The Brilliant Fighting Master
677 Jiang Family“s disciples
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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677 Jiang Family“s disciples

"It seems like there isn't any alternative," Jiang Chen thought.

He could only try killing a Celestial Venerable in the same way he did last time with Feng Bujue, and try taking him down with him.

"Senior, be ready to take everyone with you, and leave."

"No, I'm already too old, while you still represent hope." The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress wouldn't comply regardless of what he said.

"Do you want all of you disciples to die with us?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Sigh! A person like you is..."

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress felt like all of those days youngsters were more stranger than the other, and they were

proactive even in seeking death.


At this moment, a heavy sound transmitted from the end of the dark night sky, and it was as loud as lightning, and let people's eardrum tingle with pain, while they even suffocated for a moment.

They couldn't see clearly what it was because it was nighttime, and they could only see several giant outlines.

"Did one of the desolate forbidden area's ferocious beasts run over here?" Young Master Blood Moon turned pale from fright, as he was in the most dangerous position because he was between the two sides.

He didn't have any room for escape nor left or right, and he almost wanted to ask Jiang Chen to open the formation for him, and let him hide inside.

However, after a short while passed, he heard clearly some sound, a wheel sound.

That was right, it was the sound of moving wheels.

Those rays of light, which shone among darkness, were giant war chariots, and they were like small fortresses. They crushed the air in their way, and caused a rumbling sound to echo from it.

"The Jiang Family! They are the Jiang Family's Five Elements War Chariots."

Young Master Blood Moon, who was from the Three Middle Realms' managed right away to discern the war chariots' origin.

There were in total three war chariots, and they all shone in lights of different colors, and each of them represented one of the five elements attributes, gold, fire, and wood.

The three war chariots could accommodate around a hundred people. They were now armed, and their surface had seemingly strong metal.

Young Master Blood Moon felt like he would be run over by the war chariots if he continued staying here.

However, it was fortunate that the war chariots stopped when they were just several dozens of meters from him.

The war chariots' surface started going through a transformation, and it seemed like windows and doors appeared in them, and several people came out of them.

Three among them were the most strikingElixir Fire Union, as they were quite young, and wore mysterious iron black armor. They were two men and a woman, and they all seemed like dragons among men. They were handsome, imposing, and seemed quite talented.

Even the woman seemed heroic and imposing. She had just short hair, and her gaze seemed profound and sharp.

"Three of the Jiang Family's five elements disciples came here. Oh my God, what happened?" Young Master Blood Moon was incapable of keeping his calm, and his expression changed drastically.

The three Jiang Family's disciples soared into the sky, and took steady steps in the air, as if they were really stepping on solid ground.

The short-haired woman was holding a compass-like object in her hands, and when they came to the Heavenly Mountain Platform's sky, they stopped, and she hinted at them with her gaze, and looked at Lil Fan.

This boy, who was frightened by the several great battles he witnessed, was already dumbstruck.

"It's him?"

A muscular Jiang Family's disciple beside her, who shone with a dazzling earthen yellow light, wanted to charge into the platform after he affirmed that they weren't mistaken.

"Jiang Yao, don't be rash!"

The disciple beside him, who wore a black armor, which had golden light shining beneath it, stopped him.

"Didn't you notice that a formation was set here?" The short-haired woman said.

"Can a formation set up by a faction of such small desolate land stump me?"

An embarrassed look appeared on Jiang Yao's face, but he still braced himself, and flew forward, as he didn't want to lose face.

He quickly came in contact with the formation, and he raised his arm, and thrust it forward.


The other man and woman felt like this matter was anything but reassuring, and wanted to ask him to stop, but it was already too late. Jiang Yao was shaken strongly, and sent flying by a strong power after he thrust his fist at it.

"I'm all right!"

The man and woman caught him hurriedly to prevent him from colliding against the war chariots behind them.


The corners of Jiang Yao's mouth were filled with blood, and his unyielding and stubborn nature was stimulated, and it seemed like he went crazy, as he was about to go to his war chariot.

"I will run over this formation and open it."

"What will we do if we end up injuring the young master?" A single word from the short-haired woman was enough to extinguish the flames of his anger.

"Fine, fine."

Jiang Yao waved his hand at her, and came to the formation's front along with the other two people, and shouted, "Quickly lift the formation, and I will let bygones be bygones."

Jiang Chen didn't say a single word from beginning to end, and he just observed them calmly.

The other people were shocked by those three people appearance, as they seemed to them like they descended from another world.

"You are all from the Jiang Family?" Jiang Chen came to the sky while holding Lil Fan.

"That's right."

The three people glanced at each other, as they were unaware of how much more Jiang Chen knew about them.

"The village, where Lil Fan was living, was slaughtered by people, are you aware of it?" Jiang Chen asked.

"What? Did such a matter happen?"

The three people never heard about it, as they didn't even know where Lil Fan was living in the past, and they just came to look for him here directly.

Jiang Chen was also oblivious to everything until he thought back of the stone pendant.

It seemed like that wasn't just an ordinary stone, yet Jiang Chen unexpectedly didn't discover another dimension and space within it.

"Those people came here for Lil Fan," Jiang Chen said again.

"Fine, fine, everything is fine and safe, and you don't need to worry about anything."

"We are Jiang Family's disciples, and Lil Fan is our family's young master. I'm Jiang Yu, and I want to bring him back with us," The man who shone with a golden light said.

"How can you prove that you won't harm Lil Fan?"

Jiang Yu didn't trust him too, and he asked, "Friend, it seems like you know many matters about our Jiang Family, what's your name? And from where did you come?"

"You just need to know that I don't have any ill will against him."

Jiang Chen stroked Lil Fan's head, and said, "Lil Fan's necklace, as well as his inherited bloodline, can prove that he's related to the Jiang Family, and as long as one isn't stupid, he can easily guess it."

"What do you want?" The short-haired woman asked.

"I want Lil Fan to be safe and sound. I planned to send him to the Jiang Family by myself, but you already witnessed it, didn't you," Jiang Chen spoke, as he pointed to Young Master Blood Moon who was over there.

"I even assumed that you were friends."

The three Jiang Family's disciples chuckled bitterly. It was really brave for him to be able to confess that he was troubled by such a weak Celestial Venerable.

"I will dispose of him." Jiang Yao was about to attack, and deal with that man.

"Jiang Family's friends, my teacher is the Fire Venerable," Young Master Blood Moon said hurriedly. He didn't say much, and just informed them of his identity.

"It seems like it's troublesome."

Jiang Yu stopped Jiang Yao from attacking, and looked at Jiang Chen and Young Master Blood Moon, as he said, "Tell us what happened."

The short-haired woman called Jiang Chen, and Lil Fan over to a side to question them, while Jiang Yu and Jiang Yao went over to Young Master Blood Moon.

When Jiang Chen witnessed such a scene, he realized that the Jiang Family's disciples didn't have just an impressive appearance in vain, and they were really skilled.

Jiang Chen told her the course of events, as he didn't really need to hide anything.

"A Spiritual Venerable like you managed to kill such a large number of Spiritual Venerables, and even a Celestial Venerable couldn't take you down?" The short-haired woman was quite amazed, when she got a general idea of what happened.

It seemed like Jiang Chen wasn't really mediocre. She said, "How old are you this year?"

"Twenty years old," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

"Not bad, I'm Jiang Chi." The short-haired woman nodded, and told him her name. Jiang Chen's performance was really not bad.

Jiang Chi, and Jiang Yao came to Jiang Yu's side just after, and informed him of their understanding of what happened.


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