The Brilliant Fighting Master
676 There Is Still a Glimmer of Hope
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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676 There Is Still a Glimmer of Hope

"It's quite simple. You aren't allowed to used the Ancient Sword, or else, you are violating the rules," Young Master Blood Moon said.

"Shameless! Did you take this for a competition's match? What rule can he violate?" Yi Chen, who was on the Heavenly Mountain Platform, couldn't help but scold him loudly.

Young Master Blood Moon looked toward the voice source, and saw Yi Chen, "Are you his lover?"

When Jiang Chen witnessed his response, he thought back of the black-clothed man. They really had the same character and conduct since they came from the same place.

"Don't get anxious, I will look for you, and discuss everything with you," Young Master Blood Moon shouted at the Heavenly Mountain Platform.

"Why don't you dispose of Senior Brother Jiang Chen first if you can, and not force him to sheath his sword," Yi Chen said.

Young Master Blood Moon pretended that he didn't hear her, and he looked at Jiang Chen, as he spoke, "I will give you just a single chance."

"Fine, fine. It's fine since you already stated it." Jiang Chen sheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword slowly.

The crowd, who just managed to see hope with great difficulty, fell into despair again, and they all cursed Young Master Blood Moon's shamelessness loudly.

"It's alright now. That said, you took a lot of trouble and efforts to help the Ancient Sword Sect just for this sword, isn't it?"

Young Master Blood Moon said, "Otherwise, why would you risk your life here?"

"It isn't a good habit to assume that all people are like you, and judge them in the same way," Jiang Chen ridiculed him.


"We will fight then." Young Master Blood Moon set a firm resolve. He would continue using his move regardless of what Jiang Chen would make.

He was a Celestial Venerable, and even if they ended both heavily injured, it would still be his win.

Jiang Chen activated his Holy Skill, as his whole body flickered with twinkling lightning, he charged forward, as he held the hilt of a sword in his hand.

When the man noticed that it wasn't the Heavenly Fault Sword, he set his mind at ease.

"Since you didn't take a liking to a Quasi-Doctrine Artifact's might, I will let you then have a taste of a true Doctrine Artifact." Jiang Chen made fun of him.


The man suspected whether his ears just misheard it, but Jiang Chen's sword was now already unsheathed.

"Wen Xin, look at it quickly, isn't there something different about this sword?" Yi Chen said excitedly.

The Redcloud Sword, who was taken by them as a congratulatory gift, went through a distinctive change. It wasn't just its tip or radiance which changed, it changed wholly, and it was especially the case for its might, as it was so powerful that it seemed capable of burning heaven.

"A Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"

However, it was a pity that Jiang Chen didn't have enough time to change his sword method, and he still used his Fire Sword Realm with the Rainbow Sword Method.

This was also the reason why Young Master Blood Moon still persisted, and continued using his move regardless of everything.

The Rainbow Sword Method was just of an ordinary grade, but the Limitless Sword Method was completely different.

Moreover, Jiang Chen still put his hand once again on the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"Wind Lightning Sword Wheel!"


Young Master Blood Moon turned pale from fright, and he was just about to order his subordinates to attack, but the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress was faster than him, and she killed all of his subordinates, and let him became alone, and by himself here.

"You are courting death!"

Young Master Blood Moon, who discovered that he was controlled and played at by Jiang Chen from beginning to end, was greatly infuriated.

The Wind Lightning Sword Wheel faced his feet head-on, but it still couldn't bear it for long, and Jiang Chen spouted blood, as he was sent flying.

Young Master Blood Moon wanted to take avail of such an opportunity to give him a deadly strike, but he suddenly discovered that even though he took the upper hand, his lower body was numb, and almost paralyzed, and it was unknown whether it was because of wind and thunder power, or thunder and lightning power.

After Jiang Chen saw that the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress already finished saving the people, and bringing them back, he also quickly went back to the formation's scope.

"A Celestial Venerable is really still somewhat too fierce for me."

Even if he held a Quasi-Doctrine Artifact and a Doctrine Artifact, it would be impossible for Jiang Chen to face one without the Black Dragon, and Azure Demon's assistance.

However, the Heavenly Fault Sword, and Redcloud Sword could still inflict injuries, which couldn't be considered light, even on Celestial Venerables, and this was an extraordinary feat.

However, it was a pity that he was just at the Spiritual Venerable Realm, and even if he had a Divine Body, he still couldn't fight for longer, and if he didn't have such a divine body, then if a Spiritual Venerable like him faced a Celestial Venerable, he would be forced to flee away.

"It's still fine, it's still fine, as we have the formation now," the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress said in delight.

Young Master Blood Moon also realized his matter, and he flew to the front of the formation, pointed at Jiang Chen, and said, "I must kill you, I will surely kill you."

He brought with him an expensive ship, as well as two Spiritual Venerables, and it could be said that it was the strongest power of Blood Moon Wilderness, yet he ended up with nothing left.

"Nothing can be done about it, and it's just because you are too stupid. Such a lucky chance was really wasted on you," Jiang Chen said.

"But, you will die, while I will live, and I will kill all people standing beside you today."

When Young Master Blood Moon's ruthless words just echoed, the black-clothed man stood up hurriedly, and said, "Young master, I'm on your side."

Such a funny scene let the two women chuckle, and infuriated Young Master Blood Moon greatly. He scolded him, "What's a waste like you useful for?"

"Young master, you can't blame, as you already witnessed it too. It's too hard to deal with Jiang Chen," the black-clothed man said.

"Hard to deal with? How hard it's? It's really just a joke. Bear those words mind, today, one of us will surely die." Young Master Blood Moon started recuperating on the Heavenly Mountain Platform.

"I really to see how long can this formation persist for."

Formations were consuming energy constantly, and it was especially the case for such a powerful formation, and even if Jiang Chen's skill in formations was higher, the Ancient Sword Sect didn't deserve such a formation.

Young Master Blood Moon wasn't mistaken this time, and didn't make a fool of himself further on.

"Jiang Chen, what do you plan to do?" Ancient Sword Sect's mistress said.

"I didn't expect that this guy had a warship, which he can use to make his way here, if he didn't have it, he will be the one to die."

The destruction of the warship was like an early warning to the enemies, or else, Young Master Blood Moon would end up losing his life from the beginning.

"How long can the formation persist?" The Ancient Sword Sect's other people spoke in worry.

"Just until tonight," Jiang Chen replied.

This was obviously not a fact, which the people beside him, wanted to accept.

"The Ancient Sword Sect will be really disbanded."

The Ancient Sword Sect's mistress looked at the confused disciples, and said inwardly, "It's impossible for Jiang Chen to stay here, and if I died, they won't live for long, and it will be disbanded in the."

She stood up, and said, "Young Master Blood Moon, I announce formally the disbandment of the Ancient Sword Sect. The Ancient Sword Sect's disbandment will be then caused by you, while the last sect master will be killed by you."

"Sect Mistress!"

The Ancient Sword Sect's disciples were startled, and they were especially shocked by her last words.

Even Song Zhe, who was already just a cripple, didn't expect that a person could be this noble in the face of death.

"Hahahaha!" Young Master Blood Moon laughed heartily, and spoke in mockery, "Old woman, isn't it too late to utter such words? Why weren't you this sensible when I just came here?"

"Now, all of my subordinates died, and I get to see the Ancient Sword, so do you still feel like this matter can come to end just like this?"

"Moreover, you already used all of your hidden cards, and waiting for death is all that's left for you," Young Master Blood Moon spoke disdainfully.

The Ancient Sword Sect's mistress got dazed, and beside herself, as she didn't expect that even her death couldn't change anything.

"Senior, you don't need to take such an action, as I can still alter the formation, and after I change my sword method, I can have another fight with him," Jiang Chen said.

"It's us, who are too weak, and implicated you," Ancient Sword Sect's mistress stated the truth.

After a short while, it was nightfall, and the curtain of the night started descending upon them.

Young Master Blood Moon detected that the Heavenly Mountain Platform's formation was quickly losing its power, and he became gradually more complacent, and proud of himself.


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