
"No matter who you are, no matter how high your position is, you'll pay the
price for what you've done today."
"As long as I'm alive."
His word put Jiang Yao disdainful. He really wanted to ask Jiang Chen where
his confidence had come from.
However, Jiang Chi seemed to have realized something. She shouted loudly,
"Stop him!"
Things like what happened this day had happened to Jiang Chen numerous
Since his appearance in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, he had met
numerous people who wanted to bully him and insult him. As he said, most of
them were confessing their sins in hell by then.
Jiang Chen didn't mind sending two more people into hell to confess. No, it
should be three more.
However, before that, he had to survive.
There was no way to escape ahead. Behind him were endless crises.
However, he had to go on.
Under Jiang Chi and Jiang Yao's shocked gazes, Jiang Chi entered the
Desolate Forbidden Land decisively.
They sped up immediately, trying to capture him before he went too deep.
Otherwise, they wouldn't even be able to find his dead body. Not to mention
the ancient sword.


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