The Brilliant Fighting Master
673 Quasi-Doctrine Artifac
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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673 Quasi-Doctrine Artifac

"Oh my God! What kind of formation is this?" The black-clothed man was greatly astonished when he witnessed such a scene.

"Who are you trying to scare?"

The Blood Moon Wilderness's troops already closed on them, and when Young Master Blood Moon saw the light beam, he already confirmed his assumption.

"Aim at it, and attack it heavily," Young Master Blood Moon ordered coldly.

After they got his order, the flying ship started turning into a warship, and energy radiance started flickering in the mouth of the giant beast on the bow of the ship.

This steel ferocious beast was unexpectedly a cannon.

"Awful! It's the Furious Beast Cannon!".

The expression of the black-clothed man on the Heavenly Mountain Platform changed gravely when he noticed the projective flying at them.

He didn't have any power to resist it, and he might probably be harmed by this projectile.

He wanted to stand up, and show that he was still here, but his body was constrained by Jiang Chen, and it was soft and powerless now.

He could only look on helplessly as the projectile flew at them like a shooting star, and was about to bombard the Heavenly Mountain Platform.

When the black-clothed man was so scared that he closed his eyes, a whirlwind suddenly appeared in the Heavenly Mountain Platform's sky, and when the projective fell in it, it disappeared completely.

After just a moment passed, dazzling light was emitted from the whirlwind, and it started rotating crazily.

In the end, the projective was shot out of the whirlwind once again, and its target now became the distant warship.

"Is it this miraculous?" The black-clothed man was dumbstruck, as he knew clearly how powerful was the projectile.

He was still pondering whether the Heavenly Mountain Platform could block it or not a moment ago, yet it unexpectedly deflected it back directly.

Young Master Blood Moon, who was on the other side, still didn't react back, and he furrowed his brows, as he assumed that a problem appeared in some segment of it.

"Young Master! Be careful!"

The people beside him were scared witless, and a person among them held the young master, and abandoned the ship decisively.

The projectile ended up bombarding the giant ferocious beast's mouth, and displayed a great might like what the black-clothed man imagined.

In just an instant, the whole ship was eradicated, and it was also the case for the people, who didn't manage to flee in time.

Young Master Blood Moon, and other people, were also affected by it, and they were in a sorry state, while the energy and blood in their bodies churned.

It was fortunate that there wasn't any group of experts, which charged out of the Heavenly Mountain Platform to kill them, or else, they would really fell into deep despair.

"What's going on?" Young Master Blood Moon took a deep breath of air, and resisted with great difficulty opening his mouth, and cursing loudly.

Two Spiritual Venerables were still with him now.

One of them was a Spirit Formation Master, and he furrowed his brows, as he observed the formation.

"If I didn't guess wrong, this should be a Counterattack Formation."

"Do I still need you to inform me of this matter?"

Young Master Blood Moon spoke angrily, "What I want to ask is how can a faction in the desolate land be capable of setting a formation, which could deflect even the Furious Beast Projectile?"

The Spirit Formation Master, which wasn't really professional, couldn't reply.

Everything followed a scientific law and order, and a formation, which could deflect the Furious Beast Cannon's attack should have energy, which was several times higher than the latter.

However, the Furious Beast Cannon was procured by the man by spending a large sum, and it was rarely seen in the desolate land.

When the warship exploded, it seemed to the man like he just saw countless gold coins flying far from him.

"Such small desolate land wouldn't have wealth enough for it, and there was just a single explication for it."

The other Spiritual Venerable said, "The skill of the person, who set the formation, compensated for the lack of resources."


The Spirit Formation Master immediately refuted, "If it was really the case, then the skill of the person, who set the formation, was great enough that he could be considered a grandmaster or higher, and a grandmaster's worth is greater than the Furious Beast Cannon by much."

"You are the Formation Master here, why don't you inform us for the reason why can this be possible?" That person said resentfully.

The Spirit Formation Master started stammering once again, and found himself at a loss of words.


Young Master Blood Moon said angrily, "Since it's a Counterattack Formation, then let's first go there and have a proper look at it."

"Young Master, why don't we first go back, and call people over."

The two Spiritual Venerables felt like it was quite dangerous, since there was someone who could set such a formation there.

"If we made a trip back, then won't we waste more time?" Even though Young Master Blood Moon said such words, yet he already stopped in his tracks.

He didn't want to have the same fate as the ship after going there.

While he was still hesitating, he suddenly noticed someone not far from him.

There was no need for the man to order them, as there was already someone, who went over to capture him.

The person, who was captured by them, was coincidentally one of the Martial Venerables, who were in the Heavenly Mountain Platform a moment ago.

"Didn't you just witness it?" Young Master Blood Moon asked.

"What?" The Martial Venerable didn't know what he was referring to, but after he noticed the flying ship, which was still burning, he nodded.

"Since the Ancient Sword Sect is this amazing, then what are you running for? Wouldn't it better to just stay inside it?" Young Master Blood Moon asked an extremely crucial question.

"It's because..."

The Martial Venerable hesitated, but when he noticed the man's ice-cold gaze, he immediately stated the truth.

"Jiang Chen, is he?"

Young Master Blood Moon wasn't surprised, as he already heard about Jiang Chen from the people, who escaped and went back.

"Inform me in detail of everything you saw, and everything you heard, and don't omit even a single word," the man ordered him.

The Martial Venerable obviously didn't dare to hide anything from him, and he narrated in detail the whole sequence of events.

When he listened up to the part, where Jiang Chen assured the Ancient Sword Sect that he could keep off the Blood Moon Wilderness's people, a cold smile appeared on Young Master Blood Moon's face.

After he finished listening to it, he asked, "This meant then that it was all long just Jiang Chen alone?"

"That's right!"

"Is Jiang Chen capable of setting formations?" The man asked again.

"He was capable of breaking formations, as he managed to see through the formation set by your people with just a single glance," the Martial Venerable said.

"Good, very good! You are quite honest and obedient, so come with us. After I subdue this desolate land, you will replace the Ancient Sword Sect."

The man was satisfied by the Martial Venerable's reply, and his mood turned for the better.

The Martial Venerable didn't expect that he would get such a chance, and it was exactly what he had been seeking.

"Did you hear it? It's just Jiang Chen alone."

"Regardless of how's his formation, in the end, he's just a single person, and we will surely win after breaking the formation."

After the man spoke, he strode forward once again, and this time, the Spiritual Venerables following him didn't have any objections.

The formation was just a dead object, while people were alive, and if it was just Jiang Chen alone, then they could come up with many ways for dealing with it.


Inside the room, Jiang Chen could sense the formation's vibration, and after he reckoned the time passed, he felt like it should be the Blood Moon Wilderness's people, which came here.

Like he expected, the anxious voice of Yi Chen transmitted from behind the door after just a short while passed.

"Senior brother Jiang Chen. A Celestial Venerable and two Spiritual Venerables came from outside."

"You don't need to panic, as the formation is enough for protecting all of you."

Jiang Chen still didn't leave, as he believed that the formation set by him could keep them off for a short while.

Yi Chen returned to the Heavenly Mountain Platform then, and informed the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress of this matter.

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress believed it firmly without any doubt, as she already witnessed the formation's might a moment ago.

When she witnessed the Blood Moon Wilderness's people coming into the sky above the Ancient Sword Sect, she also flew into the sky slowly.

"Blood Moon Wilderness's people. Why do you need to kill us to the last one?" The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress said angrily.

"The weak are prey to the strong. This is a principle, which would never change. You already lived for a long time, so do you still need me to inform you of it?" Young Master Blood Moon spoke disdainfully."

"This desolate land doesn't have anything worth attacking us for." The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress was quite agonized and helpless while she said such words.

When their Ancient Sword Sect chose to live in the desolate land, they could only choose the worst piece of land in it.

"You aren't mistaken, but I didn't come here for resources, and your Ancient Sword Sect was still once a great sect," Young Master Blood Moon said.


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