The Brilliant Fighting Master
678 Desolate Forbidden Land
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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678 Desolate Forbidden Land

"It means then that it's just a fight between two desolate lands, one of them is the benefactor, who saved our young master, while the other is the Fire Venerable's disciple. Who should we choose?"

"I will stand on Jiang Chen's side."

"Let's kill Jiang Chen."

The two people gave two completely different replies.

"Why don't you all express your thoughts?" Jiang Yu spoke. He was quite interested in this matter.

"Our young master is dependent on Jiang Chen, and if he knows that we didn't help him, can we stay continue living well in the Jiang Family after the young master wield power?" Jiang Chi said.

"It's quite reasonable, as for you?"

Jiang Yao had a bad impression of Jiang Chen because of a moment ago fist strike, and he said, "It's because our young master is dependent on Jiang Chen. Who knows whether he will take him for a source of easy money?"

"It's also reasonable." Jiang Yu nodded.

The other two people didn't speak, and waited for his decision.

"Let go of today's matter for my Jiang Family, and both of your desolate lands aren't allowed to fight before the Title Battle."

"You can just resolve your grudges in the Title Battle, how's it?"

His tone was polite, and he still sought their opinion, but if one listened to him carefully, he would notice that the former already took a decision, and he wouldn't tolerate any objections.

"I don't have any objections against it."

Young Master Blood Moon wasn't willing to accept it, but he didn't dare to go against the Jiang Family's disciple wishes, or else, he wouldn't even know how he would die.

Jiang Chen was also not willing to accept it, and he didn't rejoice for managing to survive such a calamity, as Young Master Blood Moon must surely pay by his blood for the slaughter he caused on this day, but it wasn't time for it now.

He would settle it in the Title Battle like what Jiang Yu proposed.

"The Title Battle is already near at hand, and regardless of what he does, he still can't surpass me, but will I let live him live until the Title Battle? I will surely not allow it." Young Master Blood Moon pondered over it, and took a decision.

"I will bid farewell to you then?" He spoke at Jiang Yu, while transmitting something to him with his Holy Awareness at the same time.


Jiang Yu didn't accept his Holy Awareness's transmission, and waved his hand at him in dismissal.

"Let's leave too," Jiang Chi said.

It seemed like the Jiang Family's disciples didn't want to pass the night in this desolate land.

"Wait for a little while," Jiang Chen said.

"Make it quick!"

Jiang Chen nodded, and brought Lil Fan back to the Heavenly Mountain Platform.

"Lil Fan, you should be aware where you will go now?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes, I know," Lil Fan replied.

"You should bear in mind that the people, who killed your grandfather, are hiding in the Jiang Family, but you still must pretend that you don't know anything about it," Jiang Chen said.

"Big brother, accompany me to the Jiang Family," Lil Fan spoke in expectation.

"The Jiang Family is truly a good destination," the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress said.

Even Jiang Chen himself didn't know whether he approved of such words or not, but he still nodded.

"Senior, I will first take my leave then. You must disband the Ancient Sword Sect for their safety," Jiang Chen said.

"I knew this," the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress expressed that he didn't need to remind her, and said again, "There are many of our Ancient Sword Sect's disciples, which betrayed us and fled, in the Nine Territories and Ten Prefectures."

Jiang Family didn't know what she meant by such words. Did she want to warn him, and ask him to be more careful, or whether she just wanted to humiliate them?

However, this day's events exhausted the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress greatly, and she didn't speak further on, and dissolve his doubts.

"I will leave then."

Jiang Chen carried Lil Fan, and took a look at the two women on the Heavenly Mountain Platform, and soared into the sky.

Wen Xin and Yi Chen didn't expect that Jiang Chen would leave this quickly without even bidding farewell to them formally.

However, when they mulled over it carefully, they realized that they couldn't be considered even Jiang Chen's friends, and befriending him was even an extravagant hope for them.

The whole desolate land was filled with forbidden lands, and if one was just slightly careless, he would end up losing his life.

The most dangerous matters in it besides the ferocious beasts were the worldly phenomenon.

There were many places created by the overlapping of three realms, which weren't something, which a mere human could pass through by depending on his power.

Once one got lost there, he might not even be able of flying out of there through his whole life, and it would be the case even if he flew constantly in the same directions.

Those places were the Desolate Forbidden Lands, and they were the desolate land's greatest trouble, which they couldn't deal with.

The desolate lands were like an ocean's islands, and one needed a boat to leave them.

Jiang Chen rode the Jiang Family's Five Elements War Chariots.

After they reached the edge of this piece of desolate land, the Five Elements War Chariots charged into the Desolate Forbidden Land

Young Master Blood Moon, who was waiting for the arrival of transport to pick him up, sneered coldly as he saw them off.

"The Jiang Family isn't made of saints. Jiang Chen, let see how you will die."

The reason why Young Master Blood Moon was this confident was that he already informed Jiang Yu that Jiang Chen had the Ancient Sword, and the following matter, which would occur, was what Young Master Blood Moon looked forward to.

Jiang Chen didn't worry over the dangers of passing through pieces of desolate land because he was now inside a war chariot.

They quickly reached the other side, and he left the war chariot then.

The war chariot's space was quite big, but it was enough for just a single person to sit there comfortably. It was quite air-tight because it was used as a weapon.

Their group, therefore, returned to the sky after they flew over the Desolate Forbidden Land.

Jiang Chen turned his head over, and looked at the Desolate Forbidden Land, which they just passed by. He came here five hundred years ago, and he wasn't really strange and new to it.

The Desolate Forbidden Lands didn't have a scope, nor suns or moons, and they were like a plane's channel, which was enlarged by several folds, and it was filled with all kinds of danger.

Lil Fan started sleeping soundly, and the three Jiang Family's disciples took avail of such time, and informed Jiang Chen that they have something to discuss with him.

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly, and he wasn't really surprised by it.

After they came to a secluded place, they glanced at each other.

Jiang Yu said, "I hope that you can stop here, and not go to the Jiang Family."

"Why?" Jiang Chen asked.

"The young master is still young, and isn't sensible and thoughtful enough, and an outsider like you isn't suitable to take part in our Jiang Family's matters."

"I understand."

Jiang Family nodded, and stressed several words, "I didn't save Lil Fan to get any benefits, and if I discovered that you want to harm Lil Fan."

He quieted, and didn't finish his words when he spoke up to here. It wasn't because he feared the three people's power, but just because he felt like it was needless to state it bluntly.

"What you plan to do then?" Jiang Yao spoke in displeasure.

They felt offended by Jiang Chen's words even though they wouldn't really harm the young master.

Jiang Chen was then speaking as if he was capable of posing a threat to them.

"Jiang Yao!!" Jiang Yu stopped him, and said, "You can set your mind at ease, as you don't need to worry over it."

"It's fine then." Jiang Chen flew up, and planned to leave.

"Wait for a moment!"

Jiang Yu called him over, and said, "Can I have a look at your sword?"

When he said such words, the gaze of the other two people, who were still oblivious, fell on the sword on Jiang Chen's waist.

Jiang Chen's face became full of confusion, and he took off the Redcloud Sword's belt.

"No, I'm talking about the other sword. I heard from that man that you are a dual swordsman."

Jiang Yu revealed a friendly smile as he spoke.

"You must have misheard him, as I use just this sword alone," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Yu flew up to the sky slowly, and looked at him at the same height, and said, "Is it true?"

"Did you assume that I'm lying?"

"Did you lie?" Jiang Yu asked.

Jiang Chen didn't reply, while his hand, which was holding the sword's hilt, grabbed it firmly, while he put his other hand on the sword hilt too.

"Don't get over-excited. I'm just asking, don't mind it." Jiang Yu unexpectedly just shrugged his shoulders, and went back to the ground.


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